Darla’s Vision of Ascended Humanity on Gaia

Visionary Darla, from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, takes us on a video journey, recapturing her own celestial travels in her Merkana Light Vehicle– through our Milky Way Galaxy and on out to the farthest edge of Creation — in the company of Our Father of Light. Along the way we meet the grand personages of Beloved Father –  Jupiter, Beloved Grandfather – Saturn, a new Central Galactic Sun and finally we return to our Gorgeous Gaia, Beloved Mother of us All.

Darla says of her experience: “It was a huge amount for one being to absorb and especially in such a short time frame. Sometimes when I am thinking about all that I saw, I am overwhelmed and believe time was stretched for a much longer period.

“It was truly a state of being ‘out of time.’  Very hard to explain unless you have remembrance of our days prior to this Earth experience and with “full consciousness” all of us will remember once again. As if no time had passed in between.

“We all know everything already, it’s a matter of making these quantum leaps and become fully conscious again. We are each to be Christ Consciousness on Earth, World Servers, and bring all that we have learned in 3D outward to share as Galactic Citizens. We can do this freely once we have our remembrance restored. It was an honor to be in their presence and something I look forward to never needing to leave again. There is no separation. What I have seen “out there” also lies within each of our hearts.

“And so it is…”

Thank you so much for sharing your rich gifts with us, Darla. Enjoy this video called “Gorgeous Gaia.”



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