A Day Out of Time and the Turn of the Mayan New Year – July 25/26

Hello Everyone,

Yes, the Mayan Calendar kept going after its official ending on December 21, 2012. The calendar is not actually based on linear time but related to a Galactic Matrix. Each year the calendar for the outgoing year ends on July 24th. The new year begins on July 26th. The day in between, July 25th, is celebrated by the Maya as a “Day Out of Time.”

Tomas and I decided to join the festivities this year. After moving into a new home only weeks ago and me having been up to my eyeballs in work for our Board Retreat last Saturday, it seemed like a worthy endeavor to put all the clocks, watches and phones away for the day and totally RELAX!

Following are the journal entries that I wrote to mark these days. Following that I have posted a link to a website for my favorite modern version of the Mayan Calendar, the Dreamspell Calendar. In the header is a button for you to find your own Mayan energetic signature by inputting your birth date. You’ll also get a short interpretation of of the meaning of this day of your birth. Additionally, each Tribe and each Tone has a hot link to give you even more details of your personal energetic signature. Continue reading

Lorie Ladd — The Harmonic Convergence: It’s Role in Your NOW

Hello Ascension Trekkers,

In the past six days since I last posted there has probably been some article or personal update that I have wanted to post but other parts of my life took priority. Each new day brought with it something that seemed even more pertinent to our Ascension process than what I had viewed the day before.

Let me be frank — Yesterday, Monday July 20th — was a “weird” day. My energy was still recovering from a monster week that had brought me to breakdown and then breakTHROUGH. Tomas was feeling similarly. AND, to top things off, we finally got summer here in the Pacific Northwest after experiencing one of the coolest and wettest Junes and first half of July that I have ever known. I felt as though I were back in the San Francisco Bay area where 50 degrees and foggy is the norm for June/July weather.

So we got into the 90s yesterday, which put a particular spin on the already-weird day. I tried to nap at least twice and although I was raggedly tired, I was unable to sleep. So I plodded through the day and finally asked Tomas to check to see if Lorie had posted anything. She had and it did not disappoint! Continue reading

5 Steps for Thriving in the Current Energies — 9D Arcturian Council

Hello My Friends — Just two weeks ago today Tomas and I began to move our life into our new home. It has quickly become a place of expansion for us, particularly for Tomas, whose legs are not supporting him so well these days. We are now closer to the ground, which makes it easier for him to get out onto the earth, into the sunshine (his favorite) and continue to get physical exercise every day.

Our new home feels like an ashram. We both meditate daily in the living room, quieting and infusing the whole place with calm, uplifting energies. A common first expression of neighbors who visit is: “It feels so good in here.”

Today’s message from the Arcturians through Daniel Scranton is a reminder for us during these turbulent times. These easy steps can help us flourish and use the incoming tsunami of higher frequencies to stay afloat instead of going under.

My own reminder: Cultivate, Joy, Compassion, Discernment and Love.

Many Blessings, Alia

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A New Home — Personal Update

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been away for awhile and some of you might be wondering if this is indication that I have once again abandoned my blog. No, I have been moving house. Let me tell you that I am so truly grateful that this move was from upstairs to downstairs in essentially the same unit. I had amazing help but still my 70+ years old body took some hits. For one thing, my beloved partner Tomas can barely walk now and has sustained a couple of sudden falls — the main reason that we wanted to eliminate the 13 stairs and get down to the ground level — and he was not able to help with the lifting and carrying, as he always has in the past. Even with two great helpers, I must have made 50 trips up and down the stairs. I am so grateful that this move was only about transporting all our stuff from upstairs to downstairs and finding new places to put them, instead of packing everything into boxes, loading them onto a truck and driving somewhere — even across campus! It was actually a really smooth move.

We have expanded our living space considerably in this move. The upstairs unit had two bedrooms and a bath but no living room to speak of — we had our desks in the tiny alcove that was meant to be the “living room.” The kitchen consisted of a two-burner hotplate and a convection oven (which we provided) an RV-sized sink and abbreviated cabinets, counters and drawers. In case you are wondering how we managed in such a small space for over three years, I will tell you: exceedingly well, than you. If Tomas had not suddenly had his leg go out from under him one morning in June, we’d probably still be there. However, this “wake-up call” made us realize that the 13 stairs were fast becoming a liability — and the downstairs unit just happened to be available. Thank you Spirit for having our backs.

The downstairs apartment has a full kitchen, full living room with vaulted ceiling, laundry facilities and a covered deck! In brief, we’ve graduated. More like we’ve expanded. Our spirits are soaring into this new space. Continue reading