Performance at the Holodome — Part I

Today has been filled with anticipation of our family’s evening out together, when we will join with several thousand others who will be attending one of the interactive holographic events that take place regularly at the Holodome. Tonight’s performance alone would be cause for great excitement, but today I am doubly excited, because it is less common for our extended core family to attend functions as a group. Our party this evening will include my Twin Flame, Alai, and myself, our two children and their partners, our grandchildren with their partners and our great-grandchildren. It will also include both sets of our parents, two sets of grandparents and even two sets of great-grandparents. We live long lives in the higher dimensions and so it is common for core families to span six or more generations. Our other elders are not deceased, they are simply not living in Aurora at this time. Tonight, we will be a party of 25, gathering first at the home of Alia’s parents and then sitting together in one of our favorite sections of the theater: the eastern quadrant, midway between stage and back wall on the first tier.

The Holodome is so named because many of the events that take place there feature the art and technology of holographic projection. This is a much beloved educational medium, that brings alive any subject (especially history) by providing a multi-dimensional holographic insert onto the stage that allows any subject or period of history (including the “future”) to be experienced as though it were happening in real time — which of course, it is. That’s what makes these performances so much fun. Some of our younger citizens are fascinated with the “replays” of the Galactic Wars but those of us who lived so many lifetimes on Earth while She languished in the lower frequencies of the 3rd Dimension have had more than our fill of war and prefer not to experience more of it.

Lemuria Once Filled Most of the Lemurian Sea

Lemuria Once Filled Most of the Lemurian Sea

Tonight, however, we are returning to the ancient land of Lemuria where humanity was originally seeded on Gaia. This huge, legendary continent once filled much of what was known as the Pacific Ocean, now called The Lemurian Sea. Many members of our family participated in this grand experiment that began about one million years prior to what has become known as The Great Shift on Terra/Gaia. Several of us were original settlers of this first colony. Others of us were in the crews that worked out the genetics of those first human starseeds. As a Soul Family or Monad, our members have journeyed together through lifetimes, working and playing together throughout the Universe. Our family, however, has shared a focus related to the development and evolution of this beautiful blue-green gem called Terra/Gaia. Tonight we will get to re-live together the story of our beginnings in this project. At certain points we will get to join the action on the stage and become our former selves. As most of us were not there at the same time, this is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to learn together and gain wisdom as a collective. These holographic interactions are a way for everyone who attends the event to gain the same knowledge as if we had donned a physical body and incarnated into that place and time.

Alai’s parents, Shuam (Pro: Shoo-AWM) and Shumat, live in one of the apartments in the upper level of the crystal towers, closer to the main temples than where we live. It’s always a joy for our family to gather in their home, as Shuam is one of the reigning culinary artists in Aurora and Shumat is known for his generous hospitality.  After a sumptuous feast and many intermingled conversations of “catch up” we elect to take a hover disc down to the Holodome from the 85th floor. This mode of transport is a favorite of the younger members among us, always subject to the agreement of the elders in the party. This is out of respect only, as once we reach maturity in the 5th Dimension, our bodies maintain the youthful appearance of a 35 – 40 year old in 3D. Some of our elders choose to wear white hair but at no time does the health of anyone’s body deteriorate or lose its vitality. Therefore, there is never an objection by the elders to traveling by Hover Disc, as they dote on the youngsters and laugh and shriek right along side of them as the wind catches our hair and our clothing on our way down to the theater.

Entering through the great doorways on the eastern side, our party joins the throng of other citizens and guests who have come out tonight to participate and witness this ancient history lesson of Gaia. The crowd flows gracefully through the inner doors and soon we are moving down the aisle toward our reserved seats, each of which has the name of one of our party members, so as to be easily identifiable. No more tickets or programs! The back of the seat in front of us has a screen that shows all the pertinent information about who, what, where and when. The performance is about to begin, so all our communications now are through telepathy. The screen in front of me is showing the names of the main characters, as well as the time period of this event: approximately 600,000 years prior to the Great Shift. The Lemurian Colony has been established for 300,000 years. I let out a small gasp and look at Alai. This is a period of history that I lived in; I have the opportunity to step onto the stage tonight and “assume” my own character. I turn around and wink at my great-grandchildren who are just itching to get on the stage and feel what it was like in the “really olden days.” They have seen images and heard many of my stories but there’s nothing like “being there” and tonight we will get to live it together.

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