Message from Kryon – Unexpected Change

Alia’s Comments: This video came to me recently in a newsletter with another very uplifting message about how Humanity is poised on the threshold of “unexpected positive change.”

Lately, I have been prone to doubt and feelings of mild depression — let me clarify — that I have fallen prey more easily to mental states of wondering if things really are changing for the good?

And yet — listening to this short half hour of Kryon, I realized that underneath that thin veneer of negative thinking, my heart truly knew that Humanity has solidly “turned the corner.”

It’s always validating when one’s intuition is backed up by meta-physical understanding. Kryon’s description of what is happening to the crystalline grid that surrounds our planet and “sets the tone” for what happens on it is not only reassuring but downright inspiring!

And so, I share it with you with the suggestion that you listen to this, undisturbed, preferably with headphones and eyes closed. Some may have an adverse reaction to Kryon’s delivery style but I actually enjoy his theatrical flare for presentation. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Message from Kryon – Unexpected Change

  1. I hope that metaphysics are changing.. So pleased to know I am in the zone, in sending out love, healing and may we keep on planting the seeds to positivity.. May we continue to spread Upliftment and encouragement. ..

    And thank you for sharing this.. Yes it is up to us to change.. May we get our timing right within the Human Consciousness..

    Love and Blessings and thank you.. May we Believe in a New Earth as these fields blend..

    Many thanks again. And may we all wake up when the time is right… 🙂 Love Sue xxxx

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