My Home in Aurora

Crystal Towers croppedMy home base on Gaia is located in Aurora. In the central part of the city stand multiple high rise towers. From the outside they appear as gleaming crystals, reflecting the Sun’s light, as well as the city’s famous violet-rose aura. Depending upon the time of day these immense buildings may appear as dazzling gold-white, soft, pastel pink or violet, completely clear like quartz crystal or a deep golden tone touched with crimson or purple. From the inside of these buildings you see only a”normal” view — as normal as anything can look with 5D eyes.

I share this Living Space with my twin flame, Alai, whom I introduced to you in an earlier post. Facing east toward the magnificent Echadon Valley, our Living Unit is situated in one of the towers, 50 storeys above the ground floor, just about halfway to the top. Our space is generous, furnished with comfortable and sensuous furniture. There are two main areas: a sleeping, dressing and bathing area; and a more general living space where we can prepare light refreshments, relax, study and entertain family and friends.

Looking out into the lush, fertile valley of Echadon through the east wall of our living room, which is made completely of glass, everything appears in its natural coloration, unaffected by the crystal sheeting that covers the buildings on the outside. There are balconies outside both of the rooms where we often sit and enjoy the ever-shifting scene of animals grazing, the river flowing, people playing and the colors brightening or deepening. However, we also have the option to open the glass walls (maybe remove might be a more accurate word) and bring into our apartment all the gifts of the outdoors — the sounds, the auric colors, the fragrances and most of all the blessed fresh air that fills us with Life Itself. One of my special joys is to stand on the balcony outside our bedroom to greet Helios as he rises from the riverbed over the Great Valley each morning. Taking the Sun’s first light into my heart sets the tone of my day in perfect Joy and Gratitude. Alai and I never tire of this ritual and only vary it occasionally by arising early enough to perform it from the Observation Deck another 50 storeys or so above our home.

In Aurora all Living and Guest Units (like the great Aeroships) are conscious, organic, intelligent Beings.Therefore, our Living Spaces are responsive to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states throughout our days, even while we are working. Upon entering our private spaces, we are blessed by our Homes  with specific frequencies of sound, light, color, fragrance and texture that will balance and revitalize us. As we step through our doors, we are embraced in Harmony and Love. We greet our Homes as we enter, repeating a short prayer of gratitude for this unquestioned effect that occurs every single time we return, whether we have been gone for two minutes, two hours or two months. Yet, we never take this for granted, having lived in the lower vibrations where such a wondrous welcome was not our experience, except perhaps for those of us who were fortunate enough to have a canine companion.

One of the most pleasurable aspects of living in 5D and beyond is that there is no dust — nothing gets “dirty.” Even if you go outside and walk barefoot on the earth, your feet remain as clean as if you had stepped out of a bath. Because there is no dust or dirt, we are not burdened with housework as we were in the 3rd. Hallelujah! For I never liked to clean, although I loved having a clean house. These mundane tasks simply do not exist in this dimension, allowing us many more segments of our days and evenings to pursue freely everything that delights us, intrigues us and fulfills us. We can certainly “clean” if that is what brings us pleasure. I can’t think of any of my women friends who enjoy cleaning, even the ones who said they liked it in the old 3rd.

The same goes for cooking or preparing food. What used to consume hours each day in my former life, now takes only seconds or minutes. Mostly, because our Home prepares most of our nourishment for us. How is this done? First of all, the air we breathe contains many nutrients, so we are feeding our Light Bodies with every breath we take. Throughout Aurora there are “nutrient fountains” with different forms of sparkling, naturally enlivened fluids, in various colors and tastes, and of varying nutritional compositions. I will speak more about our food in a future episode. For now, suffice it to say that we have access to nutrients not only in our Homes but everywhere throughout our beautiful City. There are nutrient fountains everywhere and we all know what is in each sparkling beverage, so we enjoy whatever will balance and revitalize our systems at the time. However, our Homes always know exactly what our bodies need and therefore it is a daily experience to return home and have the perfect refreshments waiting for us with no further preparation needed on our part. A common phrase here is: “I lived and went to Heaven!”

We can interact with our Homes by speaking aloud or through telepathy. Most of us have adjusted rapidly to the mental “speaking” and so with a mere thought, we can request the temperature to be lowered or raised, the window coverings to be removed or replaced, the level of light to be dimmed or brightened and any kind or music or colored light to fill the room. Our Homes know all of our favorites and will suggest options if we are ever uncertain about our wishes, which is rarely. Our Homes also keep track of our family members’ and friends’ preferences, and will often be playing their favorite music as they come through the door. A projection screen can be lowered to make an entire wall into a mural of any location anywhere in our Universe. Many of us are curious to see places in deep space but do not wish to travel away from home. We use the holographic projections of these places to give us the effect of being there. Since the restoration of Gaia, there are many extraordinary new vistas that did not even exist on our former version of Earth. These views are favorites of most every planetary citizen and our Homes delight in surprising us with ever more magnificent scenery, especially the places we have visited. The wall holograms are like photo albums or video travel logs that we used to treasure to help us remember our vacations. Being holograms, you can actually walk into them, just as if you were there. Our children are more used to them; the ones who truly delight in these projections are the older generations who lived through the last decades of duality. Walking into a beautiful scene, we become like children, clapping our hands, oohing and ahhing, laughing and crying over the shear beauty and grandeur of our Beloved Gaia.

I’ll be adding more details later. For now, I leave you with this glimpse into my Home in Aurora. Previously, I wouldn’t have chosen to live in a city but my Home here is like a country retreat, a sanctuary, a space so beautiful and sacred that I rarely travel farther than into the surrounding landscapes. We used to say: “Home is where the heart is.” My Heart is here.

Continued . . .  “Aurora’s Temple Culture”

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3 thoughts on “My Home in Aurora

    • Thank you for appreciating my tales of Aurora, Sue. I think it was just too much like sci-fi when I first published this. I think there is a more fertile consciousness in our collective presently and that is what has prompted me to re-publish this material.
      And yes, there will be many new “job opportunities” in the near future for those who want to apply. Tee-hee.

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