What Does It Mean: “Hold the Light,” “Trust the Plan,” “Focus on the BIG Picture”?

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been in a “news blackout.” Have you noticed that your usually reliable sources have vanished? Or the “news” that is being delivered is ambiguous at best and not all that reassuring? I’ll be honest, this is a tough assignment for us Boots-on-the-Ground Lightworkers and Lightwarriors who volunteered for this mission so enthusiastically, so sure that we could complete it without fail. Where is my certainty NOW?

I am told that I was warned prior to making my commitment. I was told that I would have to reach deep inside of myself to be my own “news” source, especially near the conclusion of the assignment when any information about specific operations of the Light could be intercepted by the dark and used to foil the Plan. I guess I thought to myself at that time that my connection to Source would see me through. Ha! What utter folly and underestimation of the control mechanisms on this planet! And yet, somehow, I am not only surviving but thriving in these times of tumult and disinformation/no-information by reaching deep inside myself and touching in with my very own connection to Source — tentative as it is.

So I thought I’d share a few of my own strategies for “holding the Light,” “trusting the Plan”, and “focusing on the BIG Picture,” with the intention of bringing hope and encouragement to those of you who might be struggling in these arenas of your own personal journey.

The BIG Picture

Let’s start with the “million mile view” — yes, it’s WAY out there — because understanding (remembering) the ultimate goal of this mission brings everything else into grand perspective. Our Universe is Ascending! And apparently, our tiny planet on the outer edge of a relatively minor galaxy is the lynch pin for the whole, entire process! But what does that mean exactly?

It means that in order for the whole Universe and every speck of dust within it to expand, evolve — Ascend — to the next higher level of frequency/growth/operation, Humanity needs to free Itself and our Mother Planet from the tyrannical control that has bound all of us in the strictest forms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage for millennia. We have been held captive, against our will, by a non0human race controlling our frequency. The bandwidth of our frequencies has been kept very narrow (greed, fear, control, deception.) If Humans are kept in these lower frequency ranges, we are much less likely to start exploring our higher aspects, which would make us less controllable.

BUT — with the assistance of Cosmic plasma energies that are streaming onto our planet, lifting our frequencies and the particles of Light that are arriving with these plasma transmissions hitting their targets (i.e., our bodies) and anchoring there (our human bodies are designed to absorb this Light, even without our conscious awareness) WE the Humans of Earth ARE waking up, casting off our chains of frequency control and setting ourselves (the Earth, the Human Collective and ALL sentient Beings) FREE!

OK — That’s all I’m going to say about The BIG Picture. That might be enough to get you through another day but here’s the rest of it.

Holding the Light

We are the Light! We are members of the Family of Light who came to assist at this critical time — the turning point — the Great Shift of the Ages that has been heralded for eons in many cultural traditions. This is our service throughout the Universe: we show up and hold the Light for the transformation of systems that have fallen under the control of those with self-serving agendas.

We have immense backup.! There are legions of angels, guides, elementals, members of off-world civilizations (both embodied and in non-physical forms). The major problem for us is that we don’t see them, so we have serious bouts of doubt as to whether they are really there. These doubts rob us of our power and knowing that WE ARE THE LIGHT and we are here to BE THE LIGHT and that is all we really need to do. Our bodies are designed to do this naturally, whether we believe that or not. Our consent and commitment is given, mostly without our conscious awareness but never against our free will. Those of us who have remembered that we did indeed consent and commit to this adventure may find ourselves suffering less than those who have not become conscious of their agreement to be here. However, the really good news is that awake or asleep, knowingly or unknowingly, the Human body is designed to absorb LIGHT, which slowly, incrementally — raises our frequency. Our LIGHT is therefore our Savior in this situation. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. So HOLD the LIGHT!

Trust the Plan

The “Plan” in this context means The Divine Plan — Source’s Plan — the Mother Goddess’ Plan! Yes, there is a military plan to liberate the planet from the clutches of the evil forces that have ruled ruthlessly over the Human race and our planet for eons. There is also another military Plan being carried out by off-world forces of Light, representing thousands of other civilizations who have a stake in the game of Universal Ascension. What happens on Earth will impact the entire Universe. No pressure. However, these forces, although more than capable, cannot fight our battle for us (although recently, I’ve heard some information that makes me think that we’ve shifted things enough to make it possible for off-world forces to be able to fight some of our battles WITH us.) This is part of the Divine Plan.

What does it mean to Trust the Plan? For me, I am affirming my connection to Source. I do this through my imagination. The Pleiadians tell us that imagination is the greatest asset that Humans have. Through our imagination, we can create anything — they say. I am having much success with this. A few weeks ago, in my morning meditation (skill-building) sessions I was prompted by my Inner Self to begin imagining what my connection to Source might feel like.

I have a beautiful image of feminine divinity that I use to help visualize ME in the highest frequency possible next to Source. I refer to Her as my Essential Self — the last flash of form, before I would merge eternally with Source. I began to imagine what the connection between my Essential Self and Source would feel like. at first, this was so subtle that I could barely feel anything. I kept practicing and quite quickly, I felt something like a trickle of gold dust particles floating down a “tube” and through my crown chakra and down my spine. I realized that the energy of Source is so powerful that a few particles of Source at a time was all I was going to get at first. And I was GRATEFUL!

As I continued to practice, however, the separate particles began to form a thin stream. The stream became for like a liquid that flowed down the “tube” through my crown chakra and into my spinal column. I began to feel the warmth of this liquid flowing into my body and nourishing my spirit. I began to “taste” the liquid; it was the sweetest nectar I had ever tasted. Now, a few weeks of practicing has brought me to a place within myself wherein I feel a much stronger connection with Source than ever before. The sweetness, the restorative warmth of this imagined (but not imaginary) Light liquid is one of my favorite forms of reassurance that ALL is well, that all WILL be well.

Source has a Plan. Trust that Plan.

I believe it is an infallible Plan and that each of us is playing a key role. Without YOUR part, the Play would be incomplete. The Plan requires our participation. The Plan assures us that The Light has Won! It doesn’t matter what the details look like. There are contingencies for every twist and turn.

Our role is to continue to absorb and anchor more and more Light into our bodies and onto our Planet.

Our role is to remain solid in our knowing that as we hold and anchor more Light, we raise the frequency of the Collective.

As we raise the frequency of the Collective, more humans wake up and join the revolt against the forces of control, who are having less and less ability to control us, as the frequencies rise. At some point, the frequency will be high enough that their forms will not be able to sustain and they will gradually disappear from view.

We are the Light. Hold that Light!

Ascension is the BIG Picture — not what is going on on this tiny planet on the edge of a minor galaxy. Raise your frequency.

Many blessings to you and your families at this critical moment in Universal history. Our victory is underwritten by Source. There is no better insurance policy than that.



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