Kingdom of Hawai’i — Kingdom of Love

Official Shield of the Kingdom of Hawai'i

Official Shield of the Kingdom of Hawai’i

My blogging voice has been dormant for several months. It isn’t that I haven’t had anything to say — more like I’ve had too much to say. It seems that the longer I’ve waited, the more material gathered at my feet and the less I was able to find an entry point to begin blogging about it. Hence, I have let other voices speak on this site while I found my own orientation. There is a quiet (and now, not-so-quiet) revolution happening on the archipelago known as the Hawaiian Islands. This is such a HUGE topic that I am only going to post a small amount of material and let my readers dig deeper into this subject, according to your interest. There is the official website of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and many excellent posts about the Kingdom and the Islands in general on fellow WordPress blogger, Kauilapele’s site.

There is a reigning King, His Majesty, Edmund K. Silva, Jr. The reason that I believe this movement will (and is) succeeding is because this man is demonstrating a new kind of leadership on our planet — he is leading with LOVE. Not the syrupy, sentimental kind of emotion that’s been fed to us as love. HE IS LEADING WITH THE POWER OF LOVE THAT COMES DIRECTLY FROM SOURCE/CREATOR — THE VAST POWER THAT RUNS THE UNIVERSES! And the people who are following him are demonstrating the principles of LOVE. They are standing in LOVE, speaking Truth to power. Continue reading

Aisha North — A Short Update on the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Alia’s Comments: I just went through an intense energetic passage last weekend which was quite uncomfortable emotionally and physically. Sunday night the energy coursing through my body was so huge, I felt that my skin might burst. I spent a good portion of both Saturday and Sunday nights awake.

Monday morning I awoke to feelings of clarity, calmness and gratitude. The storm had passed and I chuckled to myself that I always seem to take these things so personally and forget that I’m part of a planetary clearing and cleansing that, once past, takes me and many others to new heights. That is exactly how I felt — like I was soaring above the ground. And when I went out for a walk in the late afternoon, I had difficulty relating to the ground underneath my feet. I was psychically “flying” and had to do some serious grounding before walking felt comfortable again.

So this message from Aisha is a BIG heads up about what may be in store for many of us this coming weekend. NO ORDINARY LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS ONE!

I “bolded” the text in places that I found especially encouraging and/or enlightening. Let’s try to remember — WHILE WE’RE IN IT — that this passage (as uncomfortable as if may be at times) is intended to take us to new heights, individually and collectively. When the Light comes knocking — open the door of your heart and say “Come In, I’ve been expecting you!” Enjoy the ride, Alia Continue reading