The Potential of Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse — Through Marcia (Star Sister)

Alia’s Comments: I am not versed in astrology but I truly appreciate someone who is. According to this message from “Star Sister” (see source links and info below) tonight’s full lunar eclipse is a WHOPPER!  Amazingly, we will be able to see it here in Morocco and are planning to set the alarm to do exactly that.

After reading this information, I am even more fired up about experiencing this special celestial event. Whether you can see this in your part of the world or not makes no difference to its potent potential in your life.

There are many predictions about September 28, 2015. If “nothing” more happens than this eclipse, it will set the tone for decades of creative unfolding to occur through us. Our conscious awareness of this potential and our intentions set within the influence of this lunar event tonight can and will set a new course for Humanity and our world. Enjoy the good news. Blessings to All.


Feeding the Inner Fire

Greetings, love,

Over the last two weeks, a wave of truly extraordinary energy has been unfolding within and around you. You’ve been moving through a portal that resembles what scientists call a wormhole. You still are.

Things around you may look the same. Beneath the surface, though, everything has changed. What’s about to be revealed is just how big that change is. The moment-to-moment choices you make in the days and weeks ahead will be among the most creative of your life.

Tomorrow’s Eclipse: Fully Loaded with Creation Power

For the next 48 hours, you’re completing your personal initiation into this game-changing energy. At 9:07 pm EDT tomorrow, Luna steps into the most potent of her energies – a total lunar eclipse (scroll down for eclipse timetable). In multiple ways, this eclipse is loaded with maximum power:

  • It happens in Aries, where everything begins anew.
  • It’s total. As Luna moves across the shadow of the Earth, our ability to sense what’s happening beneath the surface is dialed all the way up.
  • It’s a “super-moon”. occurring when Luna is at her closest proximity to the Earth.
  • It builds upon a wave of lunar energy that’s been accelerating since April 2014, when a total lunar eclipse followed the 5th of Uranus’ and Pluto’s seven world-changing squares. Every six months since – in October 2014 and again in early April 2014 – another lunar eclipse has occurred.
  • These series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, bearing accelerated lunar power, are known as tetrads. As many as 300 years can pass without one. Our century will see eight. Tomorrow’s is the third. The next one won’t begin until April 2032.
  • It’s what’s known as a South Node lunar eclipse, overriding old patterns and giving us a turbo-charge towards the future.

The Future is an Energy Within You

Here’s the coolest part – and also the most confusing and disorienting. The future you’re being initiated into is not a “thing.” It’s an energy. The more you can live from its frequencies, the more powerfully this energy will flow into your life. You want to follow the energy and stay with it. Don’t let an over- focus on outcomes lead you back into old patterns that are now drained of creative juice. Stay in the creative energy.

Here’s what the sky tells us about this energy. You want to move towards what:

  • Expresses your passion and your purpose, which are coded with the ability to bring new worlds into being.

To activate this power, feel deeply into what it is you’re devoted to. Know what it is that you’re serving.

  • Taps your multidimensional power and potential and frees you from feeling trapped in a 3-dimensional reality that’s disconnected from the creative forces that bring Universes into being.

To activate this power, stay connected to Source, listen closely to your heart, and pay attention to your dreams.

  • Connects you deeply with the Cosmic Feminine energy that’s now returning to your consciousness and our world. As Venus returns reborn to the sky, she’s exchanging strongly positive energy with a host of goddesses throughout the solar system. Those connections are reverberating through your own being.

To activate this Divine Feminine power – whatever your gender — do whatever allows you to honor and cherish
yourself as an utterly unique embodiment of Love. Whether it’s excitement or confusion, your experience is the pathway through which She is returning into your life. You can’t do this wrong. The more present you can be to your own unique truth, the easier it will be for you to connect to its transformative frequencies.

  • Engages your experience of multidimensional blessing and grace in each moment, however it may be showing up for you.

To activate this potency, make an ongoing daily practice of deep, raw gratitude. Become a master at connecting with the blessing in every circumstance and thus shifting the energy of your life. Even adversity brings the opportunity to expand your ability to be an agent of transformative renewal – right in your own life.

The Fire Goddess at the Ground of Your Being

This revelatory eclipse comes on the eve of Venus’ third and final visit the degree the energy where she created her new dream of Love with the Sun last month. Now she’s ready to “seal” that energy and soar towards the top of the morning sky.

As she does, the Queen of Heaven creates new opportunity, through the astrological pattern called a sextile, with her cosmic sister planet, Haumea. Newly discovered, Haumea is little known – and she’s full of world-creating potency. Haumea is a reality-changer.

Her energy is that of the Hawaiian fertility goddess for whom she’s named – the creator of the eight Pacific Ocean islands that are synonymous with paradise for nearly everyone who’s ever been there. Haumea is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes, known for her power and passion. She’s the heat that lives in the ground of the Earth — and in the ground of your being. Continually rebirthing herself, her spirit lives in all things.

Now Uranus, the Cosmic Liberator who’s just beyond the boundaries of our 3D reality, is in direct contact with Haumea. Since May and continuing for most of the next year, Haumea and Uranus are sending their quantum frequencies back and forth to each other – and you – as they get to know each other. At the far edges of your awareness, the creative cosmic fire within you is waking up. If you feed it, it will blaze a trail to a future you can’t yet imagine.

The Days Ahead : Connecting the Dots

Listen to the truths your soul whispers to you at this eclipse. Hold space for the dots to connect

You may not understand all that’s being activated within you. Mercury is still retrograde. Your relationship to your own creation power is being rewired. You may sense it, but not fully comprehend it, for at least another month. Not until October 24 – two weeks after changing direction — will Mercury completes his retrograde cycle.

Eclipse energy travels in long waves, repeating through long cycles which can last a thousand years. Unlike the Virgo eclipse two weeks ago, which was the first in its degree of the zodiac in 744 years (signaling the opening of an evolutionary gateway), tomorrow’s is the fifth that’s occurred in 4 degrees Aries in the last 75 years. Another, in September 2034, be the last one for centuries. This eclipse signals that a gateway is beginning to close.

To better understand how this gateway has been opening in your life, think back to late September 1950, 1969, 1977, and 1996, the previous times this degree has been activated.

Partial umbral eclipse begins: 9:07 p.m. EDT on September 27
Total eclipse begins: 10:11 p.m. EDT
Greatest eclipse: 10:47 p.m. EDT
Total eclipse ends: 11:23 p.m. EDT
Partial eclipse ends: 12:27 a.m. EDT on September 28

May this time bless you in every way,

Marcia (aka Star Sister)

~ ~ ~

To learn more about Marcia -Star Sister and/or book a reading with her, please visit her website:


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