BREAKING: We’re in an Acceleration!

According to both Lorie Ladd and Magenta Pixie, the Human Collective is in a period of acceleration (both time and frequency acceleration) that will continue until roughly June 10th. You may already be feeling the impact of this “quickening” on your body (exhaustion) your emotions (heightened) your mind (irritable?) your appetite (larger or non-existent). The effects of this acceleration can be described in so many different ways but often whatever you are experiencing, it feels uncomfortable.

As soon as Lorie described this quickening, I got the picture of one of those moving walkways that you find in airports. Conveyor belts that serve to allow you to move faster by standing still or walking along, making even better time. This picture that I received showed the person running on the conveyor walkway! Really speeding up! When I felt into my own body and emotional system, I could feel the acceleration of energy and noticed yesterday many moments of feeling like I was spinning out of control, about to “lose it.” It felt pretty uncomfortable. Continue reading

Using the Tools in the Toolbox

Two days ago I received an email that triggered me mightily! I felt completely blind sided; I felt despair at first and then my emotions quickly turned to rage. Later, I must confess, I even sank as far as righteous indignation. I was deep in the muck and the mire of the 3rd Dimension.

Tomas attempted to support me by telling me outright that I had been operating in a certain structure of illusion about this matter and now I was being shown the true nature of this situation and how much I had become attached to it playing out “my way.” I bared my teeth at him; I wasn’t ready to admit to all that. I was destined to suffer longer.

During the next few hours I tried many of my old, worn out tools, such as wallowing in self pity, railing about how this person was being so juvenile, so adolescent — the very same behavior that she had been railing about only a few days before, judging those in our community who were so flaky and irresponsible that they could not be counted on.

Suddenly, an uber-responsible person in our community, who had stepped up into several key roles over two years, demonstrated her skill and dedication to tasks and positions that no one else here would or could take on –and in fact, had just taken on a role that had needed her precise skill-set only weeks ago — gave HR practically zero notice that she was headed out on a bicycle tour of the US, was leaving the community and the role that we had just buttoned her into. BAM! My precious order of things was undone. In one email! Continue reading

Conversation with My Sacred Heart

This morning’s visitation was a complete surprise. I hadn’t even realized that I had anyone on my Light Team known as My Sacred Heart. Apparently, I do and this Being was very conversant.

Alia: I open my channel through my 7th energy center. I ground myself to Gaia through my root chakra. I invite in a member of my Light Team who would like to visit. I open my 3rd eye, so I can “see” you. Who would like to visit this morning?

Sacred Heart: Alia Dear — I am your Sacred Heart. I am the metaphysical counterpart to your physical heart. I think I have surprised you by my very existence. You look very surprised to see me.

Alia: Indeed, I am! I haven’t thought of you as a sentient being before, although I am familiar with the concept of the energetic heart or heart chakra. Is that the same thing as the sacred Heart? My goodness, where are my manners? I’m asking questions before even saying “Hello” or “Welcome!”

S.H.: That’s OK Alia; I am used to being invisible. You had no idea who was coming to visit you this morning, did you?

Alia: You’re absolutely right! Usually, I have some hint, at least a few minutes before my guest(s) arrive but this morning I felt nothing and when I “looked” I got a blank screen.

Continue reading

Message from My Inner Teacher

It is said by some that the true guru is the Inner Teacher. One of the results of the recent merge of my personal self with my Inner Self has been that this higher aspect of myself is becoming my Inner Teacher. I received my first teaching Friday on the topics of Unity and Ascension. This morning I received a second teaching (and a compassionate slap on the wrist.) The subject of today’s teaching was “Spiritual Over-achievement”, “Spiritual Ambition” or, put bluntly, “Spiritual Greed”.

Here are my take-aways: Spiritual over-achievement is an ego trap. It is not necessary; it is not “spiritual”. My intent to ascend is enough to keep the process going; indeed, nothing can stop it. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

A Visit with Beings from Antares

This conversation took place on Saturday, May 23, 2020, following my morning meditation. Ive been building a new skill at the suggestion of Ascension Guide and YouTuber, Lorie (I can’t believe I’ve been misspelling her name all this time) Ladd who started me on a 21-day “challenge” to call in Higher Dimensional Beings daily. Saturday was Day #10.

Before I get into the message, I want to mention some of the pointers that Lorie gives in her teaching sessions on YouTube to help people get beyond all the doubts and limiting beliefs that stop us from trying these telepathic interactions. Myth: Only certain (special) people can do this. Fact: Almost anyone can learn this skill with practice and patience. Myth: “They” can’t be communicating with me; it sounds like my own voice in my head. Fact; Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like — your own voice inside your head. Sometimes (as in the message below) the Beings will send you pictures/images that translate into words. That is helpful. Continue reading