Calling All Armchair Activists — We Need You Now

Armchair ActivistAlia’s Comments: This is NOT my typical post and NOT my usual content.

It IS an opportunity to practice what Bradley Loves suggested in THIS POST. It is an opportunity to practice saying: “I DO NOT CONSENT!”

In this short video, the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of Defense and former acting Prime Minister of Canada, “discloses” some blunt facts about our world’s fraudulent banking system and the crime cabal that runs our planet in the guise of corporations and governments. He further discusses the US Corporate Government’s nearly 70-year cover-up of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and warns Americans in particular that he feels we have only a small window of MONTHS, rather than years, left to WAKE UP and RECTIFY our situation.

This is a brilliant, grounded presentation by someone who has great credentials by any of the world’s standards. It’s a wonderful piece to share with someone who is just beginning to get informed about what the heck is and has been going on here and why doesn’t our government just “fix it?”

I Do Not ConsentWHAT CAN ONE PERSON (I) DO? You might ask.

YOU CAN CONSCIOUSLY WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT — from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with which you do not agree. You can also GIVE your consent (I do consent!) to those things with which you DO agree.

As you watch this video, practice stopping the tape each time you find yourself in disagreement (or agreement) with the information presented. (This may mean that you’ll be stopping the tape after each statement in some places.)


Even if you only listen to five minutes at a time and do this exercise, I believe that you will feel lighter and more free at the end of that experience.

If you do this process through most or all of this video, you will have cancelled your “contracts of consent” to most of the Shadow Government’s forms of enslavement. “They” cannot maintain their control without our consent.

This is our free-will choice and responsibility. Let’s exercise that choice NOW — TOGETHER.



A Prayer Ceremony for the Equinox 3-20-2015

I offer this suggestion for honoring the Earth on Friday, March 20, 2015. It was sent to me by my dear sister, Blue Star-Deerwomon, who created it for this particular Equinox-Eclipse Special.

A Prayer for Friday

A suggestion for a collective visualization come this Friday with the awesome planetary configurations. Find a sweet earth spot and with your finger or a stick draw a circle. Gather earth elements and place them in the circle according to your inner, organic and intuitive self. Kiss each item if you like before placing them there. Say thanks and remind the Mother, Sophia Gaia that you wish to remain as close to her as possible and that you are grateful for the home she has provided for you. Then look to the sky, recognize creator as you know that to be and welcome all of your soul to come through you to your beautiful circle. Place your hand upon your perfect alignment of elements, send it your most heartful energy and then place your hand on your heart and say over and over and over “I Love Who I Am” and then whatever else resonates from your beautiful, loving be-ingness. Consider your prayers heard, relax, maybe lay down upon the earth and RELAX, allow, receive and maybe even take a snooze. Goddess knows you deserve it. Aho and I Love You!

A short Update on the Equinox Eclipse Energies by Aisha North

Alia’s Comments: I found this message through Aisha North very clarifying and holistic. The March 19th New Moon is being called a Supermoon, because of its proximity to Earth. It will eclipse the Sun totally in parts of the northern hemisphere, particularly, northern Europe and the UK. It occurs on the Equinox (first day of Spring or Autumn, depending on where you live.)

That’s a whole heck of a lot of major things happening in one day!

Do you think we won’t be affected? Apparently, this confluence of astrological influences is DESIGNED to affect each and every one of us to our cores.

So once again, our Star, our Sun is to be the harbinger of new energies for the purpose of our Humanity’s evolution. I found this statement particularly interesting:

“You see, as the Sun’s rays will seem to be lessened by the encroaching presence of the Moon, what will in effect happen, is that all of the energy that does not constitute the visual part of the sunlight will be greatly enhanced.”

In other words, the “message” will be transmitted and received whether or not you see the eclipse or sleep on through it. A grand upgrade is in process and here is Aisha’s “heads up” about it. Enjoy your day and look for my next post about “A Prayer for the Equinox.” (See Original Post.) Continue reading

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Alia’s Comments:  I’m re-posting Brenda Hoffman’s weekly message from March 16, 2015. You can read the original HERE. She titled it “You’ve Jumped in a Rabbit Hole.” I’m using the title above, because Brenda’s post is an expansion on Merlin’s message of yesterday — our reality is now shifting so quickly that we do indeed need a whole new set of tools and skills to accomplish our daily tasks. We are finding, as I said in my comments to Merlin’s piece about Flow and Abundance, that the tools we used yesterday don’t seem to be working so well (or at all) anymore. Brenda has validated this by informing us that we are in such a state of acceleration (BY OUR OWN CHOICE) that we are needing to upgrade our toolbox, sometimes HOURLY!

OK — so now you have a clue as to why you might be so tired and frustrated! Your house is littered with outdated pliers and wrenches and you haven’t found a store that has any new stock!

Brenda uses the metaphor of baking a cake — transitioning from the old-fashioned way, from scratch and baked in a wood-fired oven into the “new, modern” way of using a box mix and and electric oven. As we transition, we need fewer tools, our multi-dimensional selves see a multitude of options instead of the same-old, same-old and instantly make choices. So the potential is for us to flow abundantly forward. UNLESS we are still relying on the tools of yesterday (or the prior hour) to accomplish the work at hand.

As my husband, Tomas, is fond of saying: “You need the right tool for the job.” All right, Tomas, will you hand me a “quixit” please?

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Merlin on Flow and Abundance

Alia’s Comments: Both time and money are constructs by which Humanity has been enslaved for millennia. The construct of time has stolen from us our Presence, our ability to dwell in the present moment, instead of reliving our “past” or wondering or worrying about our “future.” The construct of money has robbed us of the experience of our innate God-given Value, offering us instead the illusion that possession of material objects outside of ourselves (especially lots and lots of MONEY) constitutes our wealth and success.

After playing with and within these constructs for millennia, Humanity is now “waking up” to the understanding that we’ve been seriously distracted from those inalienable qualities within us that represent true freedom and sovereignty. However, most of us who are waking up are still deeply programmed to doubt our abilities to produce all forms of abundance (including and not limited to MONEY and TIME) from Source within.

In this recently channeled message, as received by Meline Portia Lafont, Master Merlin shares his perspective of how to move into creating all the flow and abundance that any of us could ever need or want — simply by staying Present to Source within. As we are each masters practicing and remembering, why not give this a try?

After all — those old paradigm tools aren’t working so well these days. It’s time to pick up some new ones and maybe even get a new toolbox entirely. Have fun with this. I welcome your stories of practice sessions and victories (and even your “failed” attempts) in the comments section below.

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