GR + (Goal Reached +) We Did It!

Thank you everyone who showed up with conscious intent to stabilize the Age of Aquarius Positive Timeline Activation! We exceeded the critical mass of 144,000 people meditating during this activation.

I expect a Preliminary Report from “Cobra” with more specific details of how many participants and what new actions might now be possible for the Light Forces after this showing of unity and love by Humanity.

Please check back here at New Earth Paradigm in a day or two to get the update. Meanwhile, it’s fun to read the comments from followers all over the world at:

Thanks again. We’re doing this!


Mass Meditation June 29/30 — Why We Need to Participate

I’ve been participating in these mass meditation events for eight years. Some of you might ask: “Why do you keep doing and promoting these? The planet has not been liberated yet!” My answer is: “This is not a movie that is over in a couple of hours. We are dismantling a planetary control system (grid) that has been in place for millennia and has literally taken over our societies, governments, educational systems, corporations, military and even our religious teachings.”

To undo this entrenched control structure has been the work of the Light Forces (both on and off planet) for much of this time. Earth has become the last bastion for certain off-world races of service-to-self intent. They are NOT going “quietly into the night.” They are not “going out with a whimper.” They are fighting for their livelihood — their very existence — and they are losing. Their mindset, however, does not include surrender; they will fight to the last — and this is where we are right now:

We’re in the last battle! This is a BIG Deal!

This quote from Cobra (the spokesperson for the Pleiadian Resistance Movement — “Cobra” has nothing to do with a snake, btw) which I found midway through the Booster Video that I published Here, is what convinced me that I need to promote THIS particular activation and generate as much participation from the surface population as I can. I encourage you to share this with your networks to help reach the critical mass of 144,000 participants.

This time when we reach the critical mass, there will be a flash of energy coming from the Source through the Galactic Core, through the Solar System and into the planetary energy grid, which will make the intervention of the light Forces so much easier.

A part of the matrix will be deconstructed.

This last statement has never been said before — not even close. Continue reading

Age of Aquarius Activation Update

Here are the results of our “Small Rodeo” over the Solstice/Eclipse Weekend and what we might achieve with our Mass Meditation/Activation on June 29th/30th!

Please continue to do the Booster Meditation to create participation in excess of the critical mass of 144,000 participants.



Age of Aquarius Activation Update

Over 40,000 people have participated in our Booster meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse and this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass for our main meditation on June 30th.
Few days before the Booster meditation, our Taiwanese team has seen this Pleiadian cloudship which was doing gridwork preparation for the activation of Dragon vortex in Chiayi:

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Small Rodeo this Weekend 6/20-21 to Gather Support for the Big One on 6/29-30. Please Join Us!

We did this at the end of March to boost participation for the Mass Meditation on April 4th. We gathered over a million participants for that meditation and we’re going for another million on the 29th/30th. This is a “warm up.’

We’ll be using the Solar Eclipse as our trigger for this activation. The exact moment of this event will be just before/after midnight on the 20th21st of June in the US  — this weekend! Instructions and video information are posted below.  Under the instructions for this meditation is some very exciting information regarding the impact of the solar eclipse energies on our planet, in particular the planetary energy grid.

These positive energies will continue to build until the Activation on the 29th/30th, which will usher in the next phase of Divine Feminine energy, blessing our planet and all Humankind. Continue reading