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Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

There are still 17 days before we arrive in Aouchtam and the pace of deconstructing our life of 10 years together is approaching warp speed. However, I realized yesterday that we’re actually in training for stepping into the creative vortex that our Moroccan community has become — manifesting a new paradigm reality nearly instantaneously.

10 days ago we harbored illusions of entering the stream of life there leisurely, gradually — we actually had the vision of “taking some time off” before we plunged into the joyous fray of co-creation. That fantasy dissolved as we listened to the One People Broadcast on 5D Media Network from March 17/18. The excitement, the joy of BEing and DOing together came through loud and clear. There will be no “dipping our toes in the water.” We’ll be plunging into the deep end and joining the “intention-manifestation” reality that is being refined in each NOW moment by the group consciousness there.

The latest (as of yesterday — there could be something even more recent by now) project/manifestation happening in Aouchtam is the discovery, leasing and restoring of a compound that has been declared The Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness. Brian Kelly and Whitney Fisher, two of our core community members, posted a stellar report about this on Brian’s blog recently and included lots of photos. Rather than repeat what they said, I will direct you to this article HERE.

And then there is the free energy project — the QEG (lovingly called the Queege) that will arrive shortly after we do, destined to be connected to the village well to pump running water into the homes of 300 villagers. Here is a short video about this “experiment in consciousness.”

OK — back to the deconstruction zone. Thank goodness for the daily timeline that tells us what our focus is for today. If we just do what’s on the list, all will be done and we’ll board the plane in two and a half weeks with luggage in tow and smiles on our faces, ready to join our family in Morocco, taking you all with us in our hearts. We feel your loving support. Thank you so much for coming along on our social media sites. Many blessings, Alia

Morocco Bound — April 8, 2014

Alia’s Comment: My husband, Tomas, and I have been cultivating an international group of friends in virtual reality for the past three years. In October 2013, we attended an event in southern California that brought 100 of these internet friends together face to face for the first time. After an extraordinary extended weekend (during which time we mostly agreed that we were even better in person that over Skype or on Facebook) about 30 of those attendees began the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Family Tour that crossed the southern part of the USA in RVs, forming a mobile conscious community as they went.

Yours truly made a spontaneous choice to join the tour and traveled with two ladies and a cat for the first 10 days. Two of us returned to the West Coast after that but the rest of the folks continued on, deepening the community spirit as they dealt with the joys and challenges of traveling in older, repair-intensive RVs, finding accommodations and providing meals for 30-40 community members on any given day. Oh, and broadcasting from the road four days out of seven, hosting call-in Blogtalk radio shows. No easy trick. All along the way the OPAL family did energy clearing work, sometimes with Native Elders, in order to pave the way for a new paradigm of living —  absent limits, where love is the solution to any “problem.” In all honesty, it was a personal growth workshop 24/7, even though it often had the appearance of a traveling party. Let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart. I was challenged to the hilt regarding my need to have structure, know what was coming next and trusting my heart to lead me.

When the group made it to North Carolina in mid-December there was another huge extended weekend event to wrap up what was then considered Phase I of the OPAL Family USA Tour. What emerged next was definitely unexpected: to go to Morocco and form an intentional community. Why Morocco?  The core team had already visited Morocco for six weeks in May/June 2013 and a few of those team members had been living there since then. There was the possibility of developing suppressed technologies, such as free energy devices and advanced healing modalities — unrestricted by the big oil and big pharma interests that dominate the markets in most of the rest of the world. Morocco, it seems, doesn’t have much to exploit or plunder and thus, it has been pretty much ignored by the multi-national corporations.
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The Triumph Portal Next 21 Days

Our Window of Opportunity to New Earth Paradigm

Our Window of Opportunity to New Earth Paradigm

Alia’s Comments: There has been so much information lately — so many exciting directions I could have taken my posts and yet, something in me has resisted posting any of them. It was like some part of me knew there was a real “wopper” of a message that would supersede them all. I believe I found it today. Every sentence of this message, channeled by Anna Merkaba, not only resonated with me but describes my life NOW in real time.

This window of opportunity — this Portal of Triumph — before us for the next 21 days is the clarion call to those of us who have dedicated our lives to reclaiming this precious planet for the Light.

This paragraph was one of the highlights of this magnificent message. Time to step up and step out into a world of your own highest imaginings. Blessed Be.

“And so with the new powerful energies dearly beloveds, it is up to you to take one step, or a giant leap in the direction of your desires.  Know that for the next 21 days of your earthly reality the gates of great change and tremendous opportunity to channel this energy into the type of life you wish for your selves and others shall be open to you.”

Dearly beloved children of the universe,

The time has arrived for great change that shall unfold before you in your present reality on GAIA. For the informational decree that has indeed been delivered into the sub-atomic structure of the DNA and psyche of those dwelling on GAIA, has taken place.

The time of change has indeed arrived, and upon the new moon’s energies entering your GAIA, you have an opportunity to once again take charge of your earthly selves and your reality. For the power that is ingrained within you will magnify tri-fold, which will allow the energies of those who are in the process of awakening to be transmuted much faster, and as such will allow you to tap into the source of all that is to accomplish that which you are here to do at a magnificent pace.

The great times of change are upon you. For the change that is to take place, is to take place from within the light of your own being. For through the informational decree which has been sent to you from Alcyone in the Pleiades, you are able to manipulate the data using the cortex of your subatomic structures within your psyche in order to catapult such data into the direction in which you wish your life to flow.

And so with the new powerful energies dearly beloveds, it is up to you to take one step, or a giant leap in the direction of your desires.  Know that for the next 21 days of your earthly reality the gates of great change and tremendous opportunity to channel this energy into the type of life you wish for your selves and others shall be open to you.

Energies and information decree unbeknownst to you prior, knowledge, access to which has been denied to you prior, is now readily available for your taking.  And so, and thus, many of you shall begin to experience much upliftment, power, freedom, more information coming your way, many more such synchronicities shall be projected onto you in order to propel you in the direction of your desires.

And so, you are no longer to wait, but act upon such desires, take every opportunity presenting itself to you, for the window of opportunity indeed is grand, the window of change is upon you. And so, for the duration of you’re the next 21 days of your present reality, you are to take charge of your lives.

Listen to the guidance, for the guidance that you shall begin to receive will become much clearer, the steps that you are to take will be outlined for you in your dream state, as well as your daily reality.  Pay attention to that which your way comes, take every and all opportunities presenting themselves to you. Go where you have not gone before, allow yourself to let go of that which has been blocking yourself prior. Release your apprehensions and fears for there is no place for such energies in the new vortex of time and space. For you are the brave ones who have transverse dimensions, galaxies, universes in order to arrive in your present day reality to carry out the missions that you have come here to do.

Allow yourselves to take in all the energies of the cosmic gateways of love, for your earth, your beloved GAIA has been flooded with informational decree unavailable to most in times past.

And so and thus, understand that you will begin to see various phenomenon occurring before your eyes, understand and be ready to be visited yet again by beings of light, who will assist you in further acquiring the gifts that you have come to bring forth to humanity. Understand that each hour of every day of the window of opportunity your consciousness will expand tri-fold to allow the transformation to take place within your own selves and those around you, catapulting you into another state of being, into a higher dimension.

Know that we are standing by you ready to assist you. That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Personal Note: I wrote an article about how to communicate with your guides, and I feel that its pertinent to this news, to give you a better grasp on this communication so that you don’t miss the signs. Please see this link to read: http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/2014/03/04/how-to-communicate-with-your-guides-by-anna-merkaba/

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