Tree Beings — Our Allies

Alia inside Root System of Fallen Redwood

Alia inside Root System of Fallen Redwood

Alia’s Comments: This article is re-posted from this site known as The Urban Farm Project, thanks to my friend Blue Star who sent it to me. It expresses some of the same understandings about tree beings as I have from my own encounters and memories of times when I wore the form of trees, particularly my life as a California Redwood. Yes, I remember.

When Tomas and I lived in southern Oregon, we were only about an hour and a half drive from some of the oldest living beings in the world — the California Redwoods. We frequented Jedediah Smith Park and Stout Grove, a 44-acre old-growth redwood preserve, the source of the photos throughout this post.

In addition to helping us breath and clear the air, trees also model community, sharing food, water and consciousness with one another. This is one of their secrets to long lives — they cooperate and share all they have with one another, the other creatures that inhabit them or live around them, the land, and even those that come to cut them down and use them for commercial purposes. The trees also showed me that all things in nature continually appreciate each other. They are in constant communication with their neighbors, expressing gratitude for every small or great thing. They hold that frequency as a gift to Gaia for Her future.

Redwoods Holding the Frequency of our Pristine Origins

Redwoods iHolding the Frequency of our Pristine Origins

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Cosmic Goddess Now Resides on the Surface of Gaia

Dou Mu Stands on a Vortex Point in Asia

Dou Mu Stands on a Vortex Point in Asia

Alia’s Comments: On December 15, 2014 there was a global activation of the second phase of the opening of the IS:IS Portal — welcoming the Divine Feminine back to the surface of our Mother Planet. Tomas and I participated from our home in Morocco. We were only two time zones away from the activation point on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. It was exciting and powerful to be part of this event and from that day onward, I felt movement and flow in all global affairs, especially financial matters.

In early January, Cobra (stands for COmpression BReakthrough) reported that as a result of this December activation, a Cosmic Goddess came to dwell on a vortex point on the surface of the Earth, somewhere in Asia. She is broadcasting a blessing of Sky, Justice and Love to all beings. I immediately connected with Dou Mu and am able to call up the vision of her at will and feel the difference she is making in the quality of life here at this critical time. I love the image that Cobra chose to represent her and have felt called to post this information here so that others may be aware that something quite extraordinary has occurred that allows her to be here in her Light body — LIVING ON OUR PLANET!

This could not have happened a year ago. I don’t think it could have happened even a couple of months ago. That is how much and how rapidly the conditions of our planetary situation have changed in this short time!

Sometimes when I’m feeling tired or doubtful or disheartened, I remind myself that things can’t be that bad, because a Cosmic Goddess is able to stay in body on the surface of our planet. I can feel her and receive the blessing of her Love for a just and peaceful world for humanity and all living beings, including Gaia Herself. This is further evidence of Heaven appearing on Earth. Please welcome Dou Mu.

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Energy Updates from Aisha North and Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: I received two messages yesterday from different sources that corroborated perfectly. I love it when that happens! I’m  posting some highlights from Aisha’s message and the full text of Jack’s short message below. I’m sure some of you will relate to what they have to say here.

Personally, I got whacked by this latest influx of Light in early January which showed up as a really thick mucousy head cold that seemed to fall straight from my brain down the back of my throat. After two days of this misery, I suddenly contracted stomach cramps that could not be related to anything I had eaten. This is what my health looked like the week before we flew back from Morocco. Yuck!

Shortly after landing in the States, my brother-in-love got the cold and my sister had the flu. I continue to have low-grade nausea and have experienced the “unusual emotional and physical symptoms” that Jack refers to and Aisha calls “annoying.” Yes, very annoying.

Humanity and Gaia, our Mother Planet, continue to “clear out the inkwell” of the old paradigm that lingers in our 3D forms in preparation for the coming changes that are beyond all Human Comprehension. Jack and Aisha’s messages have helped me put all this into perspective and renewed my faith and trust in this process of evolution/ascension that is now irreversible and, I believe, imminent. Continue reading

A Night in Spain

Tomas at the Entrance to our Hotel in Madrid

Tomas at the Entrance to our Hotel in Madrid

With the exceptions of a six-week “pilgrimage” to India in the early 70s and a couple of Club Med style vacations to Jamaica in the early 90s, I have not left the shores of America to travel in exotic lands. After my experience in India, I made the decision that I was a better “armchair traveler” and contented myself with travel documentaries and fascinating books on the subject. Of course, I dreamed of world travel but I “knew” that, in reality, my desire would probably remain a dream.

Tomas, on the other hand, spent 40 years living abroad, speaking English, Italian and German fluently, along with smatterings of French and Spanish. During that time he visited 20 countries and lived in 7. He became a global citizen decades before I even had that idea pop into my mind.

Ironically, when I met Tomas in June of 2004, I suddenly felt as though I had also traveled the world and wanted only to “settle down” and let some roots grow beneath my feet. Tomas shared this vision and so we did. Continue reading

Fun in Tangier

Downtown Tangier -- Along the Harbor

Downtown Tangier — Along the Harbor

Tomas and I spent two nights in Tangier on our way to the USA.  We left a day earlier than we needed to in order to escort our fellow Chefchaouen resident and friend from the States, Debbi, who was flying the day before we did. Safety in numbers and all that.

We had a great room in the Hotel Mauritania, a newly-renovated space in one of the shopping districts of the Medina (old city.) The murmur of human voices, punctuated by motor scooters — the only vehicles that could easily or legally navigate the narrow streets — lulled us to sleep and assured us that we were in a busy port city rather than our semi-rural neighborhood where we are lulled to sleep by howling dogs and crowing roosters. Continue reading