The Fourth Choice – Unity

I can’t even remember when or how the Newsletter from “Zingdad” arrived in my email inbox. Sometime this past spring is as close as I can pin down its arrival. I liked what I read and signed up. Then I waited for more and received nothing. It was several months until the next installment came. I explored the information in small bites; everything I read or listened to (there were several excellent videos) “went down easy,” as the saying goes.

Eventually, I explored the full website. ‘Zingdad” is an internet handle for a resident of South Africa, Arn Allingham, who over many years has made significant spiritual progress with the assistance of several Higher Dimensional Beings who have “instructed” him from beyond the veil. He has written or video-recorded most of this information and made it available on his website, in the form of e-books, audio meditations and videos for the betterment of Humanity. He does charge money for some of his offerings and services, as he does live in the “real” world where money is still required to function in daily life. However, much of the essential information is offered as his GIFT.

My perusals quickly led me to his e-book The Ascension Papers, Book I, a 470-page pdf compilation of teachings by Zingdad’s Inner Self (Joy-Divine or JD) a being called Adamu and another Guide known simply as “8.” I found myself in an unexpected course of study and practice that has consumed many of my free moments since early July.

Wondering where I been? My prolonged absences from my blog often reflect such an inner inquiry. But ALWAYS I do eventually return to WordPress to give my “report.”

Today’s initial re-entry is the first of a series of posts about my discoveries and explorations of the past three months. Continue reading