Aisha North — A Short Update on the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Alia’s Comments: I just went through an intense energetic passage last weekend which was quite uncomfortable emotionally and physically. Sunday night the energy coursing through my body was so huge, I felt that my skin might burst. I spent a good portion of both Saturday and Sunday nights awake.

Monday morning I awoke to feelings of clarity, calmness and gratitude. The storm had passed and I chuckled to myself that I always seem to take these things so personally and forget that I’m part of a planetary clearing and cleansing that, once past, takes me and many others to new heights. That is exactly how I felt — like I was soaring above the ground. And when I went out for a walk in the late afternoon, I had difficulty relating to the ground underneath my feet. I was psychically “flying” and had to do some serious grounding before walking felt comfortable again.

So this message from Aisha is a BIG heads up about what may be in store for many of us this coming weekend. NO ORDINARY LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS ONE!

I “bolded” the text in places that I found especially encouraging and/or enlightening. Let’s try to remember — WHILE WE’RE IN IT — that this passage (as uncomfortable as if may be at times) is intended to take us to new heights, individually and collectively. When the Light comes knocking — open the door of your heart and say “Come In, I’ve been expecting you!” Enjoy the ride, Alia

~ ~ ~


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