Aurora’s Temple Culture

One of the greatest gifts and blessings of my life in Aurora is the return to sacred living in my daily life. I am living each moment now in remembrance and celebration of my connection with Source/Creator/Mother-Father-One. Not since the days of Lemuria or the peak of Atlantian civilization has there been such an embrace of temple culture on Gaia. My memories of being a Lemurian or Atlantian Priestess began to return during my last decades in duality; I began to yearn for the return of a culture based in sacred living.   At last my desires have come to fruition.

Aurora is home to several major temples. In fact, the shape of this Violet-Rose City of Light looks very much like a temple, with it’s wider, rounded base, its rising crystal towers and its golden spire reaching for the heavens. In the upper levels of the crystal towers are situated three extraordinary temples: The Temple of Gaia, The Temple of Venus and the Temple of Alcyone. I will describe each of these shortly but first I want to add that there are numerous smaller temples throughout the crystal towers that serve as local touch points for residents and guests. In addition, there are countless shrines, hermitages and retreats in the surrounding countryside. All of these sacred spaces are meticulously tended by residents, who also take great delight in visiting them and participating in the perpetual flow of ceremonies and celebrations that provides a rich undercurrent to our lives.

As part of my service contribution in Aurora, I serve in The Temple of Venus. In the “Old Third” as we refer to it here, the Goddess Venus was associated with beauty, art and both romantic and erotic forms of love. On Nova Earth, Venus has regained her stature both as a Goddess and as Gaia’s planetary sister consciousness. In her Goddess form Venus represents the Divine Feminine, embodying beauty, grace, tenderness, compassion, unconditional love. In her planetary form Venus is Gaia’s traveling companion and wayshower. Having just ascended to the Seventh Dimension from the Sixth, Venus shows the Ascension Path that Gaia will continue to travel. Now that Gaia is again in the realm of Unity Consciousness as a planetary body, She and Venus can once again share their desires and dreams, not only for their respective inhabitants, but for all Beings of Light within our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Yes, planets dream. However,while our beloved Earth allowed Her surface world to experience deep Third Density, it was more like a nightmare for Her than a dream. Nonetheless, During Earth’s sojourn into the “dark night of the soul” Her sister planet, Venus, and the inhabitants of Venus, poured forth their Unconditional Love and Compassion for Earth and all Her inhabitants. Venus and the Venusians played a key role in raising Gaia’s frequency high enough for Her to make the leap from Third to Fifth Density. Now, as part of our service in The Temple of Venus, we express our gratitude to Gaia’s Divine Feminine counterpart for Her steadfast friendship and unerring faith that our beloved planet would make Her ascendancy at the end of last Great Galactic Age.

So let me take you through one of my service shifts in the temple. Time is always NOW here, so I can’t tell you with what regularity or in what rhythm I do this temple work. Let me just say that on the mornings that I serve, I arise before dawn and light a candle, because I love to light candles and I so enjoy the soft light they cast about our home. As I have told you before, there is no dirt here and nobody ever gets “dirty,” so my ablutions are purely ceremonial. The bath area is one of my favorite parts of our suite. There is a large soaking pool that Alai (my Divine counterpart) and I love to play in when we take time together, as well as a “shower” that looks like a waterfall coming out of a rock and fern grotto. There are many different programs for water flow and now I select the “mist” option. The grotto fills with a pink-gold mist that smells like strawberries and mint. I allow the mist to clear my aura and energize my being. Then I ask for “dry” and fragrant warmth pours forth to dry my body. No laundry here either! I run a brush through my golden, shoulder length hair and pull it back away from my face, letting it fall over my shoulders. Then I step into my dressing area to choose a robe for today’s service. We do different things on different shifts and I choose my garments accordingly. Today, after a period of meditation, we will be dancing our love and joy in celebration of the reunion of the sisters, Gaia and Venus. So today I choose a long tunic made of many sheer layers, each of a soft sparkly pastel color, that will float and lift and flow with the dancing. We do not wear much jewelry when we are serving the temple. However, as this is a celebration dance, I don a simple headband that places an amethyst over my third eye. My Home has a nourishing drink waiting for me on the counter and I step out onto the balcony to feel the new day as I savor each sip of my breakfast. Now off to temple.

As our sun, Helios, has not yet risen there isn’t anything to see outside, so I take the express “tube” to the 111th floor where all three of the major temples are.  In seconds the door opens and I step out into the plaza that unites these wondrous structures, concealed completely within the crystal facade of Aurora’s gleaming towers. However, looking out from the plaza, you see all the beautiful landscapes that I described in “The View from the Observation Deck.” And you are almost as high. I will take a few moments to describe these three temples before I continue describing my service.

It would make perfect sense for a City of Light to have Temples of Light, wouldn’t it? That is exactly what you see when you visit the 111th level of Aurora. Three scintillating  shimmering, vibrant, living Temples of Light! Like everything else here, they are alive with the consciousness of Aurora’s residents and guests.

The Temple of Gaia faces the east. Her blue, green and coral pillars of light represent Gaia’s water, plant and rock kingdoms. This temple has a domed ceiling about 30 feet above the plaza and this dome is made of colored glass that depicts every aspect of life and every lifeform on our pristine planet. It also shows our relationships with one another in unity consciousness. A unique aspect of this temple is the inclusion of all kingdoms in Her service. Thus, it is a daily occurrence for a human to serve with any of the animals, reptiles, birds, fish, rocks, plants or members of the Devic Kingdom. All beings are sentient and considered equal here. By the time we had ascended, we didn’t even question this. Of the three temples, this one is my favorite, as it shares the story of how our human collective came to embrace the unity and sacredness of all life. The Temple of Gaia is unspeakably beautiful. It is common for worshipers to prostrate themselves fully upon seeing her. She stands as a living testament to our transformed world. I still get tears in my eyes whenever I enter this temple and feel the glorious Presence that imbues our co-creation. Yes, I was here at the time of construction. But that is a story for another time.

Temple of Gaia

The Temple of Alcyone faces north and represents the Star Nation of the Pleiades. Many indigenous people of former Earth, such as the Hopi, the Cherokee and the Maya, knew of their ancestry in the Pleiades and understood that Alcyone, the Great Central Sun of that star system was a repository of knowledge of the Way of Sacred Living. Here in Aurora there are many beings who resonate with the Pleiadian teachings and of course, we get many Pleiadian visitors, drawn to the temple culture of Aurora and the fact that we have chosen to honor Alcyone with a temple. The colors of this temple are sapphire blue, saffron yellow and gold-white — once again, all light. Though there appear to be pillars holding up another domed ceiling, the construction is held together completely with Unconditional Love. I was privileged to be part of the co-creation of this temple also and was amazed at how the Pleiadian consultants taught us to use our minds to bring forth the sacred geometries to be the “infrastructure” of this magnificent tribute to our Great Central Sun, Alcyone. The colored glass dome overhead shows the relationship of the Pleiades Star Nation to our newly formed Star Nation. The Pleiadians are only one of many Galactic civilizations who nurtured Gaia’s humanity through our evolution until we could finally join our Star Families through the Ascension process at the end of 2012 and early 2013. This is a very dramatic temple! It is a place of joyous celebration and holds extremely playful energies. Some beings actually lift up off the floor upon stepping into the energies in this temple; it is a truly uplifting space.

Before I describe in detail The Temple of Venus, I want to explain the orientation and relationship of these three temples to each other.  The three temples are situated in a circular space with a central plaza. Each temple has a semi-circular front and therefore, the temples actually overlap one another. So within The Temple of Gaia, there are segments of both the other temples and the pillars of the Gaia temple connect into the areas of the Alcyone and Venus temples. This overall design further portrays the unity of all forms, ideologies, histories and artistic expressions. When our Collective unified in this plan for our temple layout, there was much rejoicing and a sense of pride in our newly acquired abilities to include so many possibilities into one grand design.

The Temple of Venus was built as a tribute to the Divine Feminine in both her Goddess and planetary forms. We had the assistance of the planet, Venus Herself, in bringing forth the design and energy dynamic of this temple. Many Sixth Dimensional Beings of Light were consulted in the planning stages, and we learned how to incorporate light structures into our conceptional design process in order to provide the highest potentials for beauty and enduring form. The Venusians generously mentored us through the planning and the ensuing construction, although construction is a misleading term that implies building materials and equipment, or at least the use of advanced technologies. Would you be surprised to learn that our team co-created this extraordinary sanctuary mostly with our minds? We were amazed, frankly! Venus holds all  aspects of life in balance and harmony. She is the definition of art, grace and beauty in form. Her unconditional love radiates through and beyond all forms, adding a shimmering quality, a lustre, a vibrancy to all Her creations. Within these temple “walls” every artistic expression is experienced in complete balance and harmony. The Temple of Venus is not supported by pillars but rather by subtle frequencies of Sixth Dimensional Light and sound. Instead of seeing pillars, you see veils of flowing color — predominantly, deep pink, sky blue and gold-sparkling violet. However, I have spoken with worshipers who have seen completely different colors because they personally loved those colors and the temple responded to their heart’s desire. The Temple of Venus was designed to embrace each individual with the perfect combination of sound, light, color, fragrance and air temperature as a means of bringing each one into balance within themselves, in order that they may be in harmony with the Collective. So, you can think of The Temple of Venus as a healing temple. We designed Her that way but it was Her idea that we do so.

Veils in the Temple of Venus

Our lives in the Old Third were spent learning the lessons of polarity, duality and the illusion of separation (which didn’t seem like any illusion when we were “in” it.) Masculine and feminine energies were regarded as different and separate, and therefore, men and women did many things apart from one another. The temples of Atlantis and later Asia, the monasteries and convents of Europe and the Americas, the Jewish synagogues — all of these sacred places maintained traditions that kept men and women separated. It was considered “unholy” for priests and priestesses to serve together in most cases; there were exceptions. Once we unified our masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves and ascended to the Fifth Dimension, there was no longer any reason to maintain these “traditions” of separation. So here on Nova Earth men and women serve joyfully and playfully together in all the temples. Children and young people also serve, especially on the Great Celebration Days of which there are many. Life itself has become a continual cause for celebration and thus nearly all of the residents of Aurora have a connection to the temple culture in one way or another. Our city is renown for this culture and draws visitors from throughout the galaxy to participate in our temple life.

OK, I hear you saying, enough with the back story, what do you actually DO in this Temple of Venus? Fair enough. There are so many aspects of this work, that I guess I was putting off the inevitable of sorting out where to begin and how much to actually share.

A large part of our meditation work is about communing with the Divine Feminine Essence of Venus, again in relation to both the Goddess aspect and the Planet Venus. I will speak first of the work we do with the Goddess. Both men and women cultivate the Divine Feminine within themselves. Meditation on the Goddess aspect of Venus is a communication, a communion with those qualities we attribute to the Divine Feminine, as embodied in Her. As I mentioned above, this Goddess represents beauty, art, grace, compassion, tenderness and unconditional love. Partly, these meditations assists us in staying balanced both individually and collectively with our masculine and feminine aspects. In addition, during our meditations/communions with the Goddess Venus, we have conceived many exceptional works of art, which we have then brought into manifestation. The seeds are planted in our minds during meditation. The inspirations are born. We may act on these ideas as individuals but more often, we take these gifts of the Goddess and share them with our pod or community collective and co-create something even more wondrous than any of us as individuals could ever create alone. Actually, the concept of “alone” was left behind in the Old Third, so it is rare that anything is created by one person, unless they are honing their skills to use in a collective project. The Water Temple in Echadon is an example of an inspired meditation that originated while one group was meditating in The Temple of Venus. During their morning meditation, several members of this group were given pieces of the design for this temple to the water spirits in the upper Echadon Valley. It appears solid and one can certainly move into it, walking through the magnificent arches and columns that grace the banks of the river. However, the entire construction is a holographic projection from the Six and Seventh Dimensions. Sacred geometries of light allow themselves to form the apparent structure that melds into the natural landscape providing a grace note of embellishment, simply for beauty’s sake. The Goddess Venus absolutely delights in these creations and gives us many inspired designs — many more than we could ever fulfill — but we all enjoy playing with them and choosing the ones that feel most expressive of our collective’s resonance at the time. There are no mistakes here and creation is so fluid and flexible that alterations are never a problem. If we get part way through construction and see that this is not what we imagined it would be, we simply deconstruct what we have done so far (kind of like erasing something) and begin with a new plan.

Our meditations/communions with the Planet Venus serve a different purpose. I mentioned earlier that Venus is Gaia’s sister in consciousness, as well as Her travelling companion and wayshower. There is an aspect of our communications/communions that parallels those between the two planets. There is also an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the Sixth and Seventh Dimensional energies that represent the consciousness and resonant frequency of the Planet Venus and most of Her inhabitants. The beings in these dimensions are less inclined to “wear” a form (not even a light body) but their energy signatures are distinct and recognizable once you become familiar with them.  As Fifth Dimensional beings, we can access any realm that we choose by expanding our focus and intention into them. However, this takes an immense amount of our energy to hold these higher frequencies for an extended period. Therefore, we choose to “visit” these dimensions in our meditations and in fact, the Beings of Light from the Planet Venus frequent our temple, which makes it much easier for us to experience them. Sometimes, we will open our eyes in the the dim light of pre-dawn or night and find the temple filled with light — orbs, “angels,” darting “Tinkerbell-like light sparks, wisps and clouds of luminescence  — so many forms that are not really forms but more like presences. We always FEEL them first and then we see them. And, of course, we hear them and speak with them. This is the main channel of communication between our population and that of Venus the planet. Through Her inhabitants we also connect with the consciousness of Venus Herself. This interaction assists the harmonization of Venus and Gaia. It is part of our learning in the Fifth — maintaining the harmony and balance of all things. When we “get it just right,” we feel/hear the essences of Venus and Gaia “humming/singing” in both of the temples that bear their names. This sound then travels out, carried on the waves of the Lemurian Sea to bless and harmonize all other beings in its path.

The three main temples are tended throughout most of a daily cycle — there are always at least three servers present. Our shifts are only for short periods. Often, after a morning shift, I return later for another short but joyous period of service. Each day fresh fruits and flowers are gathered and placed on the altar. This “job” is most popular and thus it rotates daily. We each get to do this about once in a lunar cycle.  Alternating with the meditation periods are times of offering our sacred gifts of creativity — dancing, singing, toning, chanting, drumming and other musical offerings. Ritual movement is very fun and the children often lead the way in this. We create mandalas (sacred circular designs) with people, flowers, minerals and anything else we can think of. We paint beautiful designs onto silk and other shear fabrics and then use them to decorate the temple or decorate ourselves. They also make wonderful dance accessories. These activities are not thought of as “performances,” but rather offerings of creativity. Everyone participates in whatever is going on at the time they come. No one gets to stand off to the side and “watch.” Many worshipers bring their own offerings of flowers and/or fruits, so there are always several Servers available to accept the gifts and place them on the altar. At intervals, these fruits and flowers are given back to the worshipers as a return gift from the Goddess. These blessed offerings are always gratefully accepted and reverently taken back to one’s home or guest space to be savored with family or placed on the family altar for further enjoyment. We find that the fruits offered in any of the temples in Aurora taste extra sweet and the flowers we take home from the altars remain fresh for a very long time.

On festival and celebrations days, the meditations include hundreds of beings at a time — whole families come together to celebrate the day. Everyone is dressed in their finest clothing. The rituals and ceremonies continue from before sunrise until well after sunset, everyone taking the entire day to make the rounds of the main temples and perhaps enjoying a sojourn into the countryside to visit at least one of the shrines. Some will go on retreat and stay in the surrounding area to celebrate the holy day there. There are so many options that we never tire of this. For us, our lifestyle is like beautiful colors in perpetual flow, ever-changing into new harmonies but never repeating the exact pattern twice.

The dancing today in honor of the sisters, Gaia and Venus, is at first slow, graceful and devotional. We form concentric circles and then weave in and out through one another, bowing in reverence, connecting heart to heart. Some people have brought long pieces of colored fabric that can be floated aloft as banners, or entwined with other fabrics to make a human-fabric tapestry. Some are still in deep meditation, dancing in a trance-like state. The Sixth Dimensionals flash overhead sharing themselves as bursts of light. The children delight in moving as fast as they can in and between the legs of the adults. Although my description may sound like the energy gets chaotic, I assure you it does not, as the Goddess Venus insists that we keep all movement in harmony and balance. So it gets intense, yes. The energy rises increasing the frequency of the collective. The musicians pour forth their offerings from myriad instruments. Singing and chanting fill the air. We sing, dance, play and drum our collective joy for the reunion of Gaia and Venus. Suddenly, the music stops, the dancers become still, the children look up in awe. The Temple of Venus is singing. Across the plaza we hear The Temple of Gaia joining harmonically in resonance with her Sister. Our offerings are accepted. We are rewarded with the highest of honors. Helios has hardly risen above Echadon and we are anticipating a full day of celebration in Aurora today.

Continued . . . The Desert Project – Part I

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5 thoughts on “Aurora’s Temple Culture

  1. This was another wonderful morning as I sat here reading your words Alia.. Bringing my own mind into that alignment of those visions.. Seeing how Energies and unconditional love bind and build structures .. Using Mind to create..
    Which is often how my guides have spoken to me about the world beyond that which we know here.

    I loved your description of bathing… Cleansing our aura’s and that beautiful shower like waterfall that can turn into a fragrant mist.. with colour no less.. Such a fabulous vision..

    I so enjoyed reading about the ceremonies and Temple life.. the garments chosen.. The family meditations.. And how the temple of Venus was built.. Truly I savoured every word..

    Wishing you a Blessed Week.. I hope the gardens are now coming together and your weather is allowing for more to be done..

    Love and Blessings

    • Thank you for visiting the temples in Aurora, Sue. Very synchronistically, I was musing about this very episode just the other day. I am moving back into my dancer self, the one I took a break from when I met Tomas, who does not have an interest in that activity. Here in this community there are many accomplished dancers who join with many others in the greater community of the neighboring region to dance together several times weekly. Our community sponsors such a dance once a month and I finally got up my courage last month to take the “Dance Lab” and get some instruction on how to join the party. I’m talking “Contact Improv” and “Ecstatic Dance” here, very much like the dancing done in Aurora but new to me in this lifetime. The lab was so much fun that I decided to take a whole weekend of instruction in the form of a workshop being given right here on our property the first weekend of May. I intend to sustain this interest and use dance as a means of rejuvenating my older body. I’m still fairly limber but my strength has slipped a bit. So I was reviewing in my imagination the dancing in the temples and the meadows of Aurora and realizing that I am preparing myself for Ascension, a younger more vital body and a more leisure lifestyle, oriented toward the sacred. I am so delighted that you are making the time to enthuse and infuse these visions with your own heart’s love. Thank you.

      • That sounds a wonderful and exciting new project.. Dance so invigorating for the soul And I catch myself often in the reflection to the morning radio as I prepare for the day as I do a jig.. lol. Jig being the word.. Hardly a dance.. But I am certain your own dance lessons will have you lithe and supple and with renewed vigor as memories of the Halls of Dance come back to bring Energy into the Human form.. 🙂 Wonderful to have such a beautiful vision..
        And I really am enjoying taking my time reading through your posts here Alia.. Have a day light of foot and Uplifted Heart.. 🙂

  2. Alia, this is such a beautiful vision! I look forward to the day when we can revel in the beauty of sacred temple life and communion with one another. What a lovely dream to behold. Thanks so much for sharing!

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