A Story by Sharon Teresa

Courtesy of American Kabuki — Thanks Bill!

Cast of characters:

The Landlord – played by Prime Creator/Source

The Producers – the “divines”, and certain ET’s

The Director – not sure there is one. After all, this is supposed to be an improv….

The Stagehands – the cabal

Humanity – the best improvisational Actors in the universe

The Audience – Everyone “else”

Our Stage for the Past 13 Millennia

Our Stage for the Past 13 Millennia

Enjoy the Play — Alia
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Moroccan Immersion II — The CousCous Connection

Our landlady, Fatima, is returning to France on November 10th. Actually, she left our home for Tangier on the 7th. I am sad to see her go, as she has made so much possible for me/us during our integration into our new living situation.

A week ago or so, I’d had the idea to have a tea for her in our salon and invite the neighborhood ladies – I haven’t yet entertained them in my home. I mentioned this idea to Tomas and he was less than enthusiastic – always a cue for me to let the idea season and reflect on my intention a bit longer. A few days later I received a “picture from Spirit” to take a pot of tea down to them, as they meet daily in the garden or in Fatima’s house. Great idea, Tomas affirmed. Meanwhile, I fine-tuned the feeling tone of what I was intending for this gathering.

Through the days that followed I continued to imagine bringing the tea to the group and sitting with them, enjoying their company and feeling “one among them.”
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