QEG: After Resonance — Now What?

Resonance Achieved -- The Lights Are On

Resonance Achieved — The Lights Are On

The QEG system has produced resonance (“raw power”) three times so far. The first time happened in Jamie’s barn on his farm in Pennsylvania, after five months of steady, meticulous, devoted experimentation. The second instance occurred in Taiwan, after four long, tedious, frenetic days of intense activity in a state-of-the-art private manufacturing company. The third time we lit up the light bulbs in a converted garage in Aouchtam, Morocco, after three very relaxed, easy days of deliberate, detailed attention on the part of Jamie and fluctuating team of international scientists and engineers.

Each time the process was repeated, it was accomplished in a shorter time period. The fact that this has been done at all is amazing – even miraculous! We’re confident now that we can repeat this first level of QEG energy production under a variety of conditions.

But now that we’ve proven that the QEG can produce “raw power,” where do we go from here? Don’t misunderstand me — this is HUGE – but a self-running, true, “free energy” system is not in existence yet. That’s the next step — the next level – and that’s where we’re going from here.
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“Cosmic” Relief — A Lighter Moment

The Smart Washing Machine from France

The Smart Washing Machine from France

My last few posts about the QEG have been rather technical. There is another side of life here in Aouchtam called cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry.

For someone who has never had a “Smart Phone” (what’s the point, if they won’t make coffee or wash your clothes?) I was astonished to encounter a “Smart Washing Machine” at the Sanctuary. It doesn’t make coffer or give you internet service but it sure washes your clothes!!!

I told you in an earlier post that until we found the washing machines, I was doing laundry in the bidet. It turned out that all three of the old machines broke about the same time and so these new, “smart” washers were purchased and one of them is actually hooked up and usable.

Of course the zillions of buttons are all in French. There are three choices of water temperature but (mais oui) only the “cold” version works. There are multiple manual “programmes” that can be entered into this machine but for now we use the default “programme” called “fuzzy.”

So — you put the laundry powder in the bottom of the “drum” and add your clothes. Then you press “Power” and “Depart” (Start — just like a copy machine.) The Smart Machine then weighs the clothes and calculates the water level and the wash, rinse and dry times. Because of the slow water intake and emptying processes, one load takes about an hour to run but hey — there’s always something to occupy and hour of time at the Sanctuary.

Solar drying is the only option here and one advantage of living on the top floor is that we are close to the roof and the clotheslines.

And now — back to the QEG!!!


Aouchtam Has Resonance

Our “Baby” was “delivered” at 12:22 AM CET, Thursday, April 28th.

I MISSED THE BIRTH!!! Tomas and I were in bed asleep.

Our housemate, Blue Star returned home about 1:30 AM. The front door opening woke me up and then I heard all the excitement bubbling through the apartment building and I KNEW we had DONE IT.!

Blue Star tried to appease my disappointment for not being there to see the light bulbs light up. She told me it happened so easily and quickly, it was just a “test drive” and they will do it again tomorrow. “Don’t worry,” she soothed,  “you didn’t miss the REAL test, when they turn her up full power.”

Still, the little girl in me felt like she had missed Christmas.

There wasn’t much happening yesterday at the Sanctuary. It had been evident for a couple of days that Jamie, Val and Hope needed some time off. When I returned just before dinner, I peeked into the QEG workshop and found some new pieces of equipment surrounding the Queege.

Party Girl and All Her Accessories

Party Girl and All Her Accessories

Our Party Girl was all decked out with all kinds of fashion accessories. Intrigued, I asked Levong, our Russian scientist, to explain what I was seeing. Even though English is not his first language, he did an admirable job of describing the parts and pieces.

So the photos in this post are of an unconnected QEG — you’ll notice there aren’t many wires hooked up between parts yet. The connections happened after dinner, after Tomas and I left about 9 PM to walk home by the beach road and brave the goat path in the near dark.

Motor Regulator, Motor and Spark Gap Box

Motor Regulator, Motor and Spark Gap Box

The Queege and Capacitors

The Queege and Capacitors

Nikola Tesla and the "Light Board"

Nikola Tesla and the “Light Board”

Blue Star told us that it had taken Jamie and the Guys about three hours to do all the fine connections needed to flip the switch and start the motor. She reported that there was a huge cheer that went up even for turning on that switch. Enjoy this video. When I watched it, it was ALMOST as good as being there myself.

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QEG Assembly — In Pictures

Looking Into the Core of the QEG

Looking Into the Core of the QEG

The Core of the QEG arrived in Aouchtam on Thursday night late. By Friday mid-day the QEG Workshop was humming with activity.

The photo on the left  shows the four quadrants of the Core. Two sections are considered “primary” or the parts that will produce resonance frequency. The other two sections are called “secondary” and produce output frequency. The Core contains over 300 individual steel plates that are 17.5 1000th of an inch thick, stacked one upon the other and then wrapped in “inverter-duty” grade 10-guage wire. The white covering is additional insulation material. You can see the wrapped wire under this covering. What the Team learned in Taiwan was that the QEG is a high-voltage, low-current generator. They had thought it was the other way around. With this new understanding — that power as high as 25,00 volts could be produced with this device, an third form of insulation (a specific kind of epoxy) was distributed through the wrapped wire by creating a vacuum at one end and “sucking” the epoxy material evenly through the wrapped wires. This extra insulation is a first-time addition to the assembly process.
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Liberating the “Queege” from Customs

The Core of the QEG

The Core of the QEG

Our Delegation  left Aouchtam for Casablanca about 1 PM on Wednesday, April 23rd. This was slightly later than the group that took the tour bus to the M’soura Stone Circle. The five people who went to interface with the customs officials were: 1) Jamie Robitaille, design engineer  of the QEG; 2) Hope Moore, spokesperson for Fix the World Project (sponsor of the QEG); 3) Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, former legal counsel in the upper echelons of International Finance and trustee of the former One People Public Trust; 4) Caleb Skinner, IT wizard, creator of Project XIII and also a trustee of the former One People Public Trust; and 5) Othmane (pro: Ott-man) a young Moroccan neighbor, whose business is international trade. Thus he is used to dealing with Customs and speaks perfect French.

Our entire community held a single focus: to get the customs officials to release the Core so we could bring her back to Aouchtam and assembly of the QEG could begin.
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