Blue City 2.0 — How Did We Get Here?

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

I chose to form the above title as a question rather than a statement (i.e., How We Got Here) because the truth is I can’t say for sure how we did. I’ve had a good track record as an “above-average” manifestor throughout my life but the level and brilliance of our creation here in Chefchaouen exceeds all previous levels. And although I was aware of certain patterns of “thought becoming reality” along the way, the final result was so far beyond what I asked for or intended that it’s almost impossible for my linear mind to reconstruct all the elements that combined to bring it into being.

What was the order anyway? Tomas placed a very strong “order” for a “Sanctuary.” He was very clear: he wanted a living space that would allow us to enter more deeply into our inner explorations and continue to hold as high of a vibrational frequency as we possibly could.

I, on the other hand, was being shown a future vision of a “Center of Light,” a place for people of the West and those of the Arab world to meet and learn about and from one another. I was even given a name for this Center: S’bah Noor – Morning Light.

At first glance, these images/intentions/”orders” would appear to be counter to each other. Tomas was looking for peace and quiet and I was seeing a house full of people and discussion groups. However, we decided to move forward with our search for a new home in early August to see what would show up.
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The Tale of the “Catch-All” Room

Chefchaouen Bound

Chefchaouen Bound

Tomas and I have a track record of settling into a new living space in about a week’s time and this move has been no exception. But rather than bore you with wordy descriptions, I thought I’d make use of the photo journal, as recorded from the perspective of our third bedroom, AKA the “Catch-All Room.

When we arrived in Chefchaouen on Sunday afternoon, September 14th, I gave the following set of instructions to the four guys who gallantly unloaded Johannes’ car and carried our stuff a couple of hundred yards uphill on very uneven terrain: “Unless it is FOOD — please put everything in the Catch-All room.”  Very quickly, the car was empty and our third bedroom was filled with everything we’d brought from Aouchtam.

Here’s the story of our domestic nesting, as told by the Catch-All Room.

Empty Third Bedroom Ready to Catch All Our Stuff

Empty Third Bedroom Ready to Catch All Our Stuff

Sunday Evening September 14, 2014

Sunday Evening September 14, 2014

Monday, September 15th - Computer Up and Running

Monday, September 15th – Computer Up and Running

Tuesday, September 16th -- More Floor Visible

Tuesday, September 16th — More Floor Visible

Wednesday, September 17th -- We're Really Getting There

Wednesday, September 17th — We’re Really Getting There

Friday, September 19th -- Down to the Bags of Cardboard and Plastic Wrappers and a Few Office and Altar Things

Friday, September 19th — Down to the Bags of Cardboard and Plastic Wrappers and a Few Office and Altar Things

So now the question: Where did everything GO?

Some of it “disappeared” into plain sight.

Things to Keep Handy in the Kitchen

Things to Keep Handy in the Kitchen

Some of it went into the two former clothing wardrobes we bought for our closet-less apartment in Aouchtam.

Extra Kitchen and Bath Stuff

Extra Kitchen and Bath Stuff

Former Clothing Wardrobe Re-purposed for Linens

Former Clothing Wardrobe Re-purposed for Linens

Our clothes mostly went into the six-foot armoire (that we borrowed from the guest room) with luggage stored on top undercover.

Yes, those are "Vegetable Bins" as Shelf Dividers

Yes, those are “Vegetable Bins” as Shelf Dividers

We don’t watch TV, so Fatna took the flat screen to her place and left the entertainment cabinet which both Tomas and I recognized as a potential focal point for meditation practice and accoutrements.

Re-purposed Entertainment Cabinet

Re-purposed Entertainment Cabinet

We sneaked in some office supplies down on the bottom.

With a couple of added plastic drawers for those computer gadgets and guest accommodations, we’ve transformed the Catch-All Room into a fully functional Multi-Purpose Room in only eight days.

Finished -- For Now

Monday, September 22nd — Finished — For Now

Two more pieces for this room coming soon: A single bed with a real mattress (also for meditation comfort) and a carpet for the central floor area to keep the room warmer in the winter.

Making Home in Morocco 2.0 — Moving to Chefchaouen

Entrance Gate - We have the 2nd Floor plus Roof and Garden Access

Entrance Gate – We have the 2nd Floor plus Roof and Garden Access

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, Tomas and I (with huge help from our friend Johannes and his car) moved our belongings, ourselves and our life about 50 miles inland and about 1000 feet above sea level to the mountain town of Chefchaouen, otherwise known as The Blue City.

Although Tomas confessed (once we got here) that he had felt since visiting The Blue City on a day trip in mid-May that Chefchaouen would someday be our home, I was skeptical and doubtful even as we went through the motions of looking at properties. Even the day before we signed a one-year contract with our wonderful Moroccan landlady, Fatna, I dared not let myself fully believe this move was happening.

There is so much that I could say of this whole exploration that spanned several months and has culminated in my feeling fully home and truly safe on this planet for the first time in my entire life. I have not been able to find an “entry point” into this amazing story that I’ve wanted to share with all of you, since Tomas and I began our active pursuit of our vision of living in Chefchaouen in early August.

There are probably more facets to this cycle of “Tales of The Blue City” than what I posted in late May/early June. But I know that you are all eager to see where we’ve landed — you want photos — and so I am going to post a few here with a link to more on Facebook. Then, as time and energy permit, I will break down the full saga into smaller, more detailed episodes, so that you can also get a feeling for the immensity of this journey that Tomas and I have undertaken: a journey to find a true sanctuary in which we can continue deepening our  meditation practice and shed the armor and defenses that we have burdened ourselves with while doing spiritual battle for many decades.

Personally, I have declared my work with the Transition DONE! My new assignment (and I choose to accept it) is to live a life of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, GRACIOUSNESS and CREATIVITY.

We have found a place that is allowing us to relax deeply, cradled securely in the Presence of our mountainous surroundings, abundant in beauty, among kind and generous people.

We send you our gratitude and our joyous blessings and invite you to enjoy the photo diary of


View to the Southeast from the Roof

View to the Southeast from the Roof

Stop Worrying and Start Living — Joy Is In The Air

Alia’s Comments: I receive Brenda’s channeled messages every Monday in my email inbox. They are always a treat to read and often (like the one this week) they are so on the mark, I can’t help but share them. I encourage you to follow Brenda’s blog, as her messages are a real boost of encouragement and inspiration.

My ancestors were some of those who pushed west of the Mississippi in the 1850’s to settle in California and Oregon. I have long known that I was pioneering an inner frontier and I have frequently drawn on the strength and determination of my forebears when up against challenging personal odds.

Tomas and I are creating our new world here in Morocco. As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving our home to a place we both love — Chefchaouen, The Blue City. We are creating every aspect of our lives according to new “rules” of a New Paradigm. I’m writing the “guidebook” as we go. Today, I’ll let Brenda speak on our behalf, because I truly couldn’t say this any better, if I spent days at it and I currently need my days for packing and cleaning. Enjoy Brenda’s message. ♥ Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Dear Ones,

You have transitioned so rapidly we often have difficulties understanding how you have done so. You started, as it were, in the basement and now you are in the attic ready to fly into whatever it is you have longed dreamed of.

Perhaps you question your growth for you think you remain in the ‘house’ of yesterday. Such is not true.

The United States pioneers of the 1700’s and 1800’s moved westward despite almost impossible hardships. They did so without envisioning all that would happen as a result of their courageous wonderings. The same is true for you.
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