Performance at the Holodome — Part II

We are not waiting for a curtain to rise in the Holodome, as the audience encircles the stage; it is theater in the round. Instead, the lights go out for one minute prior to the performance. We sit in complete blackness.  This minute is a sacred moment for the audience, the actors, the technicians (and anyone else involved in the performance) to attune ourselves with one another. Like an orchestra tuning its instruments, we come into harmonic resonance as ONE before any event begins. We are all going on this adventure together. We will indeed be time traveling into ancient history. The anticipation is palpable and it is important for all of us to stay grounded. I bring my emotions into a calmer frequency. The energy in the auditorium is deepening and quieting. Ahhh, we are harmonized. We are ready to begin our journey to Lemuria.

Diffused Light of Lemuria

Diffused Light of Lemuria

The holographic projector throws a burst of light onto the stage and an entire scene is before us. The breathtaking beauty of this ancient world is almost beyond belief. A collective intake of breath punctuates the glorious scene before us. The word “primordial” comes to mind — “first-formed” or “from the beginning.” Truly a Garden of Eden.  There, before us are the pyramidal temples, some of them gleaming, as the sunlight glances off their metallic peaks. Other temples are covered in lush tropical foliage, barely discernible from the landscape itself. The light is diffuse, as though the sun is coming through some kind of filter. I have a sudden memory of how it felt to walk about in this warm, soft air, infused with gently sparkling light. How much I have forgotten of my former paradise!

During this part of Gaia’s history She was still in Her innocence. Before any darkness came and laid claim to Her body, Gaia shared Herself freely and lovingly with all Her inhabitants. She knew that no harm would come to Her, because We were ALL ONE.   We also resonated at a slightly higher frequency of the 5th Dimension. We humans had even lighter Light Bodies than we have now in Aurora and the land was more luminous and less dense than we experience it even here. In contrast to our 3rd Dimensional reality, Lemuria was practically transparent.

Matriarch of Lemuria with Feline Companion

Matriarch of Lemuria with Feline Companion

I had already lived close to a thousand years in one Lemurian Light Body at the time of this opening scene. I had lived in close contact with the People, the Land and the Temple Culture. My family was well established and many members of our Soul Family were also serving Earth at this time. My status as a Matriarch was highly respected and I was honored by my fellow citizens as one who had gained wisdom through many solar cycles of experience. As the scene unfolds before our eyes and we begin to sense and feel the power of life in those early days of Lemuria, I am drawn to leave my seat in the audience and take my position and character within the projected hologram.

As soon as I enter the hologram, the tears begin to stream down my face. “Get a hold of yourself,” my lower 5D self sounds in my head.

“Relax” replies the higher 5D version of Self that I’ve  had to expand into in order to step onto the stage. “It’s been a long, long while since you’ve visited here, even in your memories. What did you expect? That this would be just like Aurora? Think again, Dear One.”

My body feels suddenly so much lighter, almost as if I will lift off and fly. I did so love to get about that way. It was common to walk, fly and swim in one continuous progression whenever we moved about in Lemuria. Now, I notice my clothing has also become light — layers of colored light! I look about and see that everyone is dressed in this manner. Beautiful flowing layers of light in ever-changing colors. I smile at the people passing me on the way to the lagoon. They bow slightly and I return their salutations. I wish I could describe the feelings I’m having. I have the sense that a pure and refined love — beyond anything I have felt so far in 5D — is pulsing through my electrical synapses, at once sending sparks of energy and feelings of serenity throughout my whole being. I feel like I might melt into a pool of love. I decide to enter one of the pools in the lagoon, a favorite meeting place for Lemurians oaf all ages.

Playing in the Lagoon

Playing in the Lagoon

My former life comes flowing back to me: my extraordinary and extensive family; my centuries of service in the temples and mystery schools; the devotion we all have for Mother Gaia and all Her Creatures, There are so many people in the pools today. Everywhere I look there are dozens of magnificent Light Beings, floating in the warm aquamarine waters, flying overhead in the shimmering air, diving gracefully under the water. The dolphins and sea turtles play freely with us. Fish of all shapes and colors dart around us and between us. There are no words spoken; all communication is telepathic and most of it is “felt” rather than heard as words in our minds. I let the warm water lap over me. Ahh — bliss. That’s what I’m feeling — a combination of ecstasy and bliss!

I sink blissfully under the water for a long NOW moment. And then –reluctantly, I return to my seat. I have helped to  anchor this slice of time into the archives of Aurora. Several members of my Aurora family have taken the opportunity to experience this pristine segment of history with me tonight. We will have much to share in the NOW moments to come.

My beloved Alai welcomes me back from the stage. He and I were together only briefly during that lengthy incarnation of mine. It was the first time either of us can remember being in body on Gaia at the same time. Lemuria, therefore, holds joyful memories for both of us. And though it was only a brief sojourn for Alai at that time, it gave us the opportunity to start that extensive family I mentioned earlier. 😉

Ancient Lemuria

Ancient Lemuria

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