Cosmic Goddess Now Resides on the Surface of Gaia

Dou Mu Stands on a Vortex Point in Asia

Dou Mu Stands on a Vortex Point in Asia

Alia’s Comments: On December 15, 2014 there was a global activation of the second phase of the opening of the IS:IS Portal — welcoming the Divine Feminine back to the surface of our Mother Planet. Tomas and I participated from our home in Morocco. We were only two time zones away from the activation point on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. It was exciting and powerful to be part of this event and from that day onward, I felt movement and flow in all global affairs, especially financial matters.

In early January, Cobra (stands for COmpression BReakthrough) reported that as a result of this December activation, a Cosmic Goddess came to dwell on a vortex point on the surface of the Earth, somewhere in Asia. She is broadcasting a blessing of Sky, Justice and Love to all beings. I immediately connected with Dou Mu and am able to call up the vision of her at will and feel the difference she is making in the quality of life here at this critical time. I love the image that Cobra chose to represent her and have felt called to post this information here so that others may be aware that something quite extraordinary has occurred that allows her to be here in her Light body — LIVING ON OUR PLANET!

This could not have happened a year ago. I don’t think it could have happened even a couple of months ago. That is how much and how rapidly the conditions of our planetary situation have changed in this short time!

Sometimes when I’m feeling tired or doubtful or disheartened, I remind myself that things can’t be that bad, because a Cosmic Goddess is able to stay in body on the surface of our planet. I can feel her and receive the blessing of her Love for a just and peaceful world for humanity and all living beings, including Gaia Herself. This is further evidence of Heaven appearing on Earth. Please welcome Dou Mu.

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