I’ve recently made some big changes on my site to reflect the progress we’ve made in shaping a new reality since January of 2012.

Year 2012 — I dedicated this blog to group visioning with the intention of laying the energetic foundation of a “new” multi-dimensional reality.

Year 2013 — This blog focused on identifying, embodying and embracing the new energies that entered our realm as of December 21, 2012. Our New Paradigm arrived, yet we needed to train ourselves to “see” it, using new methods of perception.

Year 2014 — This is the year that I believed we would begin to see the fruits of our energetic labors. This is the year that I believed we would see Heaven and Earth meet. A spontaneous choice to move to Morocco in April resulted in this year’s blog post being about the enrichment and expansion of integrating into a new country and culture. I found much of the Heaven and Earth interface here in the genuinity of the Moroccan people and their relationship with the land.

Year 2015 — Although some people still hold the viewpoint that “nothing has changed” since December 21, 2012, those of us who have been using our 5-D eyes and other expanded senses have noticed a growing amount of “evidence” that much has indeed changed for the better. in 2015 I will be sharing this evidence and posting articles related to how we can increase our ability to apprehend our New World. The first step is to put our attention on it.

So the focus of New Earth Paradigm will be to showcase people and organizations that are assisting our New Earth to become grounded in our everyday reality, a reality that is now exponentially higher in vibrational frequency than we could ever have imagined from our vantage point a year ago in December of 2012.

Just take a look at who you are NOW, as compared to who you thought you were only one year ago. Amazing acceleration, isn’t it? Now multiply that by about 7 Billion members of our human family and you will understand that we are — NO KIDDING — a force to be reckoned with.

For several decades there have been humans in every region of our planet, dedicating themselves to developing solutions to ever-increasing problems we see throughout society and in the natural world. Many of these innovative technologies have been confiscated and relegated to storage vaults so that they would not interfere with the designs of the monopolistic, greed-and-power driven global corporate economy.

HOWEVER,  some of this technology requires an awakened consciousness in order to operate it. And during this past year, the collective consciousness of humankind has risen to such heights as to put us on the threshold of the introduction of many seemingly miraculous solutions to our current dilemmas.

I believe that we will shortly see zero-point (free) energy devices available to provide power for our homes, factories and vehicles. Anti-gravity transport vehicles will eliminate our need to pave over half the planet just to get ourselves from point A to point B. Replicators will give us the  ability to “manufacture” from “thin air” our food, furniture, clothing and any other material goods, without harming one particle of Mother Earth’s body or atmosphere. And healing technologies that have been locked away for decades will be released for healing any and all diseases and conditions, known to mankind, including cancer, HIV and the restoration of limbs and organs that have been amputated or removed due to degeneration.

I expect that by the end of this year we will be seeing New Earth communities popping up all over the globe. Conscious communities that allow residents to enjoy a life of joy, abundance and creativity, freed from the daily grind of having to “earn a living.” These communities will have innovative systems of education, food production, governance and economics.

2015 will continue this Second Renaissance, a Return to Innocence in that we will look upon our world with eyes of wonder, appreciating newly our Mother Planet and ALL Her inhabitants. Also, we will be noticing a new balance between the female and male principles, reflected in new, more comprehensive relationships between men and women in general. This is the beginning of Peace on Earth.

I look forward to witnessing with you the miracles that occur as Heaven continues to unveil on Earth in more visible ways that cannot be shaken off by our rational-logical minds as “just our imagination.” Imagination, by the way, is 5-D thinking.

Year 2016 — I sense that this year will “take off like a rocket” or a race horse out of the gate! Our Human Collective Awareness has grown exponentially during this past year and NOW is the time that we will begin to see solid evidence of this inner work, somewhat like seeing a new island rise from the ocean waters. As I said above, we must look with our 5D eyes. Believing is seeing — a reversal of our 3D paradigm. We must continue to put our attention on what is good and positive and let the debris of the old ways fade into oblivion.


MAKE YOUR OWN NEWS by living in accordance with your inner guidance. There are good and positive things happening worldwide. Seek those out and “report” them on your own blogs and social media sites.

2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese system. The monkey LOVES to play, so consider all the ways to have fun doing the stuff of life this year. Happiness breeds more happiness and is highly contagious. Go out and “infect” as many others as possible with your own inspired acts or by your innate beingness. Have a beautiful year — May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Year 2017 — As we stand on the threshold of this new year, it appears that humanity is experiencing more chaos, uncertainty and polarization than ever before.

2016 brought huge shifts in government, populace uprisings (Kingdom of Hawai’i on Mauna Kea and Standing Rock) the supposed War on Terror, the conflict in Syria, the Ukraine, the beginning of the end of the EU and victories with regard to the banning of GMOs and the herbicides that pollute our food.

And yet, for all the gains that we made during 2016, the general sense is that we made little or no progress and that we may, in fact, have regressed. At least that is what the MSM (fake news) would like us to believe.

However, it isn’t working. More and more people are “waking up” and beginning to THINK for themselves, trust their intuition and make their own choices based on INNER guidance. Many people in the United States are still reeling from the outcome of the Presidential election and look on in trepidation to the inaugural ceremony in January — when they expect the very worst possible scenario of governance to begin to play itself out.

And yet — I change my byline to: Living Heaven on Earth!

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Yes, I believe there are movements of consciousness “afoot” that go way beyond the happenings on this little planet and not one of us knows the Big Picture. We grab onto a tiny piece of the Great Vision and try with all our mind to make it the Whole — to no avail.

The only thing I know with all my heart is that The Light Has Won this epic battle. God’s Plan will NOT be thwarted; we will be delivered — not by saviors or rescuers — but by our own rising consciousness and free-will intent!

As I step into 2017, I do so with the faith that this Fifth Year of the New Galactic Cycle that began on December 21, 2012 WILL bring us to the very moment of the merging of Heaven and Earth.

How will this happen? I have no clue. I wait in wonder, in receptivity, in humility for that moment of Divine Grace. It is done!

2018 and 2019 — The Mystery Years — I went missing. No, I did not ascend. And I didn’t die. I have been busy in the world of intentional community and I just couldn’t blog.

I have also been diving into the work that I mentioned in my last post in October 2017 — the work that I found on Zingdad’s website that pointed me toward a most powerful process of manifestation. I promised to come back and report my findings. It’s taken me two years and much of those two years will go unreported. However, I will attempt to bring you up to the present with a few posts that capture the highlights of the past two years.

2020 — Humanity begins to see clearly — As this year comes to a close (writing on 12-30-2020) it has been a year of tremendous changes, ambushes and twists and turns rarely encountered in all of human history. Looking back, from the perspective of having gone through months of health regulations that make little sense, severe economic constriction, political and social divide, I can see now that humanity needed to get the rug pulled out from under us in order to be prepared for what lies ahead in 2021. Old structures that no longer work, needed to be revealed and dismantled before humanity could build the new structures that will survive the higher frequencies of Nova Gaia.

There is so much that we can’t take with us into this new world: control, greed, manipulation and fear, for starters. These lower frequency consciousnesses will not come with us into the 5D world that I’ve been visualizing and promoting for that past eight + years here at New Earth Paradigm. We had become too complacent. Our world needed shaking up and that shake-up came in the form of a global pandemic with many regulations about how humans were now supposed to keep a virus from spreading —  by distancing ourselves from one another, while wearing masks, not gathering normally, and sanitizing every square inch of ourselves and the world we inhabit. This is the antithesis of the world I choose to live in. It was/is the dark forces’ last-gasp attempt to gain control of the population. Sorry guys, you have exceeded your pull date by eight years. The energies shifted in favor of the Light on December 21, 2012. We Lightworkers and Lightwarriors anchored that Light — FOREVER —  into our hearts and into the heart of Gaia on December 21, 2020. Many of you showed up for the mass meditation on that day to secure our freedom and a new world that will indeed be Heaven on Earth. In spite of all attempts to control us, the controllers of old have lost their grip on us. As 2020 transitions into 2021, there is peace in my heart and a KNOWing that we have unified enough as a human race to free ourselves from the dystopian world that had been planned for us. The “Great Reset” is not on the timeline of my future.

2021 — Humanity Unifies and Heals — As we move forward into 2021 I hold the knowing that “we have made it!” There is definitely more work to do but the Light has been anchored into our planet and Light, Love and Truth now run in Her veins, instead of the darkness that has driven all the systems here for at least the past 26,000-year cycle.

First, we need to remove the would-be controllers — the ones who think they own Earth and all her inhabitants. We have been their slaves, their toys, their food and their chattel for millennia. Their time of rule is over — ended years ago — but they will not go willingly. THEY MUST BE REMOVED. THEY WILL BE REMOVED. They are, in fact, being removed currently by an Alliance of the world’s positive military, with back up support from our Galactic brethren. It’s taking way longer than any of us thought, especially me, when I brought this blog into being in the summer of 2012. Never did I imagine that we’d sill be escorting these folks off the planet eight years later. NEVER!

But here we hare. Removal is happening and this process will become visible over the next few months. There will be “Divine Intervention” that provides a “moment of singularity (unity) for Humanity — for all living beings, actually. That will be the moment that every life form on the planet FEELS the unconditional love of Source/Creator, simultaneously and undeniably. With a unified Humanity, healing can begin. There is so much healing to do. This may consume our lives for all of 2021 — the wounding is so extensive. We must allow time to care for ourselves and all others around us. So don’t look to 2021 for life to “return to normal.”

At some point there will be a “new normal.” With the former controllers gone, with the weaponized technologies neutralized, with NESARA/GESARA enacted, with 6000 withheld patents on advanced technologies finally released for use by the human collective — our lives will get rapidly better. I expect that this transition from tyranny to sovereignty will happen during this coming year, 2021. How this will look, will be up to us. Where we choose to place our attention will determine the pacing of this long-awaited return to paradise. I am choosing to feed my mind and emotions with the Visions of a Bright Future for All! My blog will continue to be a platform for encouragement, inspiration and gratitude for each incremental step we take toward this New Earth Paradigm. Please walk with me as we co-create our collective path to Ascension and enter — finally and at last — Heaven on Earth, Paradise, Nova Gaia as Homo Luminous, Homo Universalis — yes us! — the new stewards of Gaia. The Shift is imminent. We are living through the most extraordinary times. Thank you for being with me as we go forward into 2021 with Love, Hope and Joy in our hearts.

June 2021 — Signing off for now (see post from June 5, 2021) Keeping up the blog, in addition to all the other activities that I am choosing in my life, has become too much. I have left my readers with two essential reminders for staying on the Ascension path to its completion. I will see you in 5D — our New Earth Paradigm. Thank you for reading and sharing this extraordinary journey with me, Alia

 ~ ~ ~

  Your comments, input and contributions for content on this site are always welcome. Let’s share our wealth through stories, photos, videos, messages and articles.

Please email your contributions to: aliachandler48@gmail.com

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  1. Hope you’re good… I wanted to let you know I post our free e-book on my posthttp://memymagnificentself.com/2016/06/13/feel-something-life/ you can download the book by clicking on the first photo. love to you x Barbara

    • Thank you and welcome Nomzi. As you have likely experienced, sometimes the words just seem to flow through me (you) and I need to return here and be re-inspired by that flow that is called my “About” page. Appreciate your follow and love that your energy is here. Many blessings, Alia

  2. Yes to heaven on earth unveiling itself! We live it here in Maui and I carry the 5d new earth with me to sprinkle it in my travels.. Starting to here it from my Texas family!! Thank you for being a pioneer for us way showers!! Free energy is here to stay! Heart to heart Robyn!

    • Welcome Natalie. funny, I did not remember visiting your blog until I traced back the Anne Frank quote about finding beauty in all things and situations that Ivan Prefontaine had reposted. THEN I did indeed remember. However, while there (consciously) just now, I found several other wonderful poems that appear to be originals and I must say, My Dear, you are quite the word artist! I just sent my husband the link to “Love Entered” as a 10th anniversary blessing — today is the day I married my best friend and Cosmic Partner. Thank you — I think I’ll click that “follow” button on your site. Love to you, Alia

  3. Lovely to stumble across your blog Alia 🙂 I am in-tune with the philosophy and vision of the new world you are sharing in your writing and will be reading your archives and new posts with interest.

  4. I am in total agreement with your assessment about where we were, where we are, and where we’ll be by the end of this year. I just moved to Belize and will start a funding campaign soon for http://www.PurpleParadiseResort.com, which will incorporate the QEG and 3D Printing.

    Many people here are resonating with the goals of the Resort/Community. I see all communities becoming one in the new paradigm.

    Thank you for posting information about the QEG! It is truly Amazing!! Much Love and Violet Light to you!

    • Beautiful! All the best with your community and 3-D printing. My husband lived in a community in Belize for 7 years before returning to the US, where we met 10 years ago. I believe that these ideas and innovations have a greater chance of gaining traction in the developing countries of the world than in the developed ones. It was ironic that I felt the need to leave my home in the US and come to Morocco in order to help the folks back home. But that’s how I felt and I’m glad to be here, focusing with like-minded people for the betterment of ALL. Blessings to you ♥

      • Thank you. I knew I couldn’t do in the US what I’ll be able to accomplish here, but I it won’t matter because it’s a gift to the World. Someday, I believe we will be without borders and passports, etc. I hope to affect that change as well.

        Please HUG everyone on Morocco for me. I’m sending Lots of Love!

  5. Namaste…thank you so much for visiting and following my blog 🙂 It was so sweet of you. I look forward to reading yours ~ Lakshmi x

    • Nice to make your acquaintance Ganesh. Ganesh is one of my favorite deities. He has helped me overcome many obstacles and blessed my path with success. Thank you Athena ♥ I look forward to “visiting” your site again soon and I thank you for coming by mine and commenting. Many blessings, Alia

  6. It is becoming more apparent that animals are evolving along with humans. We are seeing more and more videos of animals getting along that were once enemies. For example, just yesterday I watched a video of a cat and an owl playfully chasing one another…the owl would skim along the ground and the cat would jump over the owl and try to catch it;Then the owl settled on the ground beside the cat and began to groom it, Remarkable! Either one could have been food for the other at one time.

    • Thank you for sharing this story. There are many remarkable inter-species videos out on YouTube now. Human/animal or two animals that are not usually compatible interacting playfully as you have shared. I absolutely love it. Our cat, who has proved herself a good hunter, will sit on the back step and watch the birds eat seeds from the ground within striking distance — neither of them agitated or anxious about the other’s presence. I love that this harmony is showing up for all to see (and learn from.) Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Alia

      On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 3:19 PM, 13th Paradigm

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  8. Thank you Alia for your return visit and “Follow”.

    And a big “Thank you” to Toma for referring you to my blog 🙂

    To help spread the joy, we need to bring the “new normal”, as it were, to all who thirst. There are many dedicated blogs and excellent sources where information – knowledge – is freely available for harvest. Unfortunately, excellent as they are, zeal drives some of these sources and this comes across a tad too heavy for the browsers (read, potential believers).

    My approach is to present this “new normal” in a fun and unobtrusive way – via a novel broken down into chewable bites.

    Hence, my serial – Fallen Grace – each episode no more than 3 minutes read that traces Daniel’s journey from the World of Illusion through the World of Reality. He drops breadcrumbs along the way.

    I hope these breadcrumbs pique my readers enough to search out the abovementioned sources and blogs to arm them as they set forth in the greatest exploration ever undertaken by Humankind.

    Ambitious? I hope not but every candle lit, adds to Illumination to drive out the Illusion.

    I’m following your site and you’ll be seeing me around.

    All good wishes,
    Eric 🙂

  9. Thanks to Suzy Star for passing you out to us all, Alia! Everyone rocks; love it! Been on the path since late 1980’s; energetic healing practitioner since 2000; currently floating in the breeeeeze of 5D! What a trip! So glad to have found your site; like the other posts: IT RESONATES WITH ME.
    Since “The Best Solstice Ever” my meditations have been more visual (only some of the time), where up until then my “M.O.” has been more of an empathic knowingness, but not very visual at all.
    Also, no money coming in (laid off 4/2009), but I feel very peaceful, expectant, and well, CARED FOR. Words also seem to be more inadequate, & I’ve always prided (haha) myself on being a good communicator! Often, I don’t even want to hear any words! In my younger days I was seen by my peers, etc as a real talker! How things can change! Loving it here more than I ever have…Thanks for what you’re doing here. Keep up the good work! Hugs of Light, Christie

    • Hi Christie — Yes I am grateful to Suzy for extending my reach through her email list. So happy you are resonating with what you find on 13th Paradigm. I know what you mean by “The Best Solstice Ever” and I would only add to that “So Far” as I think we will build on this and solstices will only get better from here on. The living without in-come is tricky. My husband and I are amazed by how little we are managing with. Sometime in December, when our financial flow was appearing to be at an all time low, I heard a voice within me say “There is enough time and enough money.” For some reason, I decided to believe that voice and claim the promise. So far, so good is all I can say. We are also finding words so cumbersome at times. It is truly laughable. I think this is our Higher Self’s attempt to encourage us in the direction of telepathy. Anyway, when we begin tripping over our speech (and both my husband and I are “normally” fairly articulate) we get a good chuckle out of the situation. Thank you for your appreciations and welcome to 13th Paradigm, Alia

  10. Hello new friend, I love your writing, I am very much like you. Eternally optimistic. I am so looking forward to what is happening. When I start getting hung up on what is, I know, it gets feeling really bad because we aren’t use to these feelings, but I remind myself I am in a human body and it’s alright. I start appreciating those parts of life I have magically succeeded in, like health (I never get sick, don’t believe in germs). Are you also into Abe Hicks?

    • Hi Kim — Thanks you for your appreciation of my writing. I do love to write. Thanks also for the reminder that there are always magical parts of life happening even if sometimes other parts disappoint. Very wise way to hold it. I first heard about Abraham Hicks when I was in Florida on vacation in early 1997. I worked with the information but did not understand the significance of vibrational coherency. So amazing that you brought that up, because my next major post for this coming Monday is all about maintaining heart coherency as the means of attracting to oneself all that one desires. I came to this through a different teacher but it is the same information. Welcome and much love to you, Alia

    • Hi Pat – Thank you for visiting me too. I kept reading and reading on your site and thinking: “Gee, this sounds like what I just posted.” You have a talent for using many less words than I do to say the same thing. But I shan’t get into comparison. So 3D and yesterday and all that. Looking forward to sharing more, Alia

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