Weekly EVENT Meditation — Update


Alia’s Comments: Our numbers are growing and momentum is building for COmpression BRA(eak)through or COBRA. Just after last week’s EVENT Meditation, Cobra posted this update on our planetary situation. I found it most encouraging.

Many people are aware that there has been a “shadow government” controlling all aspects of life on our planet. This group is sometimes referred to as “The Powers that Be,” The Illuminati,” or the “Cabal.” Whatever the name, this group of powerful and wealthy elite has infiltrated every aspect of human society for millennia. If the power of this group is threatened in any major way by any individual or “outside” group, that person or organization is quickly thwarted by ridicule, bribery, blackmail, threats of death or in cases such as John F. Kennedy (who was proposing disbanding the Federal Reserve money system and giving the job of printing money back to Congress as originally intended by our Constitution) assassination. These tactics have kept most of the population under control for a good long time.

Fewer people are aware that there is an “Alliance” that has infiltrated the Cabal-run governments, national security agencies, the military and the Pentagon, NATO, The Vatican and most religious organizations — in short, every group the Cabal controls or keeps tabs on. This “Alliance” involves what Cobra refers to as the Light Forces — beings dedicated to liberating our planet from the clutches of the present controllers and giving the People of Earth our rightful place as determiners of our own lives and future.

We are part of these “Light Forces,” — perhaps the most important element of them, for it is WE, the surface population of Earth that needs to raise our consciousness and vibrational frequency enough to permit those benevolent beings above and within our planet to come to our aid in liberating us from our present controllers. Much is being done behind the scenes and out of sight. Many people think nothing is happening to challenge the current power structures but every day now we seeing more evidence that the balance of power is tipping towards the Light.

As I posted in last week’s post :“The Light Forces have said that the number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event.”

In the past month, since my husband and I have been posting these weekly reminders of the Sunday Weekly Event Meditations, the number of people reading and “liking” them has grown from 30, to 111, to almost 900! THAT is some exponential growth!

So once again, we invite you to set aside 7PM GMT each Sunday — which equates to 11 AM PST, 1 PM CST and 2PM EST in the USA. Add your intention for full disclosure of all that has been withheld from us and the COBRA EVENT to happen ASAP.

Here is a simple time converter for those of you who live outside the USA. You think you are only one person — what does your participation matter? We are only two people and in the past month, we have spread the word to almost 900 others.

It is our collective consciousness, directed intentionally toward what WE WANT that is the unbeatable force the Cabal fears the most. Our momentum is building. Let’s keep it going.

Circulate this through your own social media and contact circles.


Using only the above video is sufficient AND you may also add the meditation that is referred to within this video. I have posted that second video below. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Victory of the Light!


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