Monday August 31 — Early Call for Mass Meditation — Please Join

There’s another astrological aspect that needs our support. Another global mass meditation is being organized by The Portal and We Love Mass Meditation for Monday, August 31st at Noon UTC.

That’s 5 AM on the West Coast of the US, 8 AM on the East Coast. Set the alarm if you need to. The Light Forces need our support.

The Flower of Life meditation is below to guide your focus.


Thank you for your Presence

Victory of the Light!


August 24 – Flower of Life Mass Meditation — 6:19 PM UTC

This is very last minute but today there will be a mass meditation to counter any shenanigans that the dark team may have in mind because Mars and Saturn are squared to each other.

The Portal and We Love Mass Meditation are teaming up to organize a worldwide countermeasure so that Team Light can once again turn this cosmic moment toward the benefit of our beloved planet and all living beings.

Join if you can and tell your friends There is still time to post on your blogs and share on social media.

6:19 PM UTC; 11:19 AM PDT;  2:19 PM EDT; 8:19 AM HST

Here is the video to guide your meditation.



Thank You


9D Arcturian Council: You Are Responsible for the Massive Changes Coming!

Wow! I’ve been gone for two weeks. And I can’t tell you about my wonderful vacation, because there was none: my work for Community has become all-consuming. As you know, it ebbs and flows; we’re in a flow phase for the next couple of weeks.

So many amazing and seminal posts have come and gone in this time since I last posted just as Lion’s Gate was opening. What an energy tsunami that portal was! Tomas and I were flattened on both the 8th, when it peaked and on the 10th. We could not move. Fortunately, we didn’t need to.

Today, I found this post on Golden Age of Gaia: an inspiring message from the Arcturians through Daniel Scranton. Amidst all the surface chaos, distraction and disinformation, I think it’s important to keep in mind WHERE all of this is leading us — into a bright Golden Age. The Arcturians are helping us remember why we volunteered to go through this dense, dark, gooey time; we are transmuting, alchemizing the darkness into the Light. We were born for this work, even if, at times (or most of the time) our 3D minds haven’t a clue how we are doing this.

Enjoy this morning’s message and take pride and sustenance from the paradise that our inner work is co-creating. Continue reading

Annual Lion’s Gate Portal Opens Today — August 3 thru 12, 2020

Magenta Pixie has an important message from “The Nine” for this annual energetic influx of light that comes our way via the Sirius Star Nation. I want to get this posted, as the Portal opens today.

I may add more comments later. The message is about Discernment. Team Dark will be doing their best to mess with the Consciousness-raising frequencies that are aiding our Ascension. Discernment and vigilance are key to our (Starseeds) ability to successfully navigate and benefit from this Galactic “boost” of the next 10 days.

When the Personal Meets the Collective

Hello There Ascension Trekkers,

My YouTube “friend” and Guide for Ascension — Lorie Ladd — saved me from myself one more time this week with her video intriguingly titled: “The Next five Months and Four Steps to Assist You Through Them.” Yeah. Required watching for anyone who has fallen into the trap of thinking that what they are feeling IS PERSONAL!

This week I fell full force into that trap and struggled mightily for a few days before realizing that what I thought was a personal issue (it came beautifully packaged, looking so perfectly selected “just for me”) was ACTUALLY something that millions of humans in the Collective are now feeling to the point of depression, despair, and, in some cases, suicide.

That experience appeared in the form of “I’m paddling as hard as I can and I still feel like I’m ‘going under'”. Of course there were piles of evidence in my daily life to substantiate the “truth” of this. Last evening, after another week of failing to meet my weekly requirement of business hours, and sharing my frustration with Tomas about not being able to get my work done no matter how hard I tried, it suddenly occurred to me that this experience might be what I was supposed to be alchemizing for the Collective! Duh?! Do ya think? Immediately the heaviness that I had felt for weeks, vanished. I knew that I had hit pay dirt. Continue reading