Two Lorie Ladd Videos to Help Us Navigate These Times

Dear Readers,

What amazing times we are in! Each NOW moment offers us both ecstasy and agony, ours for the choosing. The incoming energies have been so intense lately that my physical body regularly feels drained and exhausted. Suddenly, I feel as though a plug has been pulled and all my energy drains out of me in minutes. I often wake up feeling rested and full of energy, only to head back to bed for a nap two hours later. I’m sure that some of you can relate.

Especially the elders among us, who came in with heavy carbon-based bodies that are gradually (but actually at warp speed in the grand scheme of things) converting to crystalline structures, are feeling the intensity and the effort it takes to allow this process. I sometimes judge myself for not being able to “perform” at the level I used to (like last year) or think I should be able to. Then I suffer (agony). When I can accept and allow the process to go at its own pace and take its own form, then my mind relaxes and my body sighs in surrender to this transformational process akin to the caterpillar becoming the butterfly (ecstasy).

I believe this is truly the most exciting moment of history to be alive and awake on Planet Earth! We are in that part of the play/movie that is tumultuous, uncertain, scary at times and very intense. We are assured that the Light has already won and we will eventually experience that NOW moment when we KNOW this and FEEL this. But we have no idea how many more NOW moments of tumult, uncertainty and intensity will be ours before that glorious ending arrives in OUR time, merging with the “continuum” in which the victory has already occurred. lol

The real “kicker” is that it is up to us — the Human Collective — to determine how fast or slow we get to that victorious moment! What?! You mean WE actually have something to do with the duration of this period of “limbo” that seems to drag on endlessly? Yes indeedy — we are in control.

This is the time we most need to monitor the frequency that we are emitting. Moment by moment! This takes “effort”, just like building any skill, it takes discipline and practice to choose our frequency moment to moment. If we don’t choose the frequency we are carrying in every now, we are choosing “not to choose”, i.e., we become victims of our experiences. However, as Conscious Creators, we have the power to choose a higher frequency instead of a lower one at any time, under any circumstance. I didn’t say this would be easy, only that we always have choice. We always have choice.

This is why Tomas and I are so grateful for Lorie’s gift of Ascension technology. Almost every day we practice with her how to navigate this new terrain of consciousness, alchemizing the lower frequencies into the higher ones on behalf of the entire Human Collective. We’ve building these skills for almost a year and we have noticed our gains, achieved through consistent practice.

We are experiencing more moments of peace, happiness and lightness of being (yes, even on those days when the physical body is in pain and exhaustion or the mind is running amok like a wild stallion.) We are able to notice when we have lost our balance and fallen into fear or anxiety. We are able raise our frequency by remembering that we are not our fear or anxiety and then choosing a higher frequency, like peace, gratitude or acceptance. The rewards for even attempting this have become nearly instant: balance and peace of mind return. And thus we are experiencing more of the ecstatic moments than the agonizing ones. At the end of the day we look within ourselves and say to each other: “This was a GOOD day!”

And so it is!

Please enjoy these two teaching videos from Lorie, both published on the same day. They are so relevant to this particular time of 3D uncertainty that we are passing through. Blessings, Alia

Releasing Attachments for our Beliefs and Truths


Breaking Free! We Are Free!

2 thoughts on “Two Lorie Ladd Videos to Help Us Navigate These Times

  1. Blessings to you Alia and happy New Year and Imbolc! I really appreciate your positive message here! We need more encouragement and less division. I feel tired more too and sometimes I just want to get this Ascension over with.
    I hope you and Tomas are well.

    Linda ❤

    • Hello Linda – Thank you for your holiday greetings. I knew there was another name for today besides “Groundhog Day.” Thanks for reminding me. I know what you mean about wishing that this Ascension would be over! “Soon” got old at least 6 years ago! Blessings, Alia

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