Lorie Ladd: With Light and Breath — We Can Heal Anything!

Below is a short segment of a longer guided journey that Lorie posted on her Patreon account for her subscribers. The essence of their message: You can heal any trauma with your Light and your Breath. I’ve tried this and can affirm that it works.

Recently, I’ve been assailed by images that pop into my mind, uninvited and unannounced. They are dark images that often have to do with torture. Not pleasant, and my body and mind tend to recoil from these images so quickly, that I am unable to “grab onto them” long enough to process them. Until I heard this message.

Since I took in the message, I have successfully cleared several images, in only the time it takes to breathe in Light and breathe out the image. So I’m sharing this very short (5 minute) video with you trusting that it will assist those who may need the information. If you wish to check out the full guided journey, Lorie’s Patreon information will be under the video.

Blessings on your Journey, Alia

Experience the Guided Journey: LINK BELOW ➡ https://www.patreon.com/lorieladd

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