Graham’s Vision of Home in 5D

One of my favorite editors on The 2012 Scenario is Graham Dewyea. His grounded presence and sensitive interview style on Heavenly Blessings  (an InLight Radio program which airs every Thursday) makes it one of my very favorite hours of each week.

This personal vision of being at home in our New Reality called for immediate re-posting to my blog. It so parallels my own imaginings on the subject. Graham expanded some of my own dreams with some of his and I have now incorporated his ideas into my own plans.

This is exactly how I see that we inspire one another to DREAM BIG!  Let us spur each other on to ever-greater heights of envisioning, as we manifest our New Reality into being. Thank you Graham for your inspiring contribution.

Dreaming and Creating my New Earth Home

2012 AUGUST 2
Posted by Graham Dewyea

We’ve been encouraged to let go of limiting beliefs and what we’ve known of the old world, and dream big – really go for it – as we conceive and co-create the New Earth. I’ve been getting really excited about creating my new earth home and wanted to share a little about it with you.

I’m currently living at a home nestled in the Green Mountains in Vermont, USA. This home has been largely vacant for the past few years since the owner passed away. I feel quite grateful to be here. The home itself is very nice, but it’s the location that I connect with most.

I’m high in the mountains, surrounded by woods, fields, dirt roads, berry bushes, fruit trees, wildflowers, a nearby pond, and amazing mountain and sunset views. It’s peaceful, private, bright and full of abundant wildlife.

The other day I was enjoying an early dinner on the lawn when a deer came out from the woods, about forty yards from me, and meandered in the small field right below me and the house. I sat quite still, appreciating her beauty. She would look at me now and then, not quite sure what to make of me.

After about ten minutes, two little ears began bouncing toward her through the tall grass. It was a newborn fawn, coming out of its hiding spot for the day for a mother’s nourishment and comfort. They nestled into one another for a time before they both returned to the woods, the fawn bouncing around like a little puppy.

We’ve been learning a lot about the new technology in store for us, and it has transformed my general experience and belief about technology given that much of what we see on earth can be quite unhealthy. It can keep us from nature and each other, and can serve as a considerable distraction for many. It is for all these reasons that I’ve largely resisted technological advancements in general, preferring more simple alternatives.

Yet the new technology that’s coming has wonderful applications for helping us connect to Mother Earth and each other more. It’ll free us up to pursue what fulfills and nourishes us in really exciting, safe and helpful ways.

I have such a deep connection to nature and want to fully experience it. We’ve been told that new replicator technology will be made available to us to help us create basically anything we want. Thinking about how we can use this technology for our future housing is a good place to start.

My vision for my new home is to use this technology to transmute the structure that’s here into a home that is mostly glass or a similar substance, with rounded walls for maximum energy benefit. I want to see and experience the sights and sounds all around. Rooms will have panoramic views and walls will be without framing or any other obstruction.

The exterior walls will be made of this see-through material that can be shaded at will, and openings can allow summer breezes and sounds to enter. Bedrooms will be on the top floor and ceilings will also be made of this substance. I want to experience the sun(s), stars, moon (if we still have one), rain, the lightening storms – all of it.

This home will be immersed in peaceful, light-filled energy and rooms will be programmed to maintain this theme, providing occupants and guests temperature, color, light and sound variations to maintain a sense of peace, joy, calm and maximum comfort.

Bedrooms can be lifted off away from the home into the sky and float there for rest, work, or just to daydream among the clouds. These can also serve as ships, especially good for vacationing in remote areas on earth or other planets with the comforts of home.

There won’t be any storage. Replicators will be made available in every room providing anything that’s needed or desired, whether it be clothing, food, toiletries – you name it.

There’ll be other technologies as well. Free, clean energy will be in place and will eliminate the need for the use of fossil fuels. This energy will be safe, reliable and quiet, addressing all the home’s energy needs. There will be limitless supply of abundant energy.

Even though safe, free devices will be made available for anyone to communicate with anyone anywhere, and people will be able to also communicate telepathically to anyone anywhere, there will be technology available to experience others as if they were actually in the home right along with us.

Travel will be revolutionized through bi-location abilities and personal space ships that will make travel occur instantaneously, but there will be a portal available at the home for people to step into and experience other realities and dimensions, be it to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, attend a meditation in Tibet, or to travel to a distant planet to visit with our star family.

There’ll be an activity room that can adapt and accommodate as needed. Think of it like a hologram. It can be for meditation, yoga, dance, music, song, art, rock climbing, or completely change form to simulate, well, anything you want. What will it be today? A walk in a rain forest perhaps? Want to jump off a cliff and soar like an eagle?

Meals will be optional, as we’ll derive our energy and sustenance from pure light. Should there be a desire to experience the pleasure of a sit-down meal with others, a space will be provided for that. Food will be pure, fresh and chemical-free. Replicators will provide the healthiest food available. However, the option to grow, harvest, and prepare food from gardens and fruit trees outside will be an option for those wishing to have that experience.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the pleasure of a sit-down meal with others, up comes the thought of the clean up…including all the dishes, and waste. However, in time, we will be able to master our abilities to manifest and alter energy, and transmute anything back to pure energy or something else.

If we have special dishes and want to maintain them for sentimental value, we simply will the dishes to be clean and there you have it! Or, the dishes, silverware, along with any waste and compost becomes transmuted to pure energy as quick as we intend it – simple as that. That’s quite a concept!

Think of all the spare time we’ll have by not having to do only dishes, but also laundry, vacuuming, recycling, carrying out the garbage, buying the groceries, mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Think about that for a moment. Think of all the free time you’ll have…

Education will be available to all and truth will be the theme. Since ongoing learning will be exciting and desired, there’ll be interactive, organic technology available throughout the home for occupants and guests to seek information and to help satisfy curiosity and individual pursuits.

No need for a garage. My space vehicle will be weather resistant. It can park or float anywhere. I can minimize it or make it even disappear until I need it again. Or perhaps I may even decide to go without one and spread my own wings!

I love the idea of being a steward for the land and this home. I see it as my sacred nest for me and my son, but because I value family, friendships and community so much, I also see it as a place – among many – where beings on planet and off, have a place to come for celebration, play, laughter, connection, rest, and renewal.

Stop by and stay with us awhile. Join us for dinner outside with the deer, the fireflies, and a mountain sunset. Take a hot bath – there’s one in your room with a waterfall. Take as long as you’d like – there’s plenty of fresh, pure water. There’s plenty of everything.

Sleep under the stars with the crickets. The house is unlocked. You’re safe here. You’re safe everywhere now. In the morning, go for a dip in the clear water pond if you’d like. Pick some blueberries from the vine. Go for a hike up the ridge behind the house. Take a nap in the hammock. Learn how to play the violin or go to Arcturus for a visit. Tonight feel free to join us for song, dance and celebration with friends.

Today I was meditating on a beautiful balcony here at the house overlooking the mountain range. The sun was on my face, and all I could hear was the gentle breeze through the leaves, a cricket and a bird – that’s it. Quiet, peaceful, and deeply satisfying. I felt very grateful in the moment, and realized I was already creating my heaven on earth…

What’s your heaven on earth? What’s your vision and dream for your new home?

3 thoughts on “Graham’s Vision of Home in 5D

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  2. Love that description. So vivid, so real. I can incorporate parts of it in my visualization exercises. My dream home.

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