Week Nine: Let Your Love Light Shine !

This week’s visioning comes in four easy steps. If possible, please do this daily.

Step One:  Imagine yourself as a Lighthouse — shining your powerful beacon of Love/Light out for all to see and use as a means for guiding themselves to calm waters.

Ground yourself firmly into bedrock. Even if you are battered by HUGE waves, NOTHING can shake your foundation.

Your Body is the Lighthouse. Imagine it is made of Liquid Golden Loving Living Light! This burnished golden light blazes forth from the top of your crown chakra blessing, healing and lighting the way for all beings in your world.

NOW – imagine you can extend your height — Up — Up — UP — a mile into the sky!  NOW – HOW MUCH FARTHER CAN YOUR LIGHT EXTEND?! IMAGINE THAT!!

Step Two:  Choose one of the following two options and watch or read with as much positive FEELING as you can:  Use the Cobra Weekly Global meditation here:


Or —  Use the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Visualization here:


Step Three:  Meditate at least once a day either in conjunction with the first two steps or at another time.

Step Four:  Walk through your day as a Lighthouse with as much JOY-LOVE-PEACE as your heart can hold.

Link to Blossom Goodchild Message re-posted from The  2012 Scenario.


Week Eight – Vision for A Sovereign Co-Creator

Imagine waking up each day and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that THIS day is YOURS to create as a Sovereign Co-Creator.

As your eyes let in the dawn’s first light, begin to choose those loved ones, those special animal friends, those joyous activities, those celebrations, ceremonies and harmonious situations that will make up THIS day.

If it appears that your day will be full of those duties and responsibilities that still populate the 3rd dimension — family, career, social “obligations” — extend your heart’s love to each of these “requirements” (as you lie quietly under your warm covers) and bless each of them. Then one at a time, bring them lovingly into your heart and make peace with each of them.

Promise  your Self that you will allow as many moments of JOY into each day as your heart can hold.

With eyes fully open now  — and with a grateful heart — arise from your bed and step into your Creation.

Week Seven – Jean B., Wendy and Scarlett’s Vision for World Peace

This week we have another vision co-created by a second group during our Visioning Conference Call of June 30th.
Here is this week’s vision of World Peace (again, from a personal standpoint) as co-created by Wendy, Scarlett, Jean and me.
“I am the Light of the World.  I shine my light on all people and situations in conflict. Holding them in my light and love without judgment, I create a field from which peace can emerge. I choose to look beyond the conflict, to rise above fear and see the spirit that is the truth of each person. I let Light release the illusion of separation. I allow Love to bring peaceful resolution in all matters. My neighbor and I are One. We live in harmony in a peaceful world.”

Week Six – Dianne B., Julia B., and Harriet’s Vision for World Peace

This week we have a real treat — “Home Grown Visions” from members of this Virtual Visioning Circle! During the visioning conference call of June 30th, two teams of visionaries brought their focus to the question: “What does World Peace look like?”  We addressed this huge and often overwhelming topic at the personal level, in order to make the visions accessible. Each person looked to their own life’s challenges to flesh out the elements that would contribute to a peaceful world. How could those challenges be resolved without verbal, emotional or physical violence?
Each of the two teams came up with a very different set of components. This week we have the product of Team One’s Vision for World Peace. It was co-created by Harriet, Julia and Dianne, and crafted into final form by me. Please hold it with your Love and Light and that warm sense of pride you have when a family or team member does something special.
“World Peace begins within me, the individual. Looking out through my eyes, I see a world of all-sufficiency – there is enough of everything for everybody. There are no enemies in my world, for in truth we are all One. We work together, each person coming from a place of heart, creating a world where our foundation is unconditional love, mutual trust and respect. We live together in balance and harmony with all of life and with our Mother Earth. I feel cherished, loved and appreciated by those around me. I am at peace within myself and my world reflects peace to me in all my relationships, every situation and through all my creations.”

Week Five – Live in the World of Light and Love

This week’s vision is excerpted from a channeled message from Yeshua, as brought forth through Fran Zepeda on June 28,2012. I thought it was so timely for our world just now, as we come though the “birth canal” feeling the intensity of this transition period. Here is Yeshua’s message; please hold it during the coming week:
“Live in the World of Light and Love, dear Ones. BE that World of Light and Love, and bathe yourselves in it. Feel us of the Spiritual Realm beside you, [re-]enforcing your courage, giving you comfort as you carry on with your visions and dreams and intent for a New Earth that is unequaled in history.”