It’s Time to Let Go — A Message from Arcturus

671f4-heart-of-source-waveAlia’s Comments: Although August seems like a blip on the screen — I cannot understand how we got to September only “three days” after we left July — I feel and sense that We, the Human Collective, have made HUGE progress in regards to co-creating at a whole new level. Some say that we have “jumped timelines” and are no longer even on the amazing trajectory that we were a few weeks ago. We are now on a timeline that defies human comprehension!

This message from the Arctureans, as received through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, speaks to us of the power we have as humans to join our consciousness together and bring about the changes our world so needs and deserves. We the People have this power within us and when we combine our imaginations in prayerful cooperation, we can create living miracles on a moment by moment basis. But first, we must let go of our dis-belief and our un-belief, the limitations we have placed upon ourselves in order to experience this physical density of 3D Earth.

This message validates (for me) how far we’ve come and the scope of brilliance of the opportunities before us NOW. As the Cosmic Energies continue to rise through September (and the “time gates” continue to be unlocked) we will be have plenty of chances to let go of the old ways of doing and thinking and surrender to rising on the currents of LOVE. It is time to let go — let go and FLY!

Time to Let Go

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan — August 29, 2015

We herald from the Star and the System of Light known as Arcturus.  We hold keys to Time Gates that are being given issuance to open.  These Time Gates herald situations of healing for all of humanity.

The Time Gates occupy a space which holds unto all that it serves.  As the Time Gates are unlocked, what once served you will be released into a flow that moves away from you.  Everything that you have held unto emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a decree to be released.

It is time to heal.  It is time to release the pain in your heart.  It is time to let go.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to love, deeper, fuller, more beautifully than you ever have thought.  The Time Gates have held your thinking in a formatted structure that has served humanity up until now. Continue reading

A Gift from the 29th Congress of Illumination



Alia’s Comments: August 15 – 20, 2015 Patricia Cota-Robles facilitated a powerful event in Tucson, Arizona, USA. For six days Light Keepers from around the world worked together to “love Humanity free.” One of the wonderful gifts to come forth (so far) from this magnificent gathering is Patricia’s invocation called: “I AM Returning to Christ Consciousness.” Here it is on YouTube for all of us to use as an affirmation of our divine birthright and a tool for furthering our co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

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Blossom Goodchild Message about the Pillars of Light


11845233 1026972837334585 5864881441513127946 oAlia’s Comments: When I first saw and read about the pillars of light phenomenon that people were reporting and videoing around the world, I thought I remembered hearing about their “imminent arrival” some years ago in a message from Blossom Goodchild. I was happy to see this recent update from Blossom on the topic.

According to the beings that she receives her messages from (in this case  (The Galactic Federation of Light) these are the very pillars that they heralded way back in 2011. When the pillars did not arrive as “promised” Blossom took some flack from her readers for giving inaccurate information.

Of course, the ones sending the message exist in “no-time” so what are a few years to them. Well, it seems that the pillars of light have indeed arrived and have a very important role to play in our evolution. I’ll let the message from Blossom speak for itself.

Personally, I got thrills and chills reading this message. Some might even suggest that this is Divine Intervention. J’accept! Continue reading

“Applying Your New Skill Set” — by Brenda Hoffman

Alia’s Comments: I found this post by Brenda Hoffman very useful in helping me to identify a couple of new skills that I have begun developing with JOY. One is telepathy. Actually, Tomas and I are practicing this together — making each other aware of when the other person has just spoken the very thoughts or words that we had just thought. The other morning, I had a tune running about in my head and all at once Tomas began humming it! I wondered if he had been singing it before and I had picked up on it but when I checked with him, he said no, he had just spontaneously begun to hum that tune for no reason he could think of.

The second skill set that I am playing with is more of a remembrance of a modality of healing whereby I allow the energy of Love to flow through my body and come through my hands into Tomas’ body. We’ve been practicing this skill with each other too — giving healing massages and energy work to each other as needed. We’re having fun with both skills.

Enjoy Brenda’s message and give some thought to the skills that you may be remembering and developing. I’m looking forward to the appearance of levitation myself. Anti-gravity inner tech — Yeah!

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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned that you are not zipping through various dimensions or frequencies. That your life appears much as it has always been. Even though such is not true, you cannot discern how different your being is from you of six months ago.

The first day of kindergarten or first grade, you most likely could not read or compute numbers. Such was not so by the end of that school year. You evolved physically, intellectually and emotionally, yet felt as if you were the same you.

So it is now. You are evolving rapidly. You merely do not have common markers, such as learning to read, that such is so. Continue reading

“Positrons” May Be Assisting in the Reconciliation of Opposites


Alia’s Comments: I have been wondering for several years now how Humanity is going to “make the quantum leap” from our current fear-based social construct to a love-based one.

I have heard and read much about the “reconciliation of opposites” within us being a key to this transformation but until I read this article about positrons entering our solar system through our Sun and the incoming Cosmic Waves of Energy (which this blog has covered extensively) I did not have a clue how this might actually occur.

The paragraph below is from an article I found on the website in5D. It is turn gives a link to the original article that describes the work done by Professor of Physics, Gregory D. Fleishman at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

I found this science supportive of our continuing transformation into a species of loving, cooperative beings. As more and more positrons stream into our planet and integrate into our cells and consciousness, they are bringing a new balance to our negatively polarized (electron dominant) behaviors and beliefs.

I have noticed remarkable changes within my thought patterns and behaviors over the past several months. Part of this shift I can trace to my own process of increased awareness and diligence to releasing old patterns and welcoming new ones that represent a more loving model.

But could it be that these sudden changes in my attitudes and behaviors could have been made easier (or even possible) by the addition of positrons that acted as a natural balancer to the electrons within my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies?

If this is how positrons are functioning to speed our evolution as a human species, then we should be witnessing a gradual increase in peaceful outcomes to situations that have previously appeared  too polarized to resolve.

To my mind, the presence of positrons is a strong affirmation of Heaven returning to Earth. Blessed Be!

The Science of Ascension: Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality

This is the first time scientists have ever seen positrons being ejected from the SUN because it is the first time positrons have been ejected from the sun in this reality system. The Sun is now ejecting POSITRONS. A Positron is the anti particle of the particle Electron. This means the Sun is ejecting particles of its spiritual double. This puts a whole new outlook on being showered with CME’s Solar Radiation, comets, etc. We now know that every time we are having particles falling from the sky into our atmosphere, they are actually anti particles translating the particles into a new harmonic of spiritual quantum.

This is the link.