Polli’s Vision for Clear Skies

Visionary Polli,  who is blessed to live on the the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, has been troubled recently by the extreme presence of chemtrails in the skies overhead. She has used Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian healing prayer — shot laser love beams at the planes and recently, decided to write and hold a Vision for Clear Skies, her Heart’s desire for herself and her island home. Then, of course, she included the skies over the Whole Earth, because she really wants this for ALL.

Polli’s Vision

I hold a vision for clear skies and clean air for the entire earth. I see bright blue skies and beautiful white clouds in all the skies over the earth. These skies are free of pollution of every kind: carbon emissions, industrial smoke, chemical pollution from chemtrails, nuclear emissions, smoke from forest fires, and automobile emissions. All countries of the earth shall treasure the beautiful clear blue skies and shall take all precautions to keep the skies a holy place, where birds fly freely and rains flow down, clean and pure. The skies shall be loved and protected as the earth shall be. The skies will be loved and treasured consciously, as a part of this sacred earth.

Ho’oponopono Prayer

I Love You     I’m Sorry     Please Forgive Me     Thank You

9-27-12 — Polli emailed me that upon return to Kauai after a trip off-island for about 10 days, she found clear skies, free from chemtrails and sent a prayer of gratitude Heavenward in appreciation.

Added 9-28-12 — In the past few days, several videos have emerged on the internet that feature the de-materialization of chemtrails — in real time. This is a particularly good capture on film by nikiquick. Thank you Niki. An answer to Polli’s prayers and the actualization of her Vision.


Added 10-18-12

I sent Polli this link to a “Chemtrail Update” article posted on the 2012 Scenario website.


Here is Polli’s email reply after reading the above article.

“My dear Alia,
Thanks so much for the update. It is very much in keeping with my personal experience here on Kauai.
A couple of weeks ago the CTs were quite prominent, as usual. But I noticed two things. One is that it seemed like the thick hazy skies cleared up very quickly. I even [saw} one dissipate as I watched. The other thing I noticed was that one particular trail disappeared almost as fast as it was being laid down. Yippee! Last week there were trails, but it seemed as tho there weren’t a many. THEN, Happy day, there was a period of about 3 days over the weekend where there were no trails at all  and the skies were a brilliant blue, with gorgeous puffy white clouds everywhere. I call them God’s clouds.Emoji[During] the past couple of days I have noticed them again, but not as heavy a presence.
These chemtrails, that are still evidence of the presence of darkness, do give us great opportunity to exercise our wonderful, powerful, creative ability to imagine that which we wish to see and then to see it!!  Thanks again for the update.

Love and Blessings,

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