Alia’s Vision of Self-Empowerment

Thank you Sharen B.  for sending this video to me.  Here we see a courageous young Palestinian girl, facing off the Israeli Army, speaking about love, brotherhood and TRUTH. Below are some of the notes I found under the YouTube post. Prior to this quote, Jenny says: “I LOVE him, I LOVE.. He is my BESTEST Friend!”

Jenny’s voice:
“All your armies, all your fighters All your tanks, and all your soldiers Against a boy holding a stone Standing there all alone In his eyes I see the sun In his smile I see the moon And I wonder, I only wonder Who is weak, and who is strong? Who is right, and who is wrong? And I wish, I only wish That the truth has a tongue….! ”

{Palestinian girl Jenny (5 years) from the village of Nabi Saleh north west of Ramallah, Israeli soldiers courageously online on one of the entrances to the village in English and talk about the enormous injustice perpetrated against them by the Israeli occupation

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