Entering Aurora

There are three different ways to enter the shining City of Aurora, all of them a welcome blessing for Galactic travelers and residents alike: by Light Bridge, Hover Disc and On Foot.

Perhaps  you have just landed your hovercraft in the Transport Hub, or come into the Hub on one of the mass-transit mag-lev trains that travel through Gaia, providing efficient transportation between major population centers. Or perhaps you have arrived by cruise ship, having sailed across the glorious Lemurian Sea. After disembarking from whatever mode of travel has brought you into the Transport Hub, one of your first choices to make will be your decision about how you would like to enter Aurora. If you choose to use one of the three Light Bridges that connect the Transport Hub to the Crystal City you will need to take one of the elevator tubes.

Stepping out of the elevator tube you find yourself on a Light Bridge. Depending on whether you have chosen to take the lower, middle or upper Light Bridge into the city, you will find yourself suspended some distance above the ground in a transparent light corridor that bridges the Transport Hub and the city proper. Your first reaction (if this is your first time entering Aurora in this manner) may be to gasp, as it appears there is nothing below your feet to support you. Of course, as a 5th Dimensional being you don’t need anything under your feet for support, as you are perfectly capable of flying yourself into the city but many people enjoy the pleasure of entering the Crystal City through its various technological conveyances.

So, here you are, enclosed in a completely transparent light corridor, able to look out in five directions. To your right is the magnificent Lemurian Sea which extends to the western horizon. Above your head the sky is bright with pure, clean air. Sometimes a billowy cloud accents the deep azure blueness directly overhead. At other times only birds and other winged creatures break the purity of a cloudless dome.  On your left you may catch a glimpse of a lush river valley and underneath you might see the other two Light Bridges, or if you are on the lower bridge, you will see and feel the paradisaical beauty of the landscaping that gently rolls out into the natural pristine environment of the great land of Gaia Herself.

However, the most magical view is the one directly ahead of you — the imminent presence of Aurora, Violet-Rose City of Light. And even more-so now than from a distance, you are feeling, hearing, sensing and smelling  the auric energy of this legendary place, this sacred site that has existed inter-dimensionally and been known as a place of Beauty, Peace and Sanctuary for eons throughout our Universe and beyond.

The moment the elevator tubes open, you are engulfed in the enlivening, fragrant, soothing embrace of the Divine Feminine. The air is infused with vitality. Breathing it is at once calming, reassuring and revitalizing. You realize that although the transparent walls of the light corridor appear to be “solid,” they are permeable and allow for air, sound, fragrance and temperature to flow in from the “outside.” So right away, you are treated to the energetic frequency of this renown inter-galactic destination. The air around you seems to hum or sing to you. Then you realize you are hearing the symphonic  song of the Collective. There are no mechanical sounds, as all technology is pollution-free, especially free of noise pollution. Thus, what you are feeling/hearing is the harmonization of the sounds of the plant, animal, human and technological kingdoms blended into one unified, harmonic field. By a heavenly choir, you are greeted and thus your own frequency is harmonized with the Collective, as you enter Aurora on a Bridge of Light.

The three Light Bridges lead to different destinations in Aurora. The lower bridge takes you to the main plaza area of the city where you will find the Holodome, where you can attend concerts, lectures and other educational events. You can also attend plays or enter into holographic projections of past historical scenes or even futuristic fantasies — these are very fun, as well as being educational. Sometimes the Holodome is used for governance purposes, a place for citizens (and delegates who represent the populace)  to discuss issues relevant to local, planetary, solar or galactic systems of government.  The Holodome is a hub for all kinds of social gatherings and so it is close to the ground level of Aurora where it can receive many thousands of citizens and guests frequently.  Also, on this level are the library, government offices, university and artisan guilds. I will delve into more detail of these facilities in a future episode. There are some shops that display the art, sculpture, literature and other creative products of our resident and/or visiting artisans. As we no longer have a money system, these stores are more like museums. However, gifting and barter are always popular methods of exchange and they contribute to the circulation and creative evolution of all Galactic civilizations.

The middle Light Bridge takes you into the heart of Aurora. Most of the residents homes are located in this section, as well as our guest quarters. There are also many workstations at this level including the healing chambers and restoration rooms. There is a beautiful central park area and the schools for the younger children are located here, close to home. A few of our smaller temples are also here, mostly for the convenience of the local residents. This central area of the City is comprised of five crystal towers that rise up from the base of the plaza level into the upper level of Aurora.

The upper Light Bridge takes you into the part of the Crystal City that has become legendary. Aurora has been known since ancient times for its sacred ceremonial culture. Sacred ceremony is a way of life for us and we consider it a great honor to do any kind of service with in our magnificent temples. On this level are located the Mystery Schools that teach initiates the spiritual essence of all Life and how to move in sacred harmony with all forms of physicality. At the very top of our city is a golden spire that serves as a communications broadcasting and receiving station, except for transportation-related communications that are routed through the Transport Hub. This spire is one of our most renown features, as it is recognized throughout the galaxy as a symbol of sacred and inspired civilization. The golden spire rises several hundred meters into the sky giving a cathedral-like form to the entire city. When the sun’s light reflects off the spire, it can be seen for hundreds of miles in all directions, a guiding beacon of Light to ships approaching by sea, starcraft by air and visitors vacationing on distant mountains. At night the spire is lit by the energy collected from the Sun throughout the day. So it is a perpetual welcoming beam of Light and Love to All. Of course, the upper level would not be complete without a revolving observation deck and that indeed exists at the base of the spire. Along with several galactic-class restaurants overlooking the magnificent and diverse landscapes of Gaia. There are a few special rooms reserved at all times for visiting dignitaries, delegates from The High Councils, Our Beloved Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light who come to bless us for a time with their BEingness. Of all these things I will say more in future installments. For now, I want to describe the other two means by which a person may enter Aurora.

Hover Discs are a very popular means of getting into our city, as they offer an exhilarating, open-air ride that takes you up from ground level to one of the upper levels, or between levels and back down again. You can board a Hover Disc directly at the dock where the ocean liners arrive with passengers who have traveled across the luminous Lemurian Sea. There are also several other platforms that provide Hover Disc service at various places about the perimeter of Aurora. The Hover Discs are basically discs with a railing surrounding the outer edge — something to hold onto for balance. They lift off gently and accelerate in speed until you are flying up or down like a freely moving outdoor elevator with your hair and clothing blowing in the temperate air that is a constant in our Crystal City. Again, you are engulfed in the resonance of Aurora, feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing the violet-rose atmosphere, the harmonious chorus of the collective, the fragrance of the flowers and the air itself. It is a full-body experience and most people squeal with delight each time they choose this form of transportation. Everyone here becomes like a child on a Hover Disc. Giggles,laughter and shrieking abound.

My most favorite way to enter Aurora is on foot. There are three wide sweeping stairways/walkways: side by side you have stairs and a smooth gradual path. One comes up from the Lemurian Sea, near the port where the ships dock. Another comes from the east where the great River Valley meets the City and the third emerges from the edge of the Southern Desert. All of these walkways are made from a kind of rose and ivory marble that has been treated to feel smooth, yet cushiony under your feet. Most people take off their shoes, so they can feel the living, loving quality of this stone directly. As you take each step, your foot depresses slightly into the marble, offering  exactly the amount of sponginess that your body needs to relax. In the next moment, your foot is propelled upward with a little bounce so that you have the sensation of levitating but only enough to make your ascent effortless. Along these pathways are the most lush gardens with every kind of plant available from all parts of the Galaxy. Fruit trees offer you their juicy delights along the way and the flowers speak to you. Each of the stair/walkways takes you into the lower level to the arboretum that duplicates a jungle rainforest, complete with rain — well mist. There are brightly colored birds and small exotic animals who also welcome you telepathically and show you where some of their favorite eating places are in the trees and bushes. They love feeding people.

By whichever means you enter Aurora, your first impression is thrilling indeed. I hope you will stay for awhile — long enough to see all the sights in and about our blessed and most beautiful Violet-Rose City of Light.

Continued . . . “View from the Observation Deck”

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9 thoughts on “Entering Aurora

  1. I had time today Alia, to sit and read this post in full, I am looking forward to reading the next which you have linked to…
    I am listening to some enchanting Celtic music in my earphones while I read and now, and the whole of your words were amplified into magnificence as my senses listened taking me into the heart of Aurora..
    ( I once had a most vivid dream, if a dream it indeed was.. That I was among this huge complex of buildings, like none other that I had ever seen here on Earth before.. For their structure was almost opaque and crystalline in structure.. There shards of points reaching high into a rainbow sky that reflected the fractals of light of rainbows all around the buildings.. I was with a male friend, whom I only met briefly here on Earth.. Yet it seemed as though we were life long friends..
    Together we were in a healing chamber doing healing work.. working with crystals.
    Oh that we can raise to such a vibration and create such a harmonic place of Peace and Love..

    Many thanks Alia for sharing.. I will savor the next part to read with more quiet time space..
    Many thanks for sharing these wonderful writings again Alia..
    Love and have a Blessed Sunday.. ❤ xxx

    • Dear Sue — I’m sure you were not dreaming but visiting your own City of Light. There are buildings in Dubai and China that approximate some of what you and I have “seen.” As amazing as these 3D buildings are, they do not come close to what is available in the higher dimensions. There, we “build” with Light! Some of the new Age artists have seen and brought through these other realities that we are now remembering and reconstructing with our imagination (memory.) I am thrilled for you to have that experience and I hope to host you in Aurora one day and come to visit you wherever you choose to dwell in New Earth. Blessed be and thank you so much for giving energy to the Cities of Light! Alia

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