Status Reports from Alia and Lisa Transcendence Brown

Alia’s Report: Since mid-day on Sunday, September 27 (the day before the Eclipse here in Morocco) I’ve been down with the Cosmic Flu (FLU – Frequency Light Upgrades, according to Lisa T. Brown.) Nausea, intestinal distress, and achy all over — including my teeth — were the general symptoms. Additionally, there was an intense ringing/buzzing — think bug zapper — in my ears that was nearly constant, making it difficult to rest or sleep. This has abated somewhat this morning (Wednesday) as has the nausea that made me very cautious about eating anything more than an occasional yogurt or bowl of oatmeal.

The big message on Sunday (coming off the Islamic Festival of the Sacrifice) no more meat or sugar.  I wasn’t listening to the whispers, so the Universe put me on a three-day semi-fast.

I’ve been following Lisa Transcendence Brown’s FB updates, as well as her more lengthy reports on her blog. Even I have to admit she’s “way out there” but the update I found on FB this morning so illustrated what I’ve just been through that I felt compelled to share it here.

This was a mighty transit we just came through, dear readers. Not just the full moon but the upshift in cosmic energetics has been magnitudes greater than any I can every remember.

Here is what Lisa has to say that I found so relevant to my personal version of this shift. Perhaps it will validate some of your own recent or current or imminent experiences. Let’s keep our balance — these waves are challenging for even the most skillful surfers.

Lisa’s Report:

The lower realms have gone into collapse mode loves….. you will see it “out there” and feel it inside your physical body too. “Dumping” will occur where the physical body releases… the spine is being activated, tingling is all over the body as all moves, upgrades in light. Tears are beautiful releases, honor these if they arise. There is much going on that many cannot yet see. You may not “think” much has occurred. Much of the time it is subtle and the mind is the last to catch up to the huge vastness of all that has already happened. Rise up loves… keep rising… keep going… keep reaching, expanding and leaving the old behind…. This is what you have waited for all along. Holding on causes suffering. A physical release is required where holding on has been the process…

I love you. We are lifting bigtime and walking into “unchartered territory”… in every moment…. it’s arriving…. in/through/as Light. Open your hearts wide open, your energy, your mind… Embrace LOVE… in every moment..

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Light BEing Embodiment and Alternate Dimensions/NEW Earth Guide ∞

~ ~ ~

Alia Again: With regard to Lisa’s first statement about the “lower realms going into collapse,” I also found a Veteran’s Today post about Putin’s checkmate move to take the Islamic State pawns off the chess board and in doing so, expose the true masters behind this very “lower realm” game that has been the perpetual food of some very sick and perverted beings on Planet Earth.  I expect this “cleansing” to be accomplished in a matter of weeks (without causing any major conflagration.) Then we should see solid moves toward real peace in the Middle East for the first time in over 60 years. So be it, Amen.


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