Two Visions of Compassionate Oneness

This first video is about two brothers, close in age. The older brother, a normal, active kid — popular and excited about life. The younger brother is mentally challenged. Together, they enter competitive races — the older brother pulling a cart with his bicycle, the younger brother riding in the cart, smiling and excited about life. Together, they demonstrate a spirit of Oneness. Together, they were awarded the Sports Illustrated Kids Best Sportsman of 2012 Award.

This second video is about an extraordinary home room teacher in Japan, who encourages his students to open their hearts to one another through journaling in a notebook and then reading their words in front of the other students.  The only criteria is that these accounts must be authentic — straight from the student’s heart. They must show vulnerability. Watch what happens when a student, whose grandmother has died, returns to class after four days and shares his feelings about his grandmother’s death through his journal entry

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