One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): What Does It All Mean?

On January 7, 2013 I posted an introduction to the One People’s Public Trust. Since then there has been much debate and discussion about this brilliant ploy of the Light to use the system of law created by the dark to “wipe the slate clean” and liberate the world’s people (and the Earth herself)  from millennia of tyranny and enslavement. Many people dismiss it as a pipe dream — too good to be true. Others are confounded by the “incomprehensible” language and wonder why it had to be written in such a complicated style.

Today, I visited Removing the Shackles blogsite and found this essay by Nicole Matthews that brings clarity, confirmation and fresh possibilities for the application of these documents for the long term benefits of all Life on our Mother Planet.

Re=posted from Removing the Shackles

What Does It All Mean?
Nicole Matthews
January 16, 2013
Reading the latest statement from the One People’s Public Trust, and reading the comments from the supportive as well as from the confused has brought one particular thought and realization to mind.One thing from all of the OPPT documents and statements is perfectly clear. The laws are all reset back to prime, back to ‘zero point’, back to how it was in the very beginning before any man-made laws and rules ever existed eons of our time ago. All rules (laws, statutes, regulations, codes, etc.) are all created by corporations such as the corporation of the United States of America (all countries, political parties, governing bodies, etc.) are actually just registered corporations. All corporations are regulated through the UCC(1) which is owned by all of the people of the earth equally. Therefore, the people once again rule the corporations and therefore rule the systems, legally and lawfully. We are back at ‘zero point’. Fresh start. Where we choose to take it from here is up to us, the one people of earth. I AM is you (and me), the actual, real, spiritual you, which is different than the legal-entity-you. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to currently experience a life on planet earth. I AM created by the Creator and as such, I AM subject to the Creator’s laws which supersede any man-made law. This is the basis for this system reset.

Many are asking why the wording of the OPPT statements are written in 5D or galactic. Well, the systems in the old paradigm (aka 3D) are legally and lawfully foreclosed. The language of legalese is no longer valid. The language of the new paradigm is an enlightened language, from a higher consciousness. It is time for humanity to begin living in the new paradigm.

Human consciousness is made of energy, which includes magnetic energy. Even with humanity’s limited scientific knowledge, human scientists have been mathematically tracking and calculating this rate.(2) Human consciousness is growing and expanding and we are ready to evolve and live in the new paradigm.

This brings me to the thought I had when reading the most recent statement from the OPPT. All of this accomplishes something wonderful. Our galactic brothers and sisters have been offering earth’s population a membership in the galactic community for many years. Two main reasons have prevented this from happening so far. First of all, our corrupt systems, especially the corrupt financial and governing systems were not in alignment with the higher consciousness of the galactic community. Secondly, membership was offered through the ‘leaders’ at that time. The ‘leaders’ at that time were corrupt. They did not want to release their hold on humanity for many reasons that all ultimately would have meant a loss of their control of their power. We are ready at last to move forward and to become a member of the galactic community as our systems are being restructured in a way that aligns with the greater galactic neighbourhood. Between our systems aligning with a higher consciousness and humanity’s consciousness expanding, WE ARE ready!

The people of earth are soon to be again offered a membership in the greater galactic community. THIS time, the decision to join our galactic community will be made for the people, by the people since we the people are now the ‘leaders’ of earth’s community. Let it be known, I AM ready! WE ARE ready!

(1) UCC or Universal Commercial Code was founded and initially owned by The People, it was subsequently usurped by an individual for the purpose of legally enslaving The People. Recently, through the work of the OPPT, the UCC ownership is back in the rightful hands of all The People of the Earth equally.

(2) Research the Institute of HeartMath or Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project for more information.

11 thoughts on “One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): What Does It All Mean?

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    • Dear Sheri –Congratulations on your recent receipt of FOUR nominations for three illustrious awards!

      Thank you for nominating me for the Gargie Award. I am truly humbled and honored to merit receiving this nomination. I went to your awards page and found it to be the soul of graciousness, both in your acceptance of your numerous awards (all greatly deserved) and in your bestowing of those awards to so many others. I apologize for my delay in accepting your nomination. For some reason this announcement wound up in my spam folder and I only discovered it recently. I am putting my “Awards” page together and will shortly send you a message linking you to it. Again Congratulations on your awards — you and your beautiful site reflect them all. With love, Alia

  3. Yes, thank you for posting this Alia and Nicole. The days long awaited are upon us now. Some believe that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, will be announced as the new Interim President and Ron Paul, the V.P. with elections being called within 120 days of Monday, January 21, 2013. Wow. How long has Sheldan Nidle and others advised us about all the documents and agreements necessary to effect restoration of our freedom?!!! The People’s Trust documents fit nicely into this. And now we are witnessing all this finally take place and be completed. With so much love ~ we journey on together. Not long to wait and see, eh? Fasten your seatbelts. Fully steam ahead! Woo Hoo! xoxoxox

    • Yes, I was just remembering how many times the Galactic Federation through Sheldon Nidle told us that this was all being taken care of on a legal level. I couldn’t imagine what they meant and was thinking lawsuits of some kind. When the Keenan case became public, I figured that this was it. However, when the OPPT information was released, I recognized what it was and the impact it would have in zeroing out everything the Cabal had empowered themselves with and enslaved us by. Only today, did I really “get” that THIS (OPPT) was the legal means by which the “Earth Allies” brought the dark to its knees. I will be forever grateful to the Trustees, Heather, Caleb and Randall. Blessings in freedom, Alia

    • Hello Dear One,
      I’m doing a “clean up round” regarding comments left on my blog that I missed the first time. Here we are in February, a couple of weeks since you posted your comment. February dawned in my world as a completely fresh canvas to begin anew. On the outside, the world appears similar to the world we knew in December. On my INSIDE there is no comparison. I am noticing new abilities and new appearances each day. We are claiming our freedom in so many ways and as we claim our own, we are setting other things free that have also been enslaved — like money, nature, Gaia, the minerals, oil, the waters and the air. This is a most glorious beginning and TOPPT (now called (OPPT) has given us a firm foundation to step out on. Love that you are walking beside me on this journey. Alia

  4. HI Alia
    The process by which this change comes is under a blanket that will bring Humanity to it’s knees.
    The natural course of this direction is aided by the conditions on the planet. Nothing can stop mother nature. The rendering of any idea is worthless until that time such is the attraction of the said way of things .
    The propaganda programming is so overwhelming by methods that are well known to the observer. And are impossible to break.
    What overrides that programming is Nature, it will unplug that toxic umbilical cord .

    I have observed through revolution and disaster that. People come together under adversity and abandon there own idea of survival to aid others in there survival. I have seen a balance of seventy percent that will as soon as the opportunity arises when all previous social structures collapse give over to the One.

    We have entered that Time
    What resides within is a calling to put love First every time. It is the Key To breaking ones own motives as they arise. The understanding of this change can not be known, one may only recognise its calling by the liberation it brings from fear or stance.


    • “What resides within is a calling to put love First every time. It is the Key To breaking ones own motives as they arise.”

      Thank you for this very important reminder, Russell. Time will reveal how all the changes play out and what part each of us plays within the whole. Blessings and love, Alia

  5. Isn’t it wonderful that someone took the time to recap the info on the people’s trust…..thank you Nicole for writing this and thank you alia for finding it to share with us…..have fun. Spiritdancing

    • Yes indeed. It is all becoming so much more real, as I breathe in Freedom and allow the molecules to settle into my blood and my cells. We are on the cusp of birthing a new 5D world. Thanks for being a part of it with me, Alia

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