Welcome to Aurora – 5D City of Light

Beginning today, and each Thursday hereafter  (until I feel complete with this project) I will be posting a segment (or possibly part of a segment) of my developing description of a 5th Dimensional City of Light that was gifted to me in a vision during the summer of 2012.

My friend, Susan G., first made me aware of this crystal city, which she saw hovering over the area in which I live on the southern coast of Oregon, USA. A few months later, I “saw” it too. You can read Susan’s description here.

I realized last week that whenever I write about this 5D city, I feel as though I actually go there and experience what life is like in the higher dimensions. I feel such joy and love each time I bring forth a new segment or even re-read one I wrote before. It is a really fun way to expand my awareness into the higher realms — and that not only helps me to raise my vibrational frequency but also that of the Collective. I thought that you might benefit from “going there” too.

So it is with great joy, excitement and (yes, I admit it) pride that I welcome you to Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light
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Update: The New Reality Is Here!

Reposted from Lucas2012infos from January 23, 2013

Ute Posegga-Rudal – Messages from The Realms of Light — Update: The New Reality is Here

Alia’s Comments:  These days I’m always alert to messages that describe our New Paradigm and how our world is different today than it was a month ago. This article from Ute gives us some absolutely gorgeous images to flow into. The following quote is so expansive and inviting. I have embedded the video version at the end.

“What we felt in 2012 as a constant and increasing squeezing of time and events, which happened one after the other ever more rapidly and powerfully, experience now develops into a quite different direction and quality.

The usual perception of time seems to subside and to make room for a majestic Opening into a new dimension of Timeless Holiness and Sanctity. And all we can do is to allow ourselves to open up to It and to  feel and breathe It and to start to vibrate and resonate with this new Revelation, Which is right around us.”
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Disappointment, Discouragement, Disheartenment: The Downside of Expectations

Fairy with WandMost of my life I have been accused of being a “Magical Thinker.” Not only accused but ridiculed, judged and invalidated. In my nearly 65 years on the planet (this time) I have never given up this character “flaw” nor do I intend to. I see no reason why something really positive that could benefit all mankind cannot happen instantly, or at least overnight. Miracles, it is said, occur outside the dimension of  time.  My husband tells me that my magical thinking is an “endearing quality” and this is one small reason that he has my eternal love. He sees what everyone else before him has seen — and he sees through that to the place from which this trait springs within me, my ardent heart’s desire that every being on this sweet Earth be forever freed from struggle and a daily life of survival.
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Downloading Our Divine Qualities – A Practice of Self Love

I Love MyselfWe all know intellectually that we are supposed to “Love Ourselves.” We’ve spent decades shedding layers of guilt, regret, shame, remorse, self-hatred, self-judgment, unworthiness and undeservingness. We’ve read books, gone to seminars, practiced looking in the mirror and saying: “I love you” to our reflections. We’ve practiced pampering ourselves, even indulging ourselves and yet, for many, we stand on our new 4D/5D playing fields and quiver from our inability (still) to fully love ourselves. How can we address this, because loving ourselves is a requirement for entering these more refined realms?
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One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): What Does It All Mean?

On January 7, 2013 I posted an introduction to the One People’s Public Trust. Since then there has been much debate and discussion about this brilliant ploy of the Light to use the system of law created by the dark to “wipe the slate clean” and liberate the world’s people (and the Earth herself)  from millennia of tyranny and enslavement. Many people dismiss it as a pipe dream — too good to be true. Others are confounded by the “incomprehensible” language and wonder why it had to be written in such a complicated style.

Today, I visited Removing the Shackles blogsite and found this essay by Nicole Matthews that brings clarity, confirmation and fresh possibilities for the application of these documents for the long term benefits of all Life on our Mother Planet.
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