Time to Imagine the Cities of Light

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Alia’s Comments: Recently, some of the messages I’ve been reading have referred to the “Cities of Light” that are “hovering” about our planet, awaiting the rise in Humanity’s consciousness that will allow us to perceive them. My understanding is that 5D eyes are required for this. I haven’t been able to locate any on Amazon.com, so I reckon I’ll have to try the “inline” store instead.

In May of 2012 I was gifted with the vision of Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light. It took only and instant to receive but it was a thorough download that took me the better part of the rest of 2012 to “bring through” into written description. Piece by piece this etheric city took form on my blog. I came to understand that a higher aspect of my Self was transmitting these descriptions to me in my 3D life — a foretaste of our multi-dimensional living to come.

And so, I am prompted again to post these episodes on my blog. We are witnessing the Grand Dissolution of the Old 3D World, as once-familiar-and-no-longer-of-service structures disintegrate before our eyes. What is to replace these forms that have defined our lives for so many millennia?

Perhaps the much-heralded-but-as-yet-to-be-seen Cities of Light! With great love I share my life as a higher dimensional being in

Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light.

Even before you see the gleaming crystal towers, the domed amphitheater that seats several tens of thousands, or the massive transport hub that welcomes travelers from all global locations — before you see any of that — you see Her aura.  You have come upon Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light.

From a magnificent distance, whether approaching Aurora by air, land or sea, She emits an aura that represents the consciousness of the collective of Her citizens. Imagine the most perfect rose quartz pink you can envision and add a tinge of soft violet. Then add golden sparkles and an alive, shimmering quality to that violet-rose hue. Now — radiate that out from every surface of this crystal city into the air above. See it pulse into the heavens, announcing to all who behold Her: “Here resides Aurora, where hearts are open and Love flows. Here you will find gentleness, harmony, creative opportunities and sacred ceremony as the fabric of our daily life. Come rest if you are weary, play when you are ready, share your story, your gifts, your dreams and your Heart with One and All.” Continue reading

Message from Kryon – Unexpected Change

Alia’s Comments: This video came to me recently in a newsletter with another very uplifting message about how Humanity is poised on the threshold of “unexpected positive change.”

Lately, I have been prone to doubt and feelings of mild depression — let me clarify — that I have fallen prey more easily to mental states of wondering if things really are changing for the good?

And yet — listening to this short half hour of Kryon, I realized that underneath that thin veneer of negative thinking, my heart truly knew that Humanity has solidly “turned the corner.”

It’s always validating when one’s intuition is backed up by meta-physical understanding. Kryon’s description of what is happening to the crystalline grid that surrounds our planet and “sets the tone” for what happens on it is not only reassuring but downright inspiring!

And so, I share it with you with the suggestion that you listen to this, undisturbed, preferably with headphones and eyes closed. Some may have an adverse reaction to Kryon’s delivery style but I actually enjoy his theatrical flare for presentation. Enjoy!


We’ve Graduated to Universal Adulthood — Brenda Hoffman

Becoming A Universal Human

Alia’s Comments: I read Brenda’s posts every week but it’s been awhile since I’ve re-posted one. There have been many messages recently that I have felt inspired to post. Each time I actually went to “do it,” however, I could not find one that I felt completely in resonance with.

This morning, as I began to read Brenda’s weekly message, my heart lept with joy at the first couple of paragraphs and I am compelled to share this message with you.

Bottom line: We Are No Longer Human!

At some point in our evolution, Australopithecus became homo habillis. We may have looked very much the same on the outside but inside we were different! Over millions of years, humans continued to evolve through these documented stages: homo erectus, homo sapiens and most recently, homo sapiens sapiens. We have become conscious of our own consciousness!

The Really Big Picture — that most on Earth remain unaware of — is that we are becoming a new species of Human! WE are here on Earth to be part of something so HUGE and REMARKABLE that is is beyond the comprehension of most of us.

Some of the Ancients have referred to this new species in their prophecies as: “homo luminous” — Luminous Humans — Human Angels. Others have called this emerging species Universal Humans. There are many names that have been proposed but today Brenda’s message addresses this transmutation directly.

We are no longer homo sapiens sapiens! We are SOMETHING ELSE! And because we are conscious of our own consciousness, we are capable of both witnessing this extraordinary step forward — lift off, really — AND becoming that “Something Else” simultaneously. This may be a first in all of Universal history!

As you take in Brenda’s message, congratulate yourself on the successful completing (we’re not quite there yet) of this sacred mission. We are indeed DOING IT!

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Dear Ones,

The next few days might be trying because some of you are shifting your being in ways you did not imagine possible when you entered earth in this lifetime – as if shedding your original skin to form a new being out of dust.

When you entered earth in this lifetime, you were a human being with karma from past experiences and with human DNA. You are no longer that being. Continue reading

First Signs of Spring

green-shoots-emerging-near-cabin-5We made it to March!

February is a “flip-flop” month weather-wise here in Oregon. Generally, we are trending toward warmer temperatures but nights are still near freezing and looking ahead a couple of days there are even some snow flurries in the forecast. Still, we do not have snow on the ground, as some do in other parts of the country.

Spring is beginning to tease us with leaf and flower buds, early wildflowers and pussy willows. Today, I took my camera and went into the forest for an hour and noticed the growth in the mosses and ferns. They are presenting very different “faces” than they did two months ago when they were under snow for a few days. Nature is beginning to regenerate, after the late-fall-winter dormant season.

Here are some early signs of spring. Behold the beauty! Continue reading