Welcome to Aurora – 5D City of Light

Beginning today, and each Thursday hereafter  (until I feel complete with this project) I will be posting a segment (or possibly part of a segment) of my developing description of a 5th Dimensional City of Light that was gifted to me in a vision during the summer of 2012.

My friend, Susan G., first made me aware of this crystal city, which she saw hovering over the area in which I live on the southern coast of Oregon, USA. A few months later, I “saw” it too. You can read Susan’s description here.

I realized last week that whenever I write about this 5D city, I feel as though I actually go there and experience what life is like in the higher dimensions. I feel such joy and love each time I bring forth a new segment or even re-read one I wrote before. It is a really fun way to expand my awareness into the higher realms — and that not only helps me to raise my vibrational frequency but also that of the Collective. I thought that you might benefit from “going there” too.

So it is with great joy, excitement and (yes, I admit it) pride that I welcome you to Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light

Spiral Banner

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Even before you see the gleaming crystal towers, the domed amphitheater that seats several tens of thousands, or the massive transport hub that welcomes travelers from all global locations — before you see any of that — you see Her aura.  You have come upon Aurora — Violet-Rose City of Light.

From a magnificent distance, whether approaching Aurora by air, land or sea, She emits an aura that represents the consciousness of the collective of Her citizens. Imagine the most perfect rose quartz pink you can envision and add a tinge of soft violet. Then add golden sparkles and an alive, shimmering quality to that violet-rose hue. Now — radiate that out from every surface of this crystal city into the air above. See it pulse into the heavens, announcing to all who behold Her: “Here resides Aurora, where hearts are open and Love flows. Here you will find gentleness, harmony, creative opportunities and sacred ceremony as the fabric of our daily life. Come rest if you are weary, play when you are ready, share your story, your gifts, your dreams and your Heart with One and All.”

In addition to Her soft, shining aura, Our Beloved City emits a fragrance AND a soft hum. Yes, she smells like an evergreen forest carpeted in lilies and roses. She sings in a soft, angelic frequency, nearly inaudible to your physical ear but ever-present as a reassuring whisper in your heart. These attributes are also the products of the collective consciousness. Love is fragrant, drawing to itself its own. Visitors who arrive in aeroships or ocean ships, on foot or by teleportation, stop speechless to take in this wonder in a state of awe. Citizens returning Home, even after a short sojourn abroad, salute Her in reverence with tears of joy in their eyes. But most of all — you FEEL Her. Her aura embraces you, enfolds you in LOVE. Like a mother welcoming her favorite child home after a long absence, She wraps you in a cloud of violet-rose-fragrant-soothing lusciousness that leaves you no option but to surrender. And surrender you do — into the embrace of LOVE.

This is my Home. I am remembering it from my ancient days in Lemuria and I am co-creating it anew with so many other soul sisters and brothers. Piece by piece we are building the parts of our Beloved City that have lain forgotten in the deep recesses of our multi-dimensional Selves, awaiting this time of inter-dimensional reconstruction, remodeling, expansion. For we are not simply recreating that which WAS — No, we are laying the foundation of what we remember as the BEST and proceeding on from there.

This is a work in progress — not just the envisioning of Aurora but the very process of visioning itself. There are so many aspects to describe and I will not be the only one describing. Many will lend their own imaginings and dreamings to my beginnings. Each piece will come alive and provide a unique segment of the complete picture. Together we will bring Aurora into form and one day VERY SOON we will feel Her embrace welcoming us HOME.

I would like to acknowledge five major sources of Galactic and Celestial information that have greatly assisted me in “remembering” some of what our future may hold. From these channeled messages, plus my own intuition, I have gained a foundation of understanding regarding Galactic society, advanced technologies, energy bodies and light bodies, expanded abilities (such as teleportation, telepathy, supra-mental capacities) and the general emotional tone qualities of harmony and unconditional love that form the basis of interactions between beings in the higher realms. To each of the extraordinary messengers below, I give my great gratitude and appreciation. Each of you has helped me to know, understand and remember information in such a way as to make it possible to do justice to these descriptions of Aurora. For that I thank you with all my heart.

1) Barbara Marciniack — Specifically, her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth

2) Suzy Ward — Author of the Matthew Books and scribe for Messages from Matthew

3) Mike Quinsey — scribe for messages from SaLuSa of Sirius

4) Sheldon Nidle — spokesperson for the Galactic Federation

5) Dr. Suzanne Lie — scribe for messages from the Arcturians

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Copyright © 2012,2013 Susan Alia Chandler, All rights reserved. Creative Commons License by which author and publishers grant permission to copy, distribute and transmit this particular work under the conditions that use be non-commercial, that the work be used in its entirety, not added to, nor subtracted from, and that it carry author’s name and this full copyright notice.For other uses, Permissions: vision5d2012@gmail.com


28 thoughts on “Welcome to Aurora – 5D City of Light

  1. Thank you Alia and Susan, for bringing some of this Pink-Violet Light Energy metropolis into a tiny bit more density for us… It brings my passage through the PNW coast and Gold Beach that much more alive.
    In a recent Shamanic journey I came upon my “Home” which appeared as a Golden Pink Crystal Light Palace and had such a delicious feel…

    • You are most welcome Olivier. Your Golden-Pink Crystal Palace sounds lovely! what I so love about the higher realms is that we can each have our world exactly as WE like, without messing up anything for anyone else. I’m sure there will be many Collective agreements (as there are in 3D) where we all contribute to an agreed-upon way that certain things will appear. However, I also believe that your “home and my “home” could exist side by side in complete harmony and resonance. Not quite sure how that happens; it’s something that I intuit and accept as true. Many blessings Dear Friend, Alia

  2. Wow Alia, this is so yummy! I had a strange day, long and productive but I just didn’t really want to do much at the computer. So now it’s late and I remembered…’oh goodie I still have that Aurora post to read!!!’ I loved it! And definitely want to come visit. Have you read any of Patricia Pereira’s channeled books from the Arcturians? they are just so sensuous, and your writing makes me think of them, they talk about planets humming, beautiful scents, flowers, lots of lovely things..
    hugs to you all!!

    • Thank you Faith — so happy you enjoyed your first visit to Aurora. I am not familiar with that source of Arcturian information. I will check it out. Tomorrow is Friday, the day I have committed to use for writing more about Aurora. We’ll see what comes through. Appreciate your feedback and support, Alia

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 9:02 PM, 13th Paradigm

    • Yes, Thank you Alia. This Quality of Paradox, that both this and that can be true, is indeed an attribute of 5D unified field consciousness. I had not previously thought of it as freedom of individual vision and perception even though it’s so obvious… :o)

      • The “resolution of paradoxes” is a 4D quality that leads us toward the unity of Unconditional Love in the 5th. I learned that from Jim Self’s article that I posted just at the turn of the year. You can search on my site for “Jim Self” and get the whole article that describes the “playing fields” of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions as well as the “rule of the game” for each. 🙂

        On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 8:09 AM, 13th Paradigm

  3. I love that you are moving into the city this way, Alia! Such good medicine and what a great way to anchor our new earth! By the way, I drove through Dallas on my way down to Austin and when on a very long bridge on I-30 over one of the lakes in Dallas (I have to look up its name), I experienced almost the exact same energy as I did in Gold Beach. I am very very interested to go back there and investigate what is there that is not quite visible to our naked eye. Maybe a sister city to Aurora! Maybe a Mother Ship! Maybe ???? I really don’t even need to know, I just love beyond imagination how it FEELS TO MY BODY. It is sooo life giving! Love, sg

    • Thank you Susan. I appreciate the “advance scouting” that you do all over this beautiful Earth, sensing, seeing, discovering and announcing the sacred places and cities of light. One of the future episodes of Aurora will be an excursion to another city of light somewhere on the planet. I can feel it percolating but it’s a ways into the future at this point. Thank you for introducing me to the idea of Aurora (my name) while you were here. When you first told me about a City of Light hovering over this area, I was taken by surprise; the thought hadn’t occurred to me. And then — one day — I “saw” it. And it was so vivid and beautiful that I am amazed at the details that come through me as I write. I am so grateful to be receiving these installments and excited to be sharing them with a wider audience at this time. Yes, as you say — “Life giving!” Keep us posted — there’s always another page on this blog waiting for the description of your next discovery. Blessings and love, Alia

  4. I am always fascinated that people feel this sphere of energy and perceive it as a city. Nothing would ruin this place more than a city. even a 5d crystal harmonious one, I call it the sanctuary a natural earth biosphere that is here and was created with intent in this spot. It’s center point is Otter Point for the primary sphere.

  5. The first time I heard the “term” city of lights, my heart skipped a beat….and now to get to be personally involved in experiencing the creating one, I am extactic about it….thank you for sharing ths most personal journey with us…. Much love and more, Spiritdancing

  6. Oh goodness! This made me bawl….sob with the longing and the knowing of this as true….and my soul called it forth. I don’t wish to sound weird but the longing to bring this and other cities of healing into a physical manifestation is SO strong. The feeling of Home was very strong when I read this description. This also happened when I read Genii Townsend’s book “City of Light – Sedona.” Blessings to you Alia!

    • Yes, Dear One — This is your work too. Each time we give our energy and emotion and our imaginations to these cities, they become more REAL. Thank you for adding your beautiful love to Aurora, New Jerusalem and all the other magnificent Cities of Light and Love and Healing that are forming as we speak. You are not weird — just one of the “scouts” out there ahead of the pack. Please come back as often as you like and stay for as long as you like. Blessings, Alia

    • Of course you would feel that way, My Love — an aspect of YOUR higher SELF also lives there with me. His name is Alai [?][?][?] Alia

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 8:58 AM, 13th Paradigm

  7. two years ago a healer from chile recommended/insisted that i read bringers of the dawn. we were discussing an obe i had had, and i was trying to make sense of it, as i had zoomed away into outer space at a moment when i least expected it. when i read the book, i understood why he suggested it. thanks, rolando!

    when you mentioned that the city hummmed, that made me think of my time in costa rica. i lived along a quiet stream, beneath a canopy of old lovely trees that lined the stream, and there was one semi-close neighbor, but basically no other civilization for half a mile or more. late at night i would sometimes awaken and hear a hummmmmmmmmmmmmm that seemed to come from the earth. only when the forest was totally still could i hear it, and i never figured out what i was hearing.



    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with all of us here. Barbara M’s two books were a breakthrough for me out of the Matrix and into a whole new paradigm of thinking. It wasn’t so much that I accepted everything the Pleiadians said (they warn us not to, in fact) but I began to QUESTION everything I was being told by the establishment.

      As to the HUMM — the indigenous ones have long spoken of the Hum of Mother Earth.Lucky YOU! Please stay where you are; at least for awhile anyway. I get you like to travel about. Soon travel will be much easier and many more will do it. Love and hugs, Alia

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 8:36 AM, 13th Paradigm

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