Governance in Aurora

Alia’s Comment: I want to thank and acknowledge Sheldon Nidle, spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, for his information about the Pod structure of Galactic Society. The larger units came from my understanding of the Mayan Calendar (galactic based.)

Of all the changes that occurred in 2013 (the first year of the new Galactic cycle) meeting our space and spiritual families was foundational. With that one change, everything changed. From that one change, we were able to transform our planet into a paradise — the Heaven on Earth that so many of us had longed for and dreamed of for lifetimes.

Our Galactic and Spiritual families did not come to take over the helm and “do it for us,” to sweep away the past and give us a bright shiny future on a silver platter. Rather, they came at the most critical time in our transition to mentor us, to show us a new way of living and being together in harmony and everlasting peace, as one People of Gaia/Terra.  They became our teachers, our guides, our Wayshowers. They did not interfere; they were there as consultants, to show us options we had never considered before, as we were all new to the concept of Galactic Society, its governing structures, its societal structures, its technology and science, its educational methods and its health and healing modalities.

Yes, for a short time, they were also here to “enforce the peace.” However, once the dark controllers were out of the picture and the introduction of new technologies raised our standard of living planet-wide (and beyond anyone’s imagination) there wasn’t much desire on the part of any group to perpetrate violence on any other group. All Peoples welcomed the freedom to create, to enjoy, to travel anywhere on the planet safely, to celebrate life with loved ones and feel completely secure in the knowing that war and conflict were part of our past, never to rear their ugly heads again.

Governance Based in Pods

Governance Based in Pods

Galactic Society is organized into various sized groups, the smallest of which is called a Pod, which includes 64 members.  A Pod includes close family members and those Soul Family members that are in body experiencing life in this sector of  NOW space (dimension.) This was a bit complicated for us to understand at first, because once we fully ascended to 5D on Gaia/Terra, we found Star Beings (and Beings who had been dwelling inside our planet) among us whom we had not seen before. Conversely, there were others who had been with us in 3D who chose not to ascend (or were not ready to live in their multi-dimensional expression of Self) who were not there. Our Galactic mentors helped us to use our new abilities to “see” that our absent friends and family members were in alternate realities well suited to their learning needs, continuing on with their lives, happy but for the most part, unaware that they were in new locations. This knowledge relieved our minds and hearts and released us to move fully into our own New Reality.

Another aspect of Galactic Society that we had to adjust to immediately (and for which our Star Families provided invaluable insight and support) was our new form of governance. Announcements through all forms of media brought us the first news of a planetary truce/cease fire and introduced us to our new, “place-holder governments.”  Temporary leaders (each of whom had demonstrated his/her first loyalty and commitment to the People) had been chosen for each nation of our world. Then within six months’ time, free and transparent elections were held during which the Peoples of each nation chose delegates from within their own Pods to be their representative voice in the larger bodies of governance. Gone were the lobbyists, the special interest groups, the corporations posing as people — none of those entities was able to access the 5th Dimensional field of Gaia/Terra. That change alone constituted Heaven on Earth for many of us.

However, with the new form of governance came greater responsibilities for the governed. Within weeks of the initial Announcements, we had an upgraded communications system that was safe for humans (no microwaves) planet friendly (no more cables or cell towers) user friendly (even we elders caught on easily) and so advanced that it felt as though our whole planet had become our neighborhood, virtually overnight. We had personal communication devices, plasma screens in our homes (wherever we wished) smaller versions in our vehicles and in stations at regular intervals in public places (remember telephone booths? think kiosk with communication hook-ups.) Suddenly, we were all connected — everyone, everywhere!

Each citizen of Gaia/Terra was suddenly connected by means of a personal communicator with both audio and video functions, along with a feature for instant translation from any on-planet language or dialect into any other. And our communicators even translated many of the off-world languages as well. We were giddy from the wonder of it and dizzy from its nearly instantaneous implementation.

Back to our new responsibilities. Our new systems of governance required each citizen’s (14 solar cycles of age and older) full participation regarding the election of our representatives and the creation of legislation once our representatives were chosen. This is where the Pods come in.  Within each unit of 64 citizens there was much debate and discussion regarding our choice of representatives, as well as issues and concerns of the greater whole. There were two Galactic mentors for each Pod who assisted us in learning the new protocols for reaching our decisions as one body. This was similar to consensus decision making, except, as you might imagine, after refining these processes for millions of years, our Star friends had developed some pretty smooth formulas for reaching harmonious agreement within a reasonable number of NOW moments. We were eager to learn and participate, so we caught on quickly and had much fun discussing matters that we had previously given over to our elected leaders who had become heavily corrupted by the special interest groups.

Each Pod chose one delegate to represent its members at the next level of Galactic governance called the Mega Pod. This next larger body of Galactic Society was comprised of 13 Pods of 64 beings or 832 citizens total. Once each Pod had chosen a delegate, those 13 representatives formed a council which met together once every moon cycle to discuss whatever issues and matters were important to their citizenry. This structure allowed larger bodies of People to harmonize with one another. Any new business was addressed at these council meetings and then brought back to the Pods where the basic unit would discuss it and make its decisions.  Each person’s voice and input was considered sacred. Each eligible citizen was responsible to enter his/her free will choice into the voting function on his/her personal communicator. This was a very new form of participatory democracy for us and we took to it like birds to flight.

Beyond the Mega Pods were the next larger body of citizenry, the Quadramega Pod or 4 X 832 = 3328 citizens. That equals 52 Pods or 4 X 13, all sacred numbers in the Galactic system. There were two delegates chosen to represent the people at this level and with approximately 50,000 citizens living in Aurora this means that we were grouped into 15 Quadramega Pods with 30 representatives for our city. Our terms of service vary from one to four years, depending on the office of service. The “higher” the level of service, the longer the term.

We consider it a sacred honor to be chosen to represent the People at any level. As each person is held in equality and considered a unique and vital voice, it is common for the youngest among us to serve alongside the eldest. I have represented our Pod on the Council of 13, as has my granddaughter. It requires empathy, patience and great listening skills to carry the collective decisions of our Pod to the Council with integrity and clarity. However, the more we gather and share our hearts and minds, the easier it becomes to reach agreement with one another and the more confidently we take the intentions and aspirations of our family unit into the greater bodies of governance.

Continued . . . “The Holodome”

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2 thoughts on “Governance in Aurora

  1. Wow! Sounds like it was written by someone who’s lived this system before…Nirvana in a nutshell! It’s so beautifully written that you can see the storyboards unfolding in front of you as you read.

    I loved the part about the mentorship regarding consensus decision making because that’s a niggling doubt in every human’s mind…that we can’t agree about anything. I think that perhaps this process will involve showing us the “probable timeline movie” if a particular decision is accepted and implemented, thus averting our old 3d learning process.

    I also like that you included the reassurance that loved ones who do not choose to follow us are exactly where they need to be to support their ongoing development, an fear I think is going to be very real in the next year. It’s good to reiterate the benevolence of the free will choice.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful writing and laying out my future for me in such grand style…makes me want to get up in the morning! xoxo

    • Thank you Julie for your enthusiastic response. Thanks also for making the point about our abilities as mulit-dimensional beings to see the probable outcomes for roads taken or roads declined, as each generates a parallel reality. I look forward to reclaiming this ability, as it has been sorely missing in the 3rd and I could have put it to good use at least a million times. But hey — we’re here and we’re almost HOME. I only hope you are in my Pod. Love, Alia

      On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 6:55 PM, 13th Paradigm

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