February Stargate and Eclipse II

Alia’s Comments: Today I am posting the remainder of Sandra Walter’s article about the Ascension Gateway we are in from yesterday, February 22nd through the Solar Eclipse on Sunday, February 26th at 6:55 AM PST.

You can read the first part of this article Here.

A gentle reminder to “slow down,” enjoy Nature, meditate, engage in activities that bring you JOY, do crystal grid work — celebrate these accelerating and exhilarating energies during this Gateway-Stargate-Portal.

sandra-walterSandra Walter: Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment


Solar focus: Your internal Solar Gateway

In order to create the Christed embodiment, our Heart center torus becomes a Solar generator during our Ascension process. This is how we communicate with the SUN, Beloveds. The Solar aspect within connects with DNA stored within the SUN (and the Great Central Sun for Master Gatekeepers), and allows access to the big Galactic project of Ascension.

This process is about accessing and embodying our Creator Self. Many of you are experiencing the reunification with much Higher aspects of Self that are deeply involved in the cosmic trajectory of this planet and Solar system. This is a brilliant co-creative process with much higher realms of consciousness, which is why responsible creation is emphasized.

The magnetic shifts of these Gateways supports manifestation at the crystalline level; purity, divinity, and laser-focus on creating the New Earth experience for everyone. Anything that sidesteps the Solar Heart center will create disharmony for that creator in this new frequency. That applies to individuals as well as collective creations; the amplification of intent is the revelation prophecy unfolding right now. Continue reading

February Stargate– And Solar Eclipse I

Alia’s comments: Today begins a “Gateway” of intensified energies and astrological alignments leading up to the Solar Eclipse early Sunday morning (6:55 AM PST February 26).

You can find your local time here.

Sandra Walters has long been one of my “Go-to” Lightworkers for understanding of what is happening on an energetic level. I recently posted a link to another Lightworker’s article  about Particle Convergence. This is the Gateway for the influx of the photonic light that was spoken of in that post. It’s beginning NOW during these next few days. It’s time to slow down and receive this incoming boost to our ascension and expansion.

As this is a long article, I’m posting it in two parts, today and tomorrow. Together with a couple of other Goddesses in my community, I will be creating a crystal grid formation in a secluded place in the forest, to amplify and anchor these positive energies for Humanity and our Mother Planet. I invite you to join me in whatever manner brings you JOY!

Sandra Walter: Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe

Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. Continue reading

That’s a R.A.P.

lost-valley-signOur RAP (Resident Application Process) here at Lost Valley is one of the systems we have in place that allows our community to expand, while screening prospective residents for skills and values that align with our stated vision and mission.

In late August 2016 Tomas and I began our RAP with a one and a half hour phone call with the Site Manager, part of whose job description is fielding the initial inquiries of interested parties and sending them the application for residency should they still be interested in applying after such a phone interview or visit to the physical location.

Presently, our site manager is a woman and she is so competent in her job that often that initial call or visit is all the further the applicant goes. I call this person The Gate Keeper with all due respect and affection.

After a year and a half of perusing the Lost Valley website, Tomas and I were even more inspired to complete the application after our phone call . We received our applications by email and completed them online. Continue reading

Trusting the “Container”


The Container

Since Tomas and I moved to our new Community in December, we have participated in many group processes from forums, to bi-weekly community meetings, to multiple-stage interviews of resident-applicants, as we move through the year-long process toward becoming full members.

A few times these meetings have concerned matters that required high levels of trust and discernment from those who chose to participate. Sometimes these “tricky” issues related to policies that needed updating (such as, now that recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon, how do we amend our current policy to include this and the impact of potential second-hand smoke on fellow residents?) Sometimes, these tricky matters pertained to individuals whose conduct or alignment with overall community goals and visions was in question.

Either way, some of these meetings were approached with a certain amount of anxiety. Continue reading