Stepping Away — for Now

Dear Readers,

As the title suggests, I am steeping away from blogging indefinitely. The “for Now” leaves the option of returning at some unknown time in the future. I do like to keep my options open and I also like to avoid burning bridges whenever possible. This decision was not made lightly; in some ways, it feels like I am “admitting defeat.” I started this blog in July 2012, when many of us Lightworkers thought that Ascension was “just around the corner.” Nine years later, the planet remains enslaved, although I do believe that our liberation is much closer than it was in 2012. Many of us are exhausted from “Holding the Light”, working on ourselves and enduring the physical impact of this evolutionary process that is slowly but surely transforming our heavy carbon-based bodies into silicon-based, bodies of Light (homo luminus). It is an awesome but sometimes gruesome process that none of us could have imagined 25 years ago. Or even nine years ago.

In early April I had a breakdown of sorts; I could no longer sustain all the wonderful activities that I wanted to engage in. There were simply not enough hours in the day or enough energy in my body to keep up the pace. I was miserable and so was Tomas, who was in the direct path of Hurricane Alia and finally called a halt to my insanity. Over the next month or so, I began to map out a more realistic agenda for myself and my world. I was pretty clear that blogging was on the chopping block but I couldn’t take the step to post this “last” post and sign off from a part of my life that has had so much meaning, allowed me so much personal expression and brought me into connection with so many wonderful people from every part of the planet. I just couldn’t do it!

Until last night. Tomas shared with me a video that David Icke recently produced that simply and elegantly sums of the path forward. We have a simple choice to make: we can choose Love or Fear — in each moment. Simple but not necessarily easy. But this is the work of Ascension, from now until we metamorphose into the crystalline butterflies that we are destined to become. I am sharing this beautiful message that reminds us and reinforces the simplicity of our Ascension process.

So for each of you — long-time friends or first-time readers — I leave you with this jewel of a tool, courtesy of David Icke. Choose Love in as many NOW moments as you can and we WILL make this evolutionary leap.


The second piece of essential Ascension information that I leave you with comes from the Pleiadians through Michael Love. I have believed that our cells are making this transformation from carbon to crystalline for decades. However, I’ve been very curious to know exactly HOW this is happening. Perhaps some of you have also wondered about this process. Well, after the David Icke video arrived, I read THIS POST in the wee hours of this morning. It was the other part of the message that I want to leave you with. The two of these messages together are pure gold, in my mind. The Pleiadian message is as complex as David Icke’s video message is simple. The Pleiadians lay it out for us in very technical terms just how our bodies are metamorphosing from the chrysalis stage into the glorious butterfly. In fact, I read in a previous message that our human bodies are DESIGNED to transform into higher-dimensional versions simply by us being in acceptance of the incoming high-frequency Light. Our highly intelligent bodies understand what to do with this Light, once we say “Yes!” to receiving it.

My Dear Readers — this is my best departing shot at Ascension advice: Choose LOVE in as many NOW moments as we can, and understand and allow the miraculous metamorphosis within our bodies to carry us forward. I sign off with love and best wishes to each of you, as you travel your unique Ascension path. I am in deep gratitude for each of you who is on this Great Cosmic Adventure with me. Goodbye for now, Alia

Continue to Choose LOVE!

Welcome the LIGHT!

Know that our bodies HAVE this!


We’re almost HOME!



5 thoughts on “Stepping Away — for Now

  1. Hi Alia,
    I actually thought of you yesterday, wondering how you are doing. I just want to say thank you for all the great information you have brought forward, along with your friendship. The planet Uranus is now conjunct the 12th of Taurus which can be very challenging for Taurus folk and the other fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Taurus is fixed Earth and does not like change, However blessings can be bountiful once on the other side of this transit.

    I totally respect your decision and hope you are healing. You will be missed, but the door is always open.


    • Thank you Linda,
      You’ve been one of my faithful readers and commenters for many years and I have appreciated reading your articles about astrology and getting peeks into your life through your blog posts. Interesting what you said about Taurus and relation to Uranus. Do you mean 12 degrees Taurus or the 12th house? I’m not so fluent in astrology and I don’t quite understand “conjunct the 12th of Taurus.”

      I do have challenges with change and have recently made some significant adjustments in my schedule after digging my hoofs in and putting my horns down when Tomas tried to point out to me that my life was unsustainable the way I had it configured. He was right but I sure didn’t want to admit it. I can laugh now; it wasn’t funny then. Appreciating you, Alia

      • Thanks for your kind and sweet reply. I will miss our exchanges! I meant 12 degrees of Taurus, which would be approximately be for people born around the 3rd or 4th of May. Yet one can often feel it even if they are born before or after those dates because it can be very powerful. I really hope your life is peaceful and set up in a way that works for your highest good.

        Blessings with love,
        Linda ❤

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