Three Examples of a Gifting Economy

In a gifting economy, items and services are traded without stressing over whether the balance sheet will tally correctly or not. One offers one’s gifts to the Collective through individual members of their community or society and trusts that the goods and services they need will be returned to them from the Whole.

Here is a beautiful example of such an economy that has existed in Mali for centuries.

And here is another example a bit closer to home (well if you live int he US) of a man who has gifted his love of music to the children of his community. They in turn have given him enough love and appreciation to keep him alive many years past the time his doctors said he should have died. I’d say that ‘s a fair exchange, wouldn’t you?


The third example of gifting is shown by a non-profit sewing group in Grand Prairie, Texas called “Sewing for Kids.” Their stated goal is to donate at least one completely new (never worn before) outfit to every child in Grand Prairie once a year.

One of the most important intentions of their work is to raise a child’s self-esteem by gifting children one-of-a-kind, made-with-love clothing that lets each child know that he or she is “Special.”

This story is featured on WordPress blog Great Poetry MHF. Here’s the link:

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