Event Meditation Tomorrow Sunday December 27th

Beautiful Solar Arcs Seen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am re-posting this as a reminder for tomorrow’s meditation.

Dear Readers,

To date, I have been reluctant to share this aspect of my life’s work here on this site. But for several weeks now, the voice in my head has been prompting me to write a piece about a subject that is dear to my heart and actually represents a good deal of what I have lived this and many other lifetimes for on my beloved planet, Gaia. I am here in support of the long-propheised Shift of the Ages, Shift of Consciousness, Human Evolution and sometimes spoken of as “The Event.” Continue reading

A Vision for All Things FREE

Alia’s Comment: I haven’t posted anything from the Vision Alignment Project but I have been holding this vision for a planet that provides all elements needed for an elegant, joyful, harmonious life — FREE — to all people. While we are in this Grand Portal of forward-moving planets from now until January 6, 2016, let us join our collective intention for this vision to manifest.

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for All Things Free

We see a world where:

You don’t have to pay to be warm. Your heating is free, at any temperature you choose;

You don’t have to pay to have food. Your sustenance is free, from the most nutritious, health-giving sources it can possibly come from;

You don’t have to pay to communicate via phone, internet, or mail. Your communication avenues are free, and they are the best, most advanced technologies available;

You don’t have to pay for good health care. Your health care is free, and it is the very best that our society has to offer;

You don’t have to pay for shelter. Your home is free, in the most pleasant environment you can imagine;

You don’t have to pay to have clothing. Your garments are free, and they’re the most comfortable, colorful clothes available;

You don’t have to pay to travel. Your transportation is free, in the most reliable, safe, and clean vehicles and systems known to man;

You don’t have to pay for fuels. Your fossil-based, electromagnetic, solar, wind and water driven fuels are free, and they are safe, sustainable, renewable, clean, and becoming less of a drain on Mother Earth and more connected to the Sun, the winds, and the waters with each passing day;

You don’t have to pay for schooling. Your education, at all levels, is free, with the highest quality standards, held in the highest quality facilities that are designed specifically to be conducive to learning about whatever is of interest to you;

You don’t have to pay to have fun. Your recreation is free, with camping spots, theme parks, sporting events, playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches open to everyone all the time;

And finally, you don’t have to pay to be alive. Living is free because there are no taxes, no tolls, and no trolls standing by the entrances to places you want to go. Life, in its entirety, gives you everything you need and allows you to go anywhere you want without fees or fears of any kind.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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Just imagine it! It can all be free
~ Tony Burroughs

Christmas Full Moon and The “Grand Portal”

Christmas Full Moon Over Tacoma, WA   USA

Christmas Full Moon Over Tacoma, WA USA

I found this article this morning on Kauilapele’s site and he found it at Galactic Connection. It corroborated with a link that Cobra posted last week that said the astrology of this year-end period would assist the progress of the liberation of the planet.

In addition to the fact that we will be experiencing an especially brilliant full moon on Christmas Day (the first since 1977) all the major planets of our solar system will be moving in a forward (direct as opposed to retrograde) motion between December 25th and January 6th. This essentially means that our solar system is moving together in the same direction in harmony. This could be of great benefit to our planet and all sentient beings, making it easier to actualize new expressions of a peaceful and harmonious nature, it seems to me. So our Christmas gift from our Heavenly neighbors this year is Brilliant Light from our Moon and Harmonious Forward Momentum from the rest of our planetary counterparts. And of course, our star, Sol is fueling our entire system with Cosmic Energies from the greater expanse of our Galaxy. I wish you the most blessed 12 days of Christmas ever. Looks like we may get more than partridges and swans and ducks this year. Ho Ho Ho!
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5D Holiday Guide from Sophia Love


With the completion of Hanukkah, the onset of Christmas and the upcoming New Year, the idea of holiday is all around.  This is that time of year, for many of us, when thoughts turn homeward.  Yet, we are shifting.  What does a “5D” season include?

Accept – Regardless of where you stand on the scale of belief – this is not your grandfather’s holiday.  We are not the same, no matter what those Christmas songs keep reminding us to dredge up.  This year…

Embrace – our new way to festival.  This may include more physical celebration, lots of community involvement and less money.  This year…

Appreciate – the things that actually last well beyond the ribbons and wrappings.  These are the people, the ones sharing this holiday with you, making the moment memorable.  This year…

Love – the ones you are with, the ones you aren’t with and the ones you have yet to meet.  Not only in this now, but every now coming.  2015 was preparatory and perhaps most of all it brought us to our knees for love.  Not to an altar or a specific god, not to the words of a specific doctrine, but to truth – all separation is fictional.  We are One.  This year…

Anticipate – what is next.   It promises to break all the rules, wipe out all the existing structures and set the stage for our emergence.  We are on the threshold of new traditions – created by an awakened race.  The Hue-Man Race. Continue reading

Weekly Meditations to “Bring on the EVENT”

Beautiful Solar Arcs Seen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dear Readers,

To date, I have been reluctant to share this aspect of my life’s work here on this site. But for several weeks now, the voice in my head has been prompting me to write a piece about a subject that is dear to my heart and actually represents a good deal of what I have lived this and many other lifetimes for on my beloved planet, Gaia. I am here in support of the long-propheised Shift of the Ages, Shift of Consciousness, Human Evolution and sometimes spoken of as “The Event.”

I remember the first time I heard about “The Plan.” It was late March of 2012 — long before the famous date in December of that year. I was listening to an internet radio broadcast featuring a man named “Drake.” He was speaking about a plan that had been in place for several decades by “white hats” within our military and government agencies to “take back our Republic” and arrest those who had illegally usurped our “organic Constitution.” I was shocked and excited by what I heard that day.

“The Plan” seemed to have covered all the basis, down to the minutest detail and involved the use of US Marshalls and militias to insure that all happened in a peaceful and orderly fashion.

What happened to that Plan?

I believe it is still in place; in fact, I would go further and say it is in progress. I have long ago switched channels to obtain information on this subject to a site known as 2012 Portal and a man who goes by the code name of Cobra. Before you leap to the conclusion that this has something to do with deadly snakes, let me explain the the word CoBra is an acronym for Compression Breakthrough — an “Event” that will occur when the Light from “above” meets the Light from “below” at the surface of the planet. This is better understood by doing a bit more research on 2012 Portal or Prepare for Change websites.

When will this happen? It’s already been almost four years since we thought the Plan and the Event would occur! What’s taking so long? Just go “cuff” these guys, shut down the banking system and let’s get on with it!

Yes, that is how I and so many others have felt over these past several years, as we envisioned a quick over-the-hill-comes-the-cavalry kind of solution. Little did we realize that there was so much more involved than we first understood, nor did it register at first that WE and not “they” were the cavalry. In truth there are many organizations involved in the final Victory of the Light, as Cobra likes to say. Our individual and collective work to keep raising our consciousness and keep our spirits high is a huge part of what is allowing more and more support from off-world and inner-world benefactors.

It is in fact our rising consciousness that will ultimately determine the arrival of the EVENT.

And this brings me to the focal point of this post: one of the fastest ways WE can accelerate the occurrence of the EVENT is to join the weekly meditations every Sunday at 7 PM GMT.That is 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST and 11 AM PST in the USA.

Here is a simple time converter to find the right time in your area. Enter 7PM in the upper right box and “GMT” in the lower right box and you should have the correct time for your area show in the “Local Time” section on the left.


Here is a beautiful video to play to guide you through the specifics.

For those of you on Facebook here is a link to the Event Meditation page:


I believe that we are currently in the final battle between darkness and Light. The Light will prevail. It is our time to shine. These truly are the times we were born for — over and over and over.

NOW is our time to take ourselves over the line and into the Light, forever. How quickly this happens depends on how committed we are to doing our part. Our part is simple: it may even be easy: continue to envision a peaceful, global transition and a rising of consciousness within the Human Collective.

The People of Earth want PEACE. Only a few certain ones who profit from war and destruction have an interest in keeping Humanity in chaos and fear. Unfortunately, they have gained enough power to “rule the world” and keep the rest of us going along with their program.

The tide is turning, however and the energies coming through our Sun are slowly and steadily changing us into a new species of human being. At some point, there will be a Shift, after which all that is of darkness will not able to sustain a lower-frequency form — the energetic frequencies will be too high.

Still, we can hasten things along by being aware of the importance of these times and our roles in them.

Please join me this Sunday and every Sunday thereafter until the Event occurs. In my understanding that all things in my life are secondary to this work.

It is the reason I am here at this time.