Status Reports from Alia and Lisa Transcendence Brown

Alia’s Report: Since mid-day on Sunday, September 27 (the day before the Eclipse here in Morocco) I’ve been down with the Cosmic Flu (FLU – Frequency Light Upgrades, according to Lisa T. Brown.) Nausea, intestinal distress, and achy all over — including my teeth — were the general symptoms. Additionally, there was an intense ringing/buzzing — think bug zapper — in my ears that was nearly constant, making it difficult to rest or sleep. This has abated somewhat this morning (Wednesday) as has the nausea that made me very cautious about eating anything more than an occasional yogurt or bowl of oatmeal.

The big message on Sunday (coming off the Islamic Festival of the Sacrifice) no more meat or sugar.  I wasn’t listening to the whispers, so the Universe put me on a three-day semi-fast.

I’ve been following Lisa Transcendence Brown’s FB updates, as well as her more lengthy reports on her blog. Even I have to admit she’s “way out there” but the update I found on FB this morning so illustrated what I’ve just been through that I felt compelled to share it here.

This was a mighty transit we just came through, dear readers. Not just the full moon but the upshift in cosmic energetics has been magnitudes greater than any I can every remember.

Here is what Lisa has to say that I found so relevant to my personal version of this shift. Perhaps it will validate some of your own recent or current or imminent experiences. Let’s keep our balance — these waves are challenging for even the most skillful surfers. Continue reading

The Potential of Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse — Through Marcia (Star Sister)

Alia’s Comments: I am not versed in astrology but I truly appreciate someone who is. According to this message from “Star Sister” (see source links and info below) tonight’s full lunar eclipse is a WHOPPER!  Amazingly, we will be able to see it here in Morocco and are planning to set the alarm to do exactly that.

After reading this information, I am even more fired up about experiencing this special celestial event. Whether you can see this in your part of the world or not makes no difference to its potent potential in your life.

There are many predictions about September 28, 2015. If “nothing” more happens than this eclipse, it will set the tone for decades of creative unfolding to occur through us. Our conscious awareness of this potential and our intentions set within the influence of this lunar event tonight can and will set a new course for Humanity and our world. Enjoy the good news. Blessings to All.


Feeding the Inner Fire

Greetings, love,

Over the last two weeks, a wave of truly extraordinary energy has been unfolding within and around you. You’ve been moving through a portal that resembles what scientists call a wormhole. You still are.

Things around you may look the same. Beneath the surface, though, everything has changed. What’s about to be revealed is just how big that change is. The moment-to-moment choices you make in the days and weeks ahead will be among the most creative of your life. Continue reading


Alia’s Comments: This is a time-critical post of a message I just received from Patricia Cota-Robles that includes a link to a call TONIGHT, September 22nd. This particular week includes the equinox (fall or spring, depending on where you live) my grandson’s 16th birthday (23rd) the Pope’s visit to the US and the UN, the Aid el Adha (festival of sacrifice in the Muslim world) and rampant rumors of all sorts as to what will actually happen!

So, Patricia’s timely message helped me to put all this into a sane perspective and I am therefore sharing it with you. It’s a very inspiring read. If you have the chance to join the call today or listen to the archive, I’m sure it will further inspire you regarding these monumental events that are currently unfolding on Earth and throughout our Universe. Enjoy the HAPPENING! Continue reading

The “New” Frequency of “LoveJoy”

Special Delivery from the Goddess -- The Frequency of LoveJoy

Special Delivery from the Goddess — The Frequency of LoveJoy

Alia’s Comments: Recently, I have seen the word “LoveJoy” used in several messages. And though this word “LoveJOy is not mentioned in this particular message, I think that the emphasis on the quality of Joy being added to the quality of Love is the distinction some of us are feeling now.

My intuition and experience have shown me that it is because there is actually a new frequency that is showing up here on planet Earth, most likely because of the increase of high-frequency gamma rays and photon particles that have been bombarding our planet and all lifeforms.

These energies have been increasing gradually for decades but within the last couple of years the volume has been turned up, so to speak and during this month of September 2015, it is reported that the intensity of these energies has increased exponentially. Some say that these increases are happening hourly at this point.

When I read the message posted below, something jogged my memory about Comet Lovejoy. I made a search of Cobra’s 2012 Portal website to review when, exactly, the influence of this comet introduced us to this new frequency of LoveJoy. I was stunned: my memory had placed that event in the past, a couple of years back; actually, the event I was thinking about occurred in January of THIS YEAR — 2015!!! Time is definitely going “wonky” on us (but that’s another post.)

Comets are known to deliver esoteric “packages” of beneficial energies as they pass by other celestial bodies. Although this comet is named for the scientist who “discovered” it several years ago, I feel that it bears the perfect name. Comet LoveJoy (whose tail was photgraphed by NASA carrying an image of the goddess within it) apparently dropped a LoveJoy package on our doorstep in January and we are beginning to get the benefits of that delivery NOW. Continue reading

Nine Messages from the Universe You May Be Ignoring

Gaiam TVAlia’s Comments: Recently, Tomas and I signed up for Gaiam TV, a monthly subscription of about $10 US. We have been really impressed with their immense selection (over 6,000 video titles) and pleased with the high quality of the films and documentaries they produce and/or feature on their site. In addition to videos, they have articles that can be read online. This one, by contributor, Andye Murphy, resonated with me and jogged my memory about the means of communication that Creation uses to deliver “messages” and clues to us — if we choose to pay attention.

You can try Gaiam for only $.99 for the first month to see if it is your cup of tea. In addition to entertainment, there is so much educational material that David Wilcock — who currently hosts three separate shows — calls Gaiam a “Parallel Univers -ity.”

~ ~ ~

 It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of our world. We ask the universe for favors, pray our hearts out, and create vision boards that hold our goals and dreams. When our wishes do not come to pass, we feel dismayed that an all-knowing force seemingly missed our call.

The truth is though, lovey, the universe is listening. She not only hears us but is responding to us every second of every day. We are in constant co-creation with her. But the simple (and often overlooked) truth is, we’re unaware of her answers.

Co-Creating Our Destiny

Creation is a co-creative process. Our intention creates the universe; in turn, the universe responds in an appropriate way, and our lives move forward. When we feel let down, we must inquire within, asking if we’ve allowed ourselves to hear her native tongue. The language of the universe speaks in signs, symbols and subtle clues. Rarely do we receive crystal-clear guidance; more often, her answers are gentle whispers urging action and direction we’re reluctant to take.

This divine voice is often outside of our scope of our attention.

It’s known that our brains selectively ignore the over-stimulation of the modern world. To manage the sensory bombardment, we focus only on those items that feel pertinent. While this is useful for our nervous system, it’s adapted over time to fit the modern era, and deletes the input unnecessary for survival. Communication from the universe lives in an ancient system that requires acute and sustained awareness. In other words, to hear the answers of the universe, we must acknowledge within ourselves that it’s important to know her language.

The very things we may be omitting are likely the most important answers from the mystical universe around us. To work with her, we must consciously shift our awareness to those forms of communication we normally edit out. Her messages lie in the natural world; a world from which many of us are disconnected.

Here are nine ways to read the universe’s signs and reclaim the process of co-creation.


Without a doubt, the most effortless way for the universe to parlay messages is through appearances from the animal kingdom. Acting as her divine emissaries, they show up at the most random times and places, to ensure you know it’s her hand that brought them to you.

I was on a fifteenth-story balcony when a grasshopper landed on my leg. Though they are indeed magnificent beings, a blustery balcony on the fifteenth story seemed even too great a feat for a grasshopper. This was a glaring message from the universe, and one I received gratefully.

While it’s easy to consult a book or website for the meaning of animal messengers, my shamanic background urges me to go within, to ascertain what the meaning is for me personally. You may do this through simple conclusions — a grasshopper makes big leaps and is possibly encouraging me to go BIG — or you may take it into meditation to see what grasshopper shares with you.


Gifts laid at your feet are frequently ignored. I recently walked into a coffee shop and saw an owl feather on the doorstep. I picked it up and oooh’ed in wonder. The barista was unimpressed by my find, dismissing the magic that could have just as easily been meant for him.

But feathers aren’t just random bird droppings! Feathers carry the vibration of the bird, hold the migratory path and rhythm of its flight. To overlook these common messages is easy, but it’s also gravely ignorant of their intended love.

While feathers arrive via the natural world, pennies are equally obvious signs from the heavens. (Go ahead…google it!) Our loved ones frequently drop pennies on our path to say hello. I believe it’s the conductive nature of the copper which allows these coins to be a frequent sign.


The meaning of numbers is so vast, an entire field of study—numerology—is based around deciphering its code. It’s also one of the easier signs to grasp, making it a fast favorite for many.

Whether it’s on license plates, phone numbers or your birth date, numbers carry the frequency of the universe, and communicate volumes if we can allow ourselves to stop and pay attention.

While walking this morning, I passed three feathers as I contemplated what to write for this article. The feathers being my obvious sign, it took me longer to acknowledge that three feathers were offered. The meaning of numbers is less intuitive and requires guidance from reputable sources.


My shamanic background leans heavily upon the ancient weather-working traditions. It’s not a popular path, but it’s taught me the absolute power of the elements.

Lightning, thunder, clouds and rainbows are convenient messengers. I’ve been in communication for hours with the Thunder Beings, asking questions as they rumble responses in confirmation.

Floods, fires and tornadoes, while being less gentle messengers, also offer teachings if we can decipher their meaning.

A client called me once because of persistent flooding in her home. What she interpreted as “bad luck” was actually a potent sign from the universe that she needed to re-examine her life path. Floods bring up all the suppressed energy and allow a rebirth, just as they did with the Nile and Noah. To receive these messages continuously was both costly and inconvenient for my client, but it was such a persistent and clear message, she had to take notice.

Moving from the natural world to a more contemporary take, the universe is still in communion, offering messages that sync up with our modern ways. Coincidences are easy to overlook, but their appearance in certain places assures us beyond a doubt that a larger force is at play.


This is one of my most favorite ways to be in communication with the mystical universe. The lyrics to songs are the most direct verbal conversation you can have! Radio stations, Pandora and Spotify are an easily malleable medium. Like copper in pennies, radio waves and the frequencies of Pandora and Spotify are much easier to influence than an iPad or playlist (so sayeth my guides).

I’ve been in my own private ceremony where songs appear to be answering my every thought. My most profound occurrence was ten songs in a row all offering a teaching on the next step in the journey.

Don’t ever overlook this one, though it is easy to dismiss. Just because we want it to be true, makes it true despite what our logical minds might say.


Far beyond coincidences, signs are there for us all the time. Signs by the side of the road, in our Facebook feed and even the headlines are all conveying messages.

Once while contemplating a certain training, I saw a sign on the side of the road advertising the program! And not just random words, but a sign for the Psychic Institute as a sponsor for the stretch of highway I was traveling. It couldn’t have been more obvious in that moment what I was meant to do.

Take a glance at your Facebook or Instagram feeds and step back. Far more than well-placed marketing, you can see a string of messages in the words and images if you allow your attention to broaden.

So far, I’ve covered some of the more obvious ways the universe communicates with us. Let’s now pay equal attention to her less subtle forms.


Because of the non-stop nature of modern life, we often overlook what Spirit is offering us. Invitations can be blatant or more disguised. Persistence pays off, in this case.

When things show up out of the blue, we may not readily acknowledge it as a sign. However, when we are bombarded with the message repeatedly, we must pay closer attention.

The universe constantly offers us invitations to deepen our path and follow our hearts. And when we do, blessings are bestowed.

I was invited not once, not thrice but five times to the Atlantic Ocean before I was able to receive the messages from Grandmother Ocean. So profound her gifts, my visit shifted my healing work entirely. But I was unable to decipher the messages until she almost pulled me into the ocean! We easily fall into our routines, and it can take quite a force to dislodge us from this zone of comfort.


When we’re in our sweet flow, things are working and we bump into a block, we often get frustrated and push harder to achieve our agenda. A deadline must be met or a promise of completion kept. What we fail to see is the “SLOW DOWN” in the universe’s message. Maybe there’s a better way, maybe we can be better received or more successful if we take a different approach.

Creatives encounter this frequently. Writer’s block is the most common manifestation; days where we have nothing to give and no muse can find us. Discipline is one way to persevere that is touted by many, but it will inevitably discard the messages the universe is offering.

The stumbling blocks are the quiet message from the universe to refocus.


If stumbling blocks are the subtle version, tragedy and hardships are the real kick in the ass. The thicker we are, the louder Spirit gets. Before it hurts, it’s helpful to notice the subtleties. We aren’t always this attuned, and must sometimes experience the hardship to truly hear the message.

Never is the pain just for the sake of suffering. When we become more aware, more conscious, more connected to the divine communion with the universe, we can see lessons everywhere. Every ending is an opportunity for rebirth and will give rise to the very best version of ourselves.

We must quiet ourselves to the natural rhythm of the universe to hear the answers all around. Once we recognize we are in co-creation with her, crafting reality with each breath, we can attain mastery and life becomes that of our own design.