Aurora — View from the Observation Deck I

Alia’s Comments: Here is the next installment of my account of a beautiful City of Light (Aurora) that I was gifted in a vision in May of 2012. I am posting these visionary gifts again with the intention of you, my readers, infusing these images with your own love and spirit. This is a long segment, so I am posting it in two parts.

With so much drama and trauma occurring on our beloved 3D Gaia, many may have lost track of the fact that this apparent destruction of “life as we have known it” is taking us somewhere. The Hopi Prophecy says: “Remember, the river has a destination.” I believe that “destination” is New Earth — 5D Earth.

What we put our attention on gets stronger. So let’s put our attention on beautiful visions and images, trusting that what our 3D eyes are seeing is the final clearing and cleansing that precedes the appearance of our New Earth. As you read my version of just one crystal city, allow your own imagination to “see” your own version/vision of life in a world of peace, harmony, justice and unconditional love. Focusing on these thoughts is how we are creating New Earth. Enjoy the view from the Observation Deck!

View from the Observation Deck — Part I

Whether you are a first time visitor or a long time resident of Aurora, you will never tire of the views from the Observation Deck. Located at the base of the Golden Spire, it slowly rotates, so that a most marvelous overview of the surrounding land can be seen in all 360 degrees  — just by standing or sitting still.  Or you can stroll the promenade, if you wish to see everything more quickly.

Many evenings I have gone up to watch the setting sun (we still refer to it as Sunset, even though we all know that it is Gaia that is turning away from our local Source and supply of warmth and light.) Watching the subtle changes in color and light as Sol shares his last rays over the land and water, the shadows lengthening, the tones deepening — it is a solemn, sacred experience I cherish and carry in my heart each time, until I return for the next one. The openness on the Deck —  the sense of flight I get by being so high above the land and so embraced by the air currents, allows me to release any cares or tensions of my day (there are never more than a few now, if any at all.)

Sometimes I recline in a  deck chair, a beautiful enlivening drink in hand and visit with another witness of this evening ritual. On occasion, I am privileged to encounter a traveler from a distant Star Nation, perhaps one who is visiting for the first time. We sit in companionable silence for long moments, interspersed with telepathic comments so as not to disturb the hush that falls upon Aurora at this hour.  For this is an hour of magic, sacredness and glory that we each honor in our own ways,  giving thanks for the blessings of the day, before shifting into the more celebratory mood of the evening.

Many families gather to watch the sunset before returning home to dine and share the details of their day with one another. Or perhaps, they will dine out tonight or attend a concert or play, if such is being offered. Family time is considered sacred and precious, so most of our citizens choose to return home and enjoy the company of those whom they hold most dear. Continue reading