Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light

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Even before you see the gleaming crystal towers, the domed amphitheater that seats several tens of thousands, or the massive transport hub that welcomes travelers from all global locations — before you see any of that — you see Her aura.  You have come upon Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light.

From a magnificent distance, whether approaching Aurora by air, land or sea, She emits an aura that represents the consciousness of the collective of Her citizens. Imagine the most perfect rose quartz pink you can envision and add a tinge of soft violet. Then add golden sparkles and an alive, shimmering quality to that violet-rose hue. Now — radiate that out from every surface of this crystal city into the air above. See it pulse into the heavens, announcing to all who behold Her: “Here resides Aurora, where hearts are open and Love flows. Here you will find gentleness, harmony, creative opportunities and sacred ceremony as the fabric of our daily life. Come rest if you are weary, play when you are ready, share your story, your gifts, your dreams and your Heart with One and All.”

In addition to Her soft, shining aura, Our Beloved City emits a fragrance AND a soft hum. Yes, she smells like an evergreen forest carpeted in lilies and roses. She sings in a soft, angelic frequency, nearly inaudible to your physical ear but ever-present as a reassuring whisper in your heart. These attributes are also the products of the collective consciousness. Love is fragrant, drawing to itself its own. Visitors who arrive in aeroships or ocean ships, on foot or by teleportation, stop speechless to take in this wonder in a state of awe. Citizens returning Home, even after a short sojourn abroad, salute Her in reverence with tears of joy in their eyes. But most of all — you FEEL Her. Her aura embraces you, enfolds you in LOVE. Like a mother welcoming her favorite child home after a long absence, She wraps you in a cloud of violet-rose-fragrant-soothing lusciousness that leaves you no option but to surrender. And surrender you do — into the embrace of LOVE.

This is my Home. I am remembering it from my ancient days in Lemuria and I am co-creating it anew with so many other soul sisters and brothers. Piece by piece we are building the parts of our Beloved City that have lain forgotten in the deep recesses of our multi-dimensional Selves, awaiting this time of inter-dimensional reconstruction, remodeling, expansion. For we are not simply recreating that which WAS — No, we are laying the foundation of what we remember as the BEST and proceeding on from there.

This is a work in progress — not just the envisioning of Aurora but the very process of visioning itself. There are so many aspects to describe and I will not be the only one describing. Many will lend their own imaginings and dreamings to my beginnings. Each piece will come alive and provide a unique segment of the complete picture. Together we will bring Aurora into form and one day VERY SOON we will feel Her embrace welcoming us HOME.

Continued. . .  “Entering Aurora”

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7 thoughts on “Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light

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    • Thanks again for this opportunity to speak my heart to your readership. And thank you for highlighting my series on Aurora — City of Light. Personally, I think that creating these cities of light is what many of us do in our sleep. It’s wonderful work. Much love, Alia

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