Bumpy Road Ahead — An Update from “The Watchers”

Jack the Watcher 2015This message just arrived from Jack The Watcher and Company, including another horse friend of Jack’s named Merlin. This is yet another version of the messages about incoming high-frequency waves of energy that will result in the raising of consciousness in the Human Collective. The other end of this spectrum of effects may appear as more chaos and de-stabilization but I’ll let Jack and Merlin can fill you in on all the details.. At least you’ll be able to say “You heard it from the horse’s mouth.” The most important element of this message for me was the infusion of JOY that I felt when reading (and re-reading) it. It’s a real UP-date! EnJOY! Continue reading

Incoming Wave of Energy — A Channeled Message Through “Denise”

I am posting this message with the caveat that  you use discernment and feel within yourself to see if this resonates with your understanding or corroborates other information you receive from other sources.

This message does corroborate information I have recently received from Dr. Simon Atkins who has been speaking about an energetic wave of electro-magnetic particles that is due to reach our Earth about the same time that this message proposes. He calls this wave “Wave X.” If you are new to this information, you can watch this recent interview from in5D radio.


Ramadan – 2015 – III – Reflections and Gifts

Sun Sets on Ramadan 2015

Sun Sets on Ramadan 2015

Today, July 17th, is the final day of Ramadan. 30 days ago, Tomas and I began our modified version of fasting to be in harmony and solidarity with our neighbors and townspeople. We had no idea where this would take us. We didn’t even know if we would be able to complete the whole 30 days but we decided to take one day at a time, be attentive and responsive to our bodies and see where we would go.

During this past month I would say that we have definitely kept the spirit of Ramadan, even though we did not keep to the letter of it. In spite of our personal “modifications,” which I will discuss later, we benefited in ways we could not have imagined beforehand. This post will attempt to convey some of the gifts and blessings we are “taking away” from our experience. Continue reading

Be Calm in Your Heart

Recently, Tomas and I have discovered the work of Dr. Simon Atkins, who, for over two decades has been successful at evaluating and “predicting” the level of risk posed by climate factors internationally. He has been consistently accurate in his assessments and recently has applied these skills (based in science and spirituality) to predicting certain trends and events that he sees coming in the very near future.

Although some people might hear his ideas as “doom and gloom” Atkins is one of the most upbeat, playful (and downright funny!) men I have encountered in a long time. His weekly radio shows on Skyaia Radio are a hoot and a half to listen to. If you want or need a good laugh, check out his YouTube channel: Simon Atkins. Continue reading

Ramadan 2015 – II – The Great Soup Exchange

Foods for Ftor: Chebakia, Eggs, Harira, Dates, Lemons and More

Foods for Ftor: Chebakia, Eggs, Harira, Dates, Lemons and More

Ramadan is known to most non-Arabs as a month of fasting for Muslims. What is not so well known by these same people is that Ramadan is a month of fasting and feasting – every day. The fasting begins before sunrise; the feasting begins at sunset – every day for 30 days.

As with any holiday, religious or secular, Ramadan has special foods associated with it and the ladies in our neighborhood got together and made expanded-family-size amounts of sweets that might be the equivalent of making Christmas cookies in the West.

Moroccan Harira Served with Dates and Sweets

Moroccan Harira Served with Dates and Sweets

However, the real staple of Ramadan Ftor (break-fast) is a soup called Harira. Last year I found a recipe on Google and made a version of this soup for our Ftor Party that we had with our international group. We all thought it was delicious (and it was) but a comment from a Moroccan guest let us know that it was not his idea of what Harira should taste like. This year I found out why he had said that. The soup I made last year bore no resemblance to what I learned to make this year. Continue reading