Bumpy Road Ahead — An Update from “The Watchers”

Jack the Watcher 2015This message just arrived from Jack The Watcher and Company, including another horse friend of Jack’s named Merlin. This is yet another version of the messages about incoming high-frequency waves of energy that will result in the raising of consciousness in the Human Collective. The other end of this spectrum of effects may appear as more chaos and de-stabilization but I’ll let Jack and Merlin can fill you in on all the details.. At least you’ll be able to say “You heard it from the horse’s mouth.” The most important element of this message for me was the infusion of JOY that I felt when reading (and re-reading) it. It’s a real UP-date! EnJOY! Continue reading

Update from Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: This update came in yesterday from Jean Rockefeller and her animal companion, Jack, “The Watcher.” I found this message extremely informative about the energetic nature of the next few months and how we can take measures to navigate this purportedly even more intense time. As some of the other messengers are telling us — discernment, discernment, discernment — stay out of judgment, especially self-judgment. Jack invites us to call on the porcupine for wisdom regarding protecting our vulnerability, while enjoying our life in a most playful manner. You can visit Jean and Jack at their website HERE.

Vulnerability and Protection

Jack the Watcher 2015The porcupine embodies many spirits of energy but we will need Her protection and playfulness to carry us through the next few months. The Porcupine bumbles joyfully through life with the security that Her spines will protect Her. She is well aware that few predators will have the courage, strength or knowledge to expose Her belly. With Her power center protected and spikes of armor on Her back, She can playfully and confidently proceed through danger, real and perceived. She knows that She is safe. However, if provoked, She can throw Her darts or curl tightly into a ball until the danger has passed.


The Porcupine is now one of our guiding energies and will be with us until late September. Continue reading

Jack the Watcher on “Tethers of Service”

Alia’s Comments: This is a huge piece for me, who has known at some level that I was pulling “extra duty” (my choice but not always a conscious one in this lifetime) to help clear the issues of the human collective (Jack reminds us that it is the Collective of all inhabitants of Gaia.) Sometimes I have felt so exhausted from working day and night that I didn’t know how I would go on one more minute. And then — somehow — I did. And I will.

I know that I am not alone in this, so Rejoice! And get ready for traveling at warp speed.

Such good news that our burdens will be lightening up this year! Another implication of this message is that the Gaia Collective will be sufficiently cleared at some point during 2015 that it will be capable of doing its own clearing from there on out. Hallelujah!

(And for those of you who feel you have already been traveling at warp speed: We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Baby!)

Here’s Jack

Jack The Watcher

Jack The Watcher


Tethers of Service

Gaia Collective largeSince 12/21/12 when we began to ascend in earnest, Gaia has increased greatly in frequency and power. This has allowed the Gaia Collective to shift and embrace the New Earth Energies that have been made available to us all. Personally, this translates into an accelerated growth pattern which will be accentuated by the release of the Tethers of Service that have bound many of us for lifetimes.

During this year of 2015, it is likely that the individual will witness more personal growth than they have ever been able to previously experience. Because many of you are clearing on behalf of the Gaia Collective, you have experienced steady growth but the process may have been painfully slow at times. This is due to the heavy “Tethers of Service” and accompanying soul obligations that the Legion of Light has contracted to serve on behalf of the Gaia Collective. During 2015, many of these contracts will now come to fruition and be released from the individual. This will truly be a welcomed relief.

Black VultureThe Black Vulture will be our guiding energy from now until the Spring Equinox. (For some, his energy will stay until the Summer Solstice.) His energy includes Death, Rebirth and Purification but most importantly, Transformation. As Vultures prefer long standing rotting energy, He will aid in releasing the ancient and decaying cords that have bound us to others.

During 2015 a separation of sorts will begin. As the Legion of Light begins to be released from long standing soul obligations, they will soon find their wings and begin to soar ever higher into the ethers. New dreams and new realms await!

What Is the Gaia Collective?

At this point, I asked Jack to elaborate and explain in more detail the Gaia Collective and the Legion of Light.

The Gaia Collective is the sum of the whole of the beings that dwell upon this planet. All parts are equally important and contribute equally.

The Legion of Light are those beings who have contracted to be here, on this planet, at this time to assist in the Ascension of the Gaia Collective. The Legion of Light spans all of the kingdoms: Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. They are the strongest among us as the weight they carry is immense. By now, We are tired and worn out, having to pull along those whom we are contractually bound. Gladly, we have completed many of these contracts and soon we will be free of their burdensome energy. Some of these contracts were released last year, in 2014 but for most of us, 2015 will bring us freedom from those who have slowed our progress.

For more about Jack and his human companion, Jean Rockefeller, please visit Jean’s website.

Energy Updates from Aisha North and Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: I received two messages yesterday from different sources that corroborated perfectly. I love it when that happens! I’m  posting some highlights from Aisha’s message and the full text of Jack’s short message below. I’m sure some of you will relate to what they have to say here.

Personally, I got whacked by this latest influx of Light in early January which showed up as a really thick mucousy head cold that seemed to fall straight from my brain down the back of my throat. After two days of this misery, I suddenly contracted stomach cramps that could not be related to anything I had eaten. This is what my health looked like the week before we flew back from Morocco. Yuck!

Shortly after landing in the States, my brother-in-love got the cold and my sister had the flu. I continue to have low-grade nausea and have experienced the “unusual emotional and physical symptoms” that Jack refers to and Aisha calls “annoying.” Yes, very annoying.

Humanity and Gaia, our Mother Planet, continue to “clear out the inkwell” of the old paradigm that lingers in our 3D forms in preparation for the coming changes that are beyond all Human Comprehension. Jack and Aisha’s messages have helped me put all this into perspective and renewed my faith and trust in this process of evolution/ascension that is now irreversible and, I believe, imminent. Continue reading

Help from the Natural World – The “Watchers”

Alia’s Comments: I hope you’re not alarmed by the title We’ve become so used to surveillance stories lately, the covert ways in which humanity is being “watched” and our activities monitored by government agencies using seemingly benign devices, like telephones, social media platforms and other common gadgets we use daily in our homes, cars and offices.

The term “Watcher” as used by Jean Rockefeller (now it’s getting REALLY suspect, I admit) is the name the Watchers use to describe themselves — a member of the natural world (mostly animals but also includes plants and even minerals) who have embodied physically to assist Humanity in our evolution.

You may have been blessed to know an animal Watcher during your lifetime. They are usually the ones we call “pets” who draw such remarks from their people as: “My dog thinks she’s human — won’t eat dog food, only whatever I eat.” Or maybe — “My cat has an uncanny habit of showing up whenever I’m emotionally upset. I always feel so much better as soon as she comes over to me.”  Or my own favorite: “My Aussie shepherd understands everything I say and pretends NOT to understand 90% of it.” Continue reading