Kauila’s Vision of Sacred Ceremony

Kauilapele, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and regularly includes those of us who follow his wonderful blog in his life purposes and missions, posted this video documentary of his recent ceremonial mission in honor of the Lion’s Gate Portal of 8-8-12.  I have re-posted it here as an example of sacred ceremony, soon to be a component of daily life in 5D. Thank you Kauila.

You can read more of Kauila’s posts at http://kauilapele.wordpress.com

8-8-12 8:08 Lions Gate Mission Videos…

Posted on 2012/08/09

Click to enlarge

[Above] is the best photo that I got just after finishing the 8:08 ceremony. Look at those energies coming in!!

Whatever was there to be opened further, the portal, gateway, whatever, was amplified greatly. I am now resting, and may be quiet for a few hours. Thank you and Aloha. Kp.



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