Edible Native Plants — An Awakening Moment


This past Wednesday evening we were treated to a very special evening of learning here at Lost Valley Education and Event Center. Our Executive Director, Justin Michelson, did a Sustainable Living Workshop (SLW) presentation about Edible Native Plants, available for the harvesting right here on our property — literally under our noses — at their proper time of year — mostly late spring through fall.

Justin motivated us to attend, promising tasty samples of many of the plant subjects of the evening. He also promised that he would bring a selection of potted  native plants that he and another member-resident would soon be selling in their Native Plant Nursery, a micro-business they are starting here at Lost Valley.

Let me take a moment here to tell you that a rich part of this community comes to the fore during these Sustainable Living Workshops, taught from the diversity-rich bodies of knowledge carried within each of our members. It is required of each person living here that we teach two or three of these SWLs per year as a means of sharing our knowledge and passions with one another and the greater community. These events are advertised on our Facebook page and the public is encouraged to join us. Even if you don’t live close by, please Follow us and Like us.

I knew that Justin was starting this nursery and that he had been working very hard to get some of the preparations done before leaving today for his month-long, silent meditation retreat in California. However, I was unprepared for the momentous impact that his presentation would have on both me and Tomas — it was one of those life-changing events that shifted us to a new perspective and one that will continue to influence how we look and interact with our food for the rest of this lifetime.

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I thank Lisa at Playamart Zebra Designs for bringing this to my attention. Upon watching this video I commented that Tomas and I had experienced this kind of eye to eye connection with people in Morocco — even with perfect strangers! People would surprise us with their Presence, even in casual conversation — they were really THERE with us. We quickly learned to match them and as a result gained many close and lasting friendships in a culture that is quite different from our native one. We learned that people are people and that it is possible to connect deeply with others, in spite of such differences when we look through our eyes with our hearts open, or at least be willing to let our hearts open in the process. Enjoy this documentation of hearts opening, Alia

The Panama Adventure

What do we need as human beings to survive? food, shelter, reproduction, connection. We are social beings. Babies literally die without human touch and connection. Adults don’t do well either, mentally or physically, without human connection.

I saw this video recently HERE. Amnesty International conducted an experiment. They put refugees from Somalia and Syria in front of individuals from Europe and the instructions were to just look into each others eyes for four minutes. They were hoping that this looking at each other would be the start of a connection and a realization of shared humanity. As you will see, it worked.

I have said many times that I am so happy here in Panama, and the main reason is the people. I feel like they really SEE me. When they look at me, talk with me, and smile at me I feel that connection. Of course I had…

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Happy Anniversary

snow-day-tomas-head-croppedMy Dear Love Tomas,
As I sit here at the computer at 5 in the morning, I am full of gratitude for my life.

You are such an integral part of the contentment and true happiness I feel daily, moment to moment. My life is becoming a flow of love and joy.

We began with so little in the way of material things, we accumulated a lot more, then we gave it mostly away and traveled for two years. Now we have found our new home in the country of our birth and we are once again starting with very little in the way of material things.

However, the balance sheet of our wealth is enormous — our coffers of love and appreciation of life overflow in unending abundance. These are the true acquisitions we have grown together in our 12 years of marriage. Like the wealth of the Leaver cultures in the Ishmael books we have been reading, we have invested in the kind of wealth that can never be lost or taken away.

You and I have tended and nurtured our selves and each other — daily, hourly, moment to moment — for over a decade. We have been diligent, vigilant and persevering. The fruits of our inner labors have appreciated and are now being appreciated by the people we have come to share our lives with — the Lost Valley Residents — as well as our bounty of friends and family.

I hope you can feel the magnitude of  my appreciation for YOU — the valiant and devoted partner who has been at my side for nearly 13 years but who stood with me 12 years ago this evening to speak our vows of spiritual commitment to our connection with Source first and then to each other.

We laid a solid foundation for our partnership to flourish. We have stood firmly and securely on that foundation through all these years, through times of challenge and times of great ease. Always we have navigated our life together in unity and harmony.

I have learned to trust you, listen to you and allow, accept and even appreciate the differences between us. My edges have softened in your care and love. I am a better, healthier and more open person for living and growing with you. You continue to make my life easy and many things are possible with your support that I would not even consider doing without you at my side.

Thank you for bringing me to Lost Valley. I know we chose this together but I could not have come without your full support. I believe it is the “larger playing field” I requested that afternoon in our Gold Beach home. It has taken us a while to find it; it has taken a while for us to be truly ready to have this experience. Just as it took a while for us to be ready to have each other.

Thanks for the journey — continuing ed, our walk about — that has brought us Home. I look forward to spending our next years here, together, learning and growing in ways we can’t possibly imagine at this point. I feel the potential for the greatest growth yet, here on this land with the people who will be here with us, working and playing together.

Happy 12th Anniversary Tomas!

alia-head-shot-closeI remain,

Your greatest fan and loving partner, your wife, Alia

Collage 2017

invitationsThe invitation came to the inbox of my Lost Valley inter-campus mail.

It said simply: “Collage party, Saturday, January 14th, 4PM Large Classroom. I have lots of magazines, bring your own materials, scissors, glue sticks and let’s create together our intentions for the New Year. Mariah.”

Hmm, I said to myself. It’s been a few years since I did a collage — used to do those regularly to vision goals and intentions. I think I’ll go.

On the way to the party, I scooped up the Christmas Cards that my family and friends had sent in December. What better way to preserve the love and support of my loved ones than to include them in a collage?!

When I entered the Large Classroom at 4PM on Saturday, the carpet was already overlaid with magazines, calendars and other forms of imagery. Glue sticks, scissors, poster boards and SNACKS! were all arranged, ready for creative flights. Mariah knows how to set a space! Continue reading

Enormous Changes are in Progress Right Now!

Alia’s Comments: This past week several messages I’ve read have mentioned the date January 14th as a date when a significant rise in frequency will arrive via another grand energy wave. This message from “Saul” through John Smallman sums up my own thoughts and feelings regarding the monumental and historical time we are in NOW! With all eight major planets in direct motion (nothing in retro until February 6th!) this is a time when Heaven is mandating forward progression. Saul’s message shed some light on all this and encouraged me to hold my light high and keep going forward. We’re almost Home!

If you would like to here John speak this message, click on the link above and you will find an audio version of it. Enjoy.

John and his partner, Danna, will be giving a workshop in Seattle, WA on Saturday, January 14th. More information can be obtained here.

Here in the spiritual we realms we continue to be in great joy as humanity’s awakening process accelerates and more and more humans start to become aware that something of major significance is happening in their individual lives and on Earth.  The energies enveloping the planet are strengthening and intensifying moment by moment, and you truly can have no idea of the affect that they are having everywhere – on nations, governments, religious organizations, multi-national corporations, political organizations, charitable organizations, indigenous peoples, military, police, intelligence agencies, and of course work places, families, and personal relationships – ENORMOUS changes are in progress right now!

AND, nearly everyone is feeling these amazing energies of change.  Most are confused, they think that there is something wrong with them and are afraid to mention it to anyone.  Therefore there are millions and millions of humans feeling these energies and who remain afraid to talk about them because they are sure they will be thought “weird” or “woo-woo.”  Consequently it is absolutely essential that you, the Light workers, the Light bearers, the Way-showers, and all who are aware that they are beginning to awaken, daily make and strengthen your intent to be only loving, and to be so in every moment.  Humanity and the planet needs the energy that you allow to flow through you, suffusing you utterly and completely as it goes on its way out into the wide world beyond you embracing and comforting all on Earth.

This is the time for which you incarnated, this is the time for awakening, and this is the time when it is going to happen.  REJOICE!!! Continue reading