The Fourth Choice – Unity

I can’t even remember when or how the Newsletter from “Zingdad” arrived in my email inbox. Sometime this past spring is as close as I can pin down its arrival. I liked what I read and signed up. Then I waited for more and received nothing. It was several months until the next installment came. I explored the information in small bites; everything I read or listened to (there were several excellent videos) “went down easy,” as the saying goes.

Eventually, I explored the full website. ‘Zingdad” is an internet handle for a resident of South Africa, Arn Allingham, who over many years has made significant spiritual progress with the assistance of several Higher Dimensional Beings who have “instructed” him from beyond the veil. He has written or video-recorded most of this information and made it available on his website, in the form of e-books, audio meditations and videos for the betterment of Humanity. He does charge money for some of his offerings and services, as he does live in the “real” world where money is still required to function in daily life. However, much of the essential information is offered as his GIFT.

My perusals quickly led me to his e-book The Ascension Papers, Book I, a 470-page pdf compilation of teachings by Zingdad’s Inner Self (Joy-Divine or JD) a being called Adamu and another Guide known simply as “8.” I found myself in an unexpected course of study and practice that has consumed many of my free moments since early July.

Wondering where I been? My prolonged absences from my blog often reflect such an inner inquiry. But ALWAYS I do eventually return to WordPress to give my “report.”

Today’s initial re-entry is the first of a series of posts about my discoveries and explorations of the past three months.

I mentioned several videos. There was a link to a “new” one in that second Newsletter. It was titled, “Visualization.” When I went to the website, I found three others before it: “Acceptance,” “Intention” and “Action.” These videos are all messages from the being Adamu, one of Zingdad’s teachers, as mentioned above. And Adamu is a stickler for “learning things in order.” So at the beginning of every one of his videos, he “strongly recommends” that you start with the first video and view them in order.” In the past, I might have resisted or rebelled against such advice and “skipped over.” But somehow, this time, I complied and went to the first video “Acceptance” and began to take notes.

As I was viewing and listening, I received one of those Life Shocks – one of those major turning points in my life path, after which my life has not only taken a different turn but perhaps,” jumped tracks” would be more accurate.

Adamu (through Zingdad) was discussing the four choices that each of us has before us as we move toward the Ascension Process. Choice 1 – No Choice. One continues on with life, refusing to make a choice. Choice 2 – Service to Self. One orients one’s life toward choices that benefit him/herself, perhaps at the cost of the wellbeing of another or others. Choice 3 – Service to Others – One makes choices that serve and benefit those beyond the individual self. We who are Lightworkers often think of Choice 2 as Service to the Dark and Choice 3 as Service to the Light.

What stopped me in my tracks and compelled me to change trains at 100 miles an hour was Choice 4 – Unity Consciousness. For all my lip service to Unity Consciousness, I had not seen it as a Choice, distinct from Service to Others. I felt in that moment of “AHA” that I had nearly missed my opportunity to make that Choice in time for this Ascension window. I realize that sounds a bit dramatic but that was the impact in that moment. I have since made some fairly big changes in my daily program to make up for “lost time” (that’s a joke) and anchor myself into Choice number 4.

Hence my prolonged absence from this community.

Choice 4 – Unity Conscousness – is the choice that jettisons one OUT OF DUALITY entirely. Perhaps you knew that, that this has been so obvious to you that you are now yawning and smiling politely. “Oh, Alia, we were wondering when you (if you) would ever catch on.”

Bear with me but I HAD NO CLUE!

That is, I was clueless, until I watched the first Adamu video, which turned out to be my reward for following the directions and starting at the beginning.

The message was clear as crystal: As long as I make Choice 3, I will be in an eternal dance to “balance the dark” or the Service to Self aspect of duality. There is no escape, as long as I am in Service to Others, I am part of the Light-Dark balancing act.

In a heartbeat, I made the choice for Unity – Choice 4. The time was right. The fruit was ripe and it (I) fell from the Duality Tree.

My life has been different since that fateful day in early July. I will continue to share some of the ways it has been different in a series of posts. Perhaps it will plant a seed or inspire you to check out some of the material on Zingdad’s website or sign up for his newsletter – which comes very infrequently – I’m still waiting for the next one but there seems to be plenty to work on while I wait.

So, until next time from me – I wish you well and thank you for reading. With love, Alia